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  • The Safest Place
    34.7K 1K 75

    Aphrovila project is the newest research project of Dr. Jones team, hoping to develop the mortality of human being. They'll use to test a dead body in a way that they can create a second life. But the year who supposedly the perfect year of their plan turns the year that no one of them couldn't predict. The year of se...

    34.6K 1.9K 43

    "Shit? They are going to eat us! Alive!" When Astraea woke up after a huge incident. Everything feels so weird for her. She knows something is wrong but she just can't point it out. And then, An unknown virus started spreading in the whole city of Abaddon. And now they are all trapped in the city. Being chased by a Zo...

  • Detective Trainees (COMPLETED)
    133K 5.7K 58

    Holmes' House of Detectives is a training ground for aspiring detectives. Nollan and Keena are one of these Detectives in training who needs to unravel the truth behind the massacre in their city and unmask the person behind the killings. detective trainees written by sinnlair

  • Decipher Squad
    53K 2.8K 75

    Sabrina, Hendrix, Niel, Stapphennie, Axel, Hera and Barnie, they are the DECIPHER SQUAD. Not your typical high school squad, there's more to them than what you see. Don't ever try hiding things or keeping something a secret from them, because they will always find a way to bust you out and solve every menace crime in...

  • Time Conflict (Wattys 2020 Winner)
    191K 9.9K 34

    Ang akala ng siyentistang si Claire ay matutupad na ang pangarap niyang magawaran ng Nobel Prize bilang kauna-unahang taong naka-imbento ng time machine. Ngunit ang inakala niyang magbibigay ng parangal sa kaniya ay siya palang magbibigay ng bangungot sa kanila ng kaniyang mga kaibigan. Dahil... siya'y... na-trap...

    135K 12.4K 63

    | COMPLETED | CLARK AIRBASE, PAMPANGA YEAR 2085 Kaya mo bang balikan ang nakaraan? Kaya mo bang balikan ang lugar na iyong nakamulatan? Kaya mo bang manatili sa bansang puno ng taong wala sa sarili? O sa tamang salita ay mga taong naging zombie. Kaya mo bang iligtas ang iyong mga mahal sa buhay? Kaya mo bang maibalik...

  • FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE (Zombie Apocalypse) (COMPLETED)
    186K 12.3K 56

    | COMPLETED | METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES YEAR 2051 Kaya mo bang lumaban para mabuhay? O magiging duwag ka hanggang sa mamatay? Kaya mo bang makatakas? Makaligtas? Kung ang buong bansa na kinalakihan mo ay puno ng mga taong wala sa sariling katinuan. Ang hindi mo inaakalang sa palabas lamang nangyayari ay heto, nangyay...

  • Last Day at St. Louie
    39.1K 2.9K 26

    The pandemic is over and the quarantine is now lifted. Almost a year after their supposed graduation day, St. Louie University's Engineering Class of 2020 were instructed to come to the campus once again to get their documents... or so they thought. Book cover by @gwynchanha

  • Heaven Academy
    120K 7.3K 40

    ⚠️TW: Suicide, Violence Heaven Academy is where angels are made. Erisk Oliver transfers to Heaven Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in the country, to give justice to her twin brother's death. With the four most popular students as her persons of interest, she conducts her own secret investigation to find...

  • Beyond the Boundary | ✓
    59.1K 5.9K 41

    Status: COMPLETED "Curiosity kills the cat. Going beyond the boundary means risking your life." In the year 3001, people have to live in large ships in the middle of the vast ocean after the World War V happened about 700 years ago. Anzaria lives in the Grand Ship No. 10 with a city inside named Grendan. There is a G...

  • The Beginning of The End
    29.7K 2.1K 20

    It will never be the same anymore. Mag iiba ang mundo pati na rin ang mga tao. If this is the wrath of God, no one can do anything about it. But as long as they have the air to breath, a human will fight to survive. This is not just a battle against the world. This is also a survival of the fittest. A battle between t...

  • The Fight For Life
    109K 6.9K 33

    Highest ranks reached: #3 in Zombie #2 in Zombieapocalypse #8 in Survival #3 Horror-Thriller "They die feeling unlucky, but I consider them the luckiest. Hindi nila mararamdaman ang paulit-ulit na iwan ng mga mahal nila." Naganap ang nakakahindik na pangyayari sa isang simpleng araw na walang sino man ang mag-aakalang...

  • Adelaide: Today For Tomorrow
    252K 16.5K 42

    WATTYS2020 WINNER Highest ranks reached: #1 in Zombies #1 in Horror-Thriller #1 in Zombieapocalypse #2 in Survival #1 in Virus #1 in Apocalypse "Kailan ka magiging handa?" The world has changed in one day. The place that was once full of life is now a deadland. Screams, cries, sirens, roaring engines, explosions and...

  • Pandora's Academy: Blood & Splendor
    21.3K 1.6K 39

    When Jules, a troubled child who brought many to death's door, gets accepted into a prestigious academy, her family saw it as a chance for her to start over. However, when she's forced to kill somebody on her first day, Jules realizes that her fate is already sealed by the mysterious founder of the academy, Pandora, a...

  • Willford Boarding School
    453K 23.5K 58

    Alexis Willford almost have everything any person would wish for. And what she lacks the most is excitement. She wanted to feel life death, blood boiling and heart throbbing event at least once to break her boring and monotone life. who would know that an unknown cosmic rays containing virus will hit the world making...

  • I am your Fucking new Teacher
    38.6K 1.2K 43

    Blexink High is a school for gangsters, bitches, warfreaks and any other kind of bad students. Rare ka lang makakita ng nerd. In short, Blexink is not a good school. If somone, a queen-like perhaps, becomes a teacher, would this school change? Will she be also a hero? Is it possible that these students will obey her o...

  • Everyone is Suspect
    154K 8.6K 26

    DESPEDIDA GONE WRONG. What's supposed to be a memorable send-off party ends up in tragedy as the celebrant drops dead after making a toast. Of all the possibilities, murder seems to be most likely scenario. And the suspects? The four attendees who were present during that fateful evening. Did one of them kill the vict...

  • Play The King: Act Two
    386K 25.7K 94

    ["PLAY THE KING" IS ACT TWO OF THE "PLAY" SERIES. PLEASE READ "PLAY THE QUEEN" FIRST.] It's been four months since Priam Torres, the once unpopular president of the Elysian University Student Council, assumed office. Thanks to his chief-of-staff Castiel Seville's ingenuity and Fabienne Lucero's cooperation to play as...

  • Alkia Kingdom Reborn
    403K 16.9K 37

    When Denise Raven receives a mysterious email from someone claiming to be her from a parallel universe, her whole world changes forever. Dahil sa mensaheng ito, napilitan siyang pumasok sa isang kakaibang mundo. Game Crest Incorporated opened the virtual gates that led to a MMORPG. And they were stuck inside, figuring...

  • Alkia Kingdom: Beyond the Ranking Quest
    3.2M 129K 60

    [This is a Virtual Reality MMORPG Story]{Online Game} Denise Raven was one of the top players when it comes to MMORPG Online Games. She received a very tempting invitation for a competition and accepted it. She enjoyed the game and met some of the best gamers too. But there's something more. She was able to discover t...

  • Welcome, Player: Grand Quest
    103K 9.6K 52

    [A VIRTUAL REALITY MMORPG STORY] Reverie races against time to finish the Grand Quest and request for Hiraeth's freedom, but the mission only uncovers her mysterious past and a dangerous choice of survival challenges her heart. [Grand Quest is now starting. Welcome, Player!] • The Second Installment of the Welcome, Pl...

  • Welcome, Player
    398K 31.3K 82

    [A VIRTUAL REALITY MMORPG STORY] An unsuspecting, online-game-hater finds herself inside the newly-launched Arth Online because of her brother's trickery. Despite her impatience to complete the required log-out level, her perspective on games might just change at her short stay. *** Set in the Year 2071 where the most...

  • La Luna Academy [Editing]
    144K 4.1K 53

    Welcome to La Luna Academy, an elite school that every student dream of. A school where all the students are treated as princes and princesses. But there are some who are treated as Angels. Angels that all students of La Luna Academy look up to. Angels with dark secrets. Here at La Luna Academy, always expect the unex...

  • Ghost Detective! (COMPLETED)
    578K 17.2K 86

    Kayla is not your ordinary girl. Why? Because she really isn't. May kakayahan siyang hindi naiinitindihan ng ibang tao. She has a third eye. Hindi niya lang nararamdaman ang mga kaluluwa kundi nakikita't nakakausap niya pa ang mga ito. Creepy yet amazing, right? And not only that, she even has a white lady friend nam...

  • Magwayen
    397K 26.9K 88

    Do you have what it takes to help the detective-student, Magwayen Imperio, solve murders and decipher codes in an academy full of mysterious elites and bloody secrets? If you do, then make sure not to fret and just put your life on bet because the cruel deaths are all set- waiting for you to unravel and interpret. Thi...

  • Synesthetes' Game (Published under Immac PPH)
    38.1K 2.1K 37

    [FINISHED | PUBLISHED] Categories : Low Fantasy • Mystery • Suspense /ˈsi-nəs-thēts ɡām/ She can see people's auras . . . "The red light flashed on her face means affection." He can taste words . . . "He's lying!" And she can feel what others feel . . . "R-Ramdam ko ang panginginig niya--sign na takot siya." They are...

    316K 12.6K 64

    Dahil hindi matanggap ni Jiwon Natividad ang unjust death ng kanyang ina, sikreto niyang inimbestigahan ang cold serial murder case. Nangalap siya ng mga ebidensya para i-identify ang totoong culprit. At sa kalagitnaan ng kanyang pagresolba sa misteryong bumabalot sa pagkamatay ng sarili niyang ina, iba't-ibang krimen...

  • My Gangster Detective
    214K 5.6K 88

    Avie,a girl who grew up in the states and studied in a university for those who has an high IQ like her and was considered as a great student detective.when she returned home at the age of 15,she transfers to a school which she never thought that there's a school who accepts gangsters like Chris and his friends. She n...

  • Our Deadly Pact
    5.8M 187K 55

    Book 1 of the Pact Series (also known as Our Suicide Pact) (Warning: This story was written in 2013 when I was around 15-16 years old. A plethora of errors and triggering themes ahead, such as violence, suicide, and vices.) xx One by one each person who joined the suicide pact gets killed and now its up to the wannab...

  • Hunyango (Published under Bliss Books)
    1.9M 103K 33

    Sampu silang umalis, sampu rin silang bumalik. Ang hindi nila alam, isa sa kanila ang naiwan. Sino ang nagbabalatkayo? Sino ang hunyango? (Watty Awards Winner 2019 under Horror category)