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  • Worst betrayal
    8.6K 184 18

    Alice betrayed her best friend by snatching her boyfriend .......and she later pays for it

    Completed   Mature
  • It all started with "I do!" ✔️
    69.3K 3.9K 32

    Not every arranged marriage is forced. Two people who started their lives together as strangers may find true love in each other. A beautiful story of Hannah and Adam. (Unedited)

  • You've Got A Way (Completed)
    466K 23K 42

    'We always say what's gone is gone but it's not, Evan. Past is always present. It's present in my memories, in my scars, in my nightmares.' Ramona's voice croaked. 'You're right, Ramona. Past is and will always be there but it's our choice to look back at it.' Evan's fingers were now drawing slow circles on her arm. '...

  • In The Arms of My Enemy (Completed!) Book 1
    529K 39.3K 47

    Fidelia Atwell, a fiery red-headed American, will do anything to protect her sister during the war of 1812: even marry her enemy, the British spy Lord William Greyville. **** When British spy Lord William Greyville promises to protect the American sisters of his childhood friend in exchange for his life, fiery America...

  • Daughters of the King (Completed)
    533K 32.3K 34

    {WATTYS 2020 WINNER} {FEATURED BOOK} Paris, 1663. 500 girls selected by King Louis XIV embark on a journey across the seas from their homeland. Each is given a dowry, and the expectation that they are to marry a French settler, in order to increase the population of New France. They are the historic Daughters of the K...

  • Dishonoring Jack
    188K 12.3K 46

    Wattys Awards Winner 2019 - Historical Fiction Jacqueline "Jack" Harrison is perfectly content with her reputation as an eclectic spinster with a penchant for trouble. Between volunteering at the post office and working in the local munitions factory, Jack keeps herself busy supporting the war effort. But when Donovan...

  • Her Divorce Agreement (completed)
    55.7K 921 8

    Inspirational story

  • Smoke & Gun (+18) (COMPLETE)
    9.3K 423 17

    |:| She remembered her last interaction with Piero Albano. He was on his knees before her and she pressed the gun against his forehead . He said the words that she dared to repeat. "Well, what are you waiting for?" |:| Piero had plans to kill her but finds she could be the only one that can give him what he's been se...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Professor's Girl | 18+ | COMPLETE |
    18.1M 454K 25

    |18+| In one night of drunken, post-breakup passion, Lizbeth manages to hookup with the dominant boy of her dreams. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one and done, never seen again. Until she does see him again, as her professor. Private tutoring sessions never sounded so good. |This is a BDSM-themed, erotic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidents
    1.4M 32.9K 103

    Finished ❗️ *WARNINGS* This story contains: sexual & mature language/acting strong use of words. drugs and alcohol. rape and assault. weapons. violent behaviour. Mia Samuels, A 17 year old innocent young lady trying to figure out her life, after her mother passing away from an illness and her drunken father leaving h...

  • The Unnoticed | Completed ✔
    178K 3.7K 48

    In every cliche story there's always a him and a her. But in reality, there is always that one person who loved him more. Known him longer and has tried to get his attention in so many ways but never got noticed. Then there is her. She's the "perfect" girl. The "it girl" of the school. She's the "good girl" or the "n...

  • You Belong to Me (Stevens Book 6)
    960K 41.6K 23

    Alice Grant is desperate to get an interview with famous reporter Rainer Stevens since he is the only one who has the information vital to her finishing her dissertation, but when the time comes to meet him she falls asleep only to awaken to the nicest pair of blue eyes that she has ever seen. Rainer agrees to help he...

  • Love Me True (Love Me Book 2)
    796K 46.2K 35

    Faye Brantley had always done what was expected; she's a good nurse, a responsible sister, and a great friend. She has spent her whole life putting other's needs first, and she has forgotten about her own. When Dr. Silas DeGraff joins the staff at the hospital where she works and ends up renting her basement apartment...

  • Revenge to Regret
    382K 13.8K 32

    "Decision is all yours" said shlok with a smirk on his face. "pls shlok why are u doing this to me" came reply from naina. "I guess you know the answer better than me so, don't u dare to question me again Mrs Naina shlok agnihotri. i guess now you got your answers so, just get out of my cabin". naina turned to go awa...

  • Accidently Engaged [Wattys2017] (Completed)✔️
    863K 35.6K 112

    Evan Wilson and Ariana Houston have been best friends since they were born. They have been through so much together. When Evan shows Ariana the engagement ring he brought his girlfriend at a restaurant, everyone gets the wrong impression and think that he's proposed to her. Evan and Ariana go through with the fake en...

  • Disloyal
    420K 10.8K 27

    I knew the moment I saw them that it was over. After years of building a relationship with him, I found them here, carelessly making out in the woods. Just like that, something in my heart changed and I grabbed my phone. 'The answer is yes.' Highest rating #450 in romance #1 in cheaters

  • Tie Me Round
    91.4K 3.4K 30

    Grace Zandew grew up in a small town near Houston, Tx. She competes in barrel racing and tie down on a pro level. This coming season she joins ERA. What she doesn't know is that she has caught the eye of a man from Sulphur, Louisiana. He's a champion at tie down roping. Will she discover his feelings and get to Finals...

  • True Betrayals Wattys2017
    272K 2.4K 9

    "I will do anything you want. Please save my Jack" Jennet begged before him. But he was ruthless, greedy and cold. "Ms. Williams my offer to you had expired when your fiancé caused collateral damage to my business. This is just a pay back." His voice was colder than ice. "If it is me you want. Then take me but spare J...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best friends with Benefits (Completed)
    2.1M 31.3K 15

    I wrapped my legs around waist, pressing my body closer. My arms snaked around his neck as he slipped his around my waist, pushing me hard against the wall. I bit his lips as his chest pressed against mine, making him smile against my lips, “Like that, huh?” He smirked before pressing his lips against mine. He nibble...

  • Finding Love in a Coffee Shop
    10.8M 171K 15

    Katie Holmes is a caffeine addict. Between college, and taking care of her brother, it's acceptable. Though, it doesn't help that the cafe down the street is full of handsome baristas, including one William Cerak in particular who has a mysterious scar on his wrist. Synopses will be the death of my publishing career.

  • The Bad Boy Is Possessive
    56.6M 1.1M 38

    Is it possible for a bad boy to be your saving grace? Well for Farrah Bryant it was. After she finds out her boyfriend of six months has been cheating on her, who do you think was there to help her through it all and most importantly get revenge? That's right. The notorious school bad boy Brody Bauer. Just that name a...

  • Being the Bad Boy's Victim [SAMPLE: Available for purchase on Amazon]
    16.6M 310K 26

    He leaned in closer, if that was even possible, his spearmint breath fanning across my face. My breathing got caught in my throat as he lowered his mouth to my ear. "You can deny liking me, wanting me, but let's face it- You're like all the rest. You're that good girl who so secretly but desperately wants to c...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mill
    31.4K 745 4

    ‘Lyla could hear the screams as the sound of cloth and flesh ripping echoed in her ears. Yet she stayed focused on the dark woods that spread out before her as the lift carried her up and away from the terror down below. The iron gate that caged her in was her only savior.’ Lyla Owens: ‘The Village Idiot’ as most...

  • Burning Moon (Wattpad Version)
    8.8M 229K 53

    (#1 ChickLit) WARNING: Being left at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests may lead to irrational behavior, causing you to go on your honeymoon alone. Other side- effects may include very bad hair, getting arrested, setting yourself on fire, landing up on a "Missing Poster" with the same bad hair and unexpectedly f...

  • The Love Box Experiment
    740K 8.9K 37

    Paul is twenty-six, handsome and on the verge of becoming seriously rich. Katie is seventeen, innocent and sexy. Paul wants her. . . not for love or romance, but for his own research. He is into a new discovery, the love box, but he needs a girl to convert her image and mannerisms into a hologram, which will talk. And...

    Completed   Mature
  • Past Lovers
    1.1M 24.8K 26

    Three years ago, Chase Levine lost the everything. Three years ago, Chase Levine made the biggest mistake of his life. Three years ago, Chase and Hayden Levine filed for divorce. As a struggling, heartbroken writer, Chase turns to alcohol, and lives in shame. He spends every night at the same bar, waiting for the woma...

  • Time To Heal [COMPLETED]
    3.1M 67K 24

    Anastasia Forrester had had her heart broken at the age of twenty by the man who had been extracting revenge from her for something she had not even been guilty of. Now five years later, Devin Richard Crighton was back in her life setting out to achieve what he had not been able to do then. But Ana was longer the love...

  • Office Affair
    1.1M 11.9K 22

    “To the kitchen,” he said. When they got there he opened the fridge, took the yoghurt, removed the cover and took the spoon from the counter. Then he stood in front of her so she couldn't escape. “Now, I’m giving you one last chance to eat. Take it,” he said slowly, warningly. “Or else…?” She burst into laughter. “Or...

  • My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend
    49.1K 456 8

    Chloe and Bridgette have been best friends since year five, Bridgette has had four boyfriends and Chloe had none. When Chloe finally gets a hot guy for her own she notices her best friend flirting with him. Will this one guy break up the friendship of the two best friends? (short story)

  • Hand In Hand
    500K 10.9K 42

    Ally is a regular teenage girl. Her father died when she was 12 and she lives with her mother and little brother Cody. She goes to high school in an average sized town. But nobody knows the truth about Ally. For 2 whole years she has been trapped in what seems like hell. Her boyfriend Matt won't let her go. If she doe...