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  • Irene Yagi
    19.1K 318 17

    Irene life was prefect until it was time for quirks to happen. Irene had a quirk but she did not know who to control it or use it so she forced herself to master it. Irene has finally got a good hold over her quirk where she doesn't kill someone or hurt them badly. But her family was afraid that if she become a hero t...

  • Arrow To My Heart || A Detailed Individual Roleplay
    4K 77 22

    Find your OC's lover and or best friend!

  • The phoenix born from the ashes
    239K 4.9K 43

    Izuku Yagi lived a happy life along with his sister Izumi Yagi and his friends the Todoroki's twins (Shoto and Shoko) and the Bakugo's twins ( Katsuki and Katsumi). Until one day, the day of his 4th birthday, he was diagnosticed quirkless. All of his dreams were crushed thanks to one word. But little did he know that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Betrayed but found Trust and Love
    1.1K 8 5

    1. i don't own any character 2. It is a fem deku au 3. Fem dekus name is Izuki Ruby have just finished a solo mission she have received along with getting a special mask that could make her a half grimm and wanted to surprise her friends, when she found them she heard almost all of her friends except Jaune, Penny and...

  • The Abused Black hole Evolto X Highschool Dxd
    367K 4.2K 55

    Akira, the brother of Issei hyoudou the biggest pervert in Kouh. Akira was abused and tricked by his brother but the lowest point in Akira's life was when he was arrested for protecting girl and was falsely accused of assaulting a powerful individual and is now currently on probation and becomes a outcast in school. H...

  • One heck of a crossover-Dekuverse
    8.8K 45 6

    Ok so I posted a chapter of this last night but it didn't save so I'm rewriting it

  • ᖴᖇᗴᗩK
    275 20 4

    Luz was always bullied in the human realm but when she found the portal to the boiling isles nothing changed. In fact it got worse with people calling her round ears. Luz on so close to her limit. But what happens when Amity finds out her attempts?

  • Life Isn't Fair...
    17.8K 589 17

    Amy is bullied at her school by a girl named Julie (no offense to the ones who are named Julie) Her mom hates her and treats her horribly. Then Sonic is new at Amy's school, he sees Amy getting bullied and defends her. Julie, even though Sonic is protecting Amy, falls in love with Sonic. And of course Amy too . Julie...

  • Go ahead and Underestimate me, I dare you [HP]
    131K 4.1K 16

    THIS IS NOT MY STORY THIS IS FROM ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN. I HAVE NO RIGHTS TO THIS BOOK OR THIS IDEA I wanted to share this one with everyone because it is one of my favorites. This one is complete This book was originally written by Jane271 Link: Summary: Aft...

  • The Invisible Sister (MLB FF) (Adrien/Chat Noir x Oc)
    69.5K 1.9K 41

    Macy Dupain Cheng was the sister of Marinette. But the thing is that she was pretty invisible. Not literally, but more practically. She wasn't noticed by anyone in her life. Even her parents forget her existence very often. She was very lonely growing up. She went to a different school than Marinette, where she was bu...

  • Her Cat and Music
    23.5K 788 28

    17 year-old Marinette is abused by her parents. Chloe and Lila also, mentally and physically bully her when, her friends are not around. She has to put on a fake smile so, nobody finds out. Everybody at school thinks she is happy and cheerful. But....she knows a different story. What happens when a certain ally cat f...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Grimm Angel 'Abused and Neglected Female reader X RWBY'
    66.2K 1.3K 25

    A young girl by the name of (Y/n) Rose, was the adopted daughter of Summer rose and Tai Xiao long, however poor (Y/n) is treated no where near as well a her siblings, in fact (Y/n) is treated like she is nothing more than a servant almost every single day. All she ever wanted was for her family to love her yet instead...

  • The lord of serpents | mha DISCONTINUED
    253K 5.8K 23

    Izuku Yagi was falsely diagnosed as quirkless when he was four due to the use of a article that was a century outdated. Afterwards, his family neglected him, his sister and his former friends abused him so that he would be 'safe' and give up his dream of being a hero. Of course, Izuku is a bit too stubborn to give up...

  • Shy Green X Koopa Queen
    17.3K 242 23

    Bowser after turning into bowsette failed to get Mario has a boyfriend ends up kidnapping Luigi. And they unexpectedly get close. I made this because nobody does fanfic with Luigi x Bowsette and I ship a little so that is how this was made. And plus I think Mario is someone who would stay loyal to his girl. Which act...

  • izuku the Quirkless Savior (Reboot Out)
    31.9K 655 92

    This story will be u in both english and Spanish esta historia sera en ingles y español In a world where 80% of the population has a quirk the quirkless 20% are used as slaves until one men, no one boy will find a way change that his name izuku izuku borned without a quirk his family and friends treat him like a slave...

    Completed   Mature
  • The forgotten Afton
    5K 99 25

    It's about YOU who is the youngest afton Y/n was born before Chris or I think after Elizabeth birthday when y/n was born (also cover of the book was made by me)

  • Holding on
    196 3 6

    Emptiness. A feeling of hopelessness, that is soaked deep in my bones. And just when you thought that there was light at the end of the tunnel, it dims. Surrounding you with darkness once again. Constantly trying to escape. Only to be met with a dead end. Hold on is what they always say. But there is only so much on...

    Completed   Mature
  • First Blood and Creation|Bloody Bunny Series Oneshot Book (REQUESTS CLOSED)
    7.5K 186 29

    A Oneshot book to one of the most popular and gruesome games and animated series in both American and Japanese history.

  • Speak No Evil|Hello Kitty (Hell On Kitty) x Male!Muted!Reader
    3.7K 135 8

    Note: No one has made an actual x reader story about Hello Kitty or even about her creepypasta counterpart, Hell on Kitty, so I thought I make one about her just for the fun of it. Y/n L/n is not like everyone else as he was born with no mouth, but can still eat, drink and breath except that he can't talk like a norma...

  • Doll Hybrid Experiment remake
    36 1 1

    This is the remake version so Settings and characters might have changed

  • Dark Yet Soft: Dark Rabbit x Uchu: on pause
    405 1 17

    Uchu is a child who in fact is a tiny hybrid small as a mouse her family died when she was young in the Great War between the Humans and the dolls. Her people where not part of one but after the war Uchu was the last one. Will she make it will she fight back or will she give in and just die or will she get used to her...

  • Bloody Buttons
    8 1 1

    When a girl was turned into a doll wolf Button Must now survive by herself alone as a doll.

  • Bloodlust: (Bloody Bunny x Male Flippy Reader)
    940 25 3

    You are the leader of a group of mercenary stuffed bears and have been assigned the mission of killing Bloody Bunny by the Dark Bosses. You have other plans however.

  • Bloody bunny one shots
    51 4 2

    Hello fellow peepers tis I Kanen or Brianna how ever you want to put it. Have you ever wondered how Bloody bunny and Alice do when There not being attacked or what they do when their just bored?

  • The light to our darkness
    182 4 5

    Elvira and Catherine are the gold hearted Daughters of Lady Dimitrescu. Their beauty rivals that of Aphrodite. What happens when they meet certain killer bunny dolls? (I don't own resident evil or Bloody bunny, i own my OCs!)

  • The Story of Dave The Skull Minion and Rupert The Skull Minion.
    339 20 6

    This story is about me where I came to the world encounter people and the dark bosses so you will learn the entire truth about Me and Rupert.

  • Bloody Bunny: Slashed
    1.2K 22 14

    (Disclaimer: This is a fan story and is not canon to the Bloody Bunny series in any way. I don't own any of the characters in this story, all belong to 2Spot Studio.) (CONTENT WARNING: This will contain blood/gore, torture, some swearing, and death. If you are sensitive to these topics then viewer discretion is advise...

  • Cute but deadly ( au sans x bloody bunny!)
    741 10 2

    This is a story a young girl and her little sister die in the same fate. But, when they become killing machine animals, they had become stronger by their sensei. In the world humans had been prison to make more minions because rabbit god had become dark rabbit. After you defeat dark rabbit, everything had came back to...

  • Don't Make ME YOUR ENEMY (RWBY X Abused Vengeance seeking BB Reader)
    2.2K 35 2

    Beaten and abused, left for dead, in her final moments, she swears revenge on those who had wronged her, her spirit latching onto her white rabbit toy so she could get the vengeance she so rightfully deserves. But, it doesn't help when she's in Velvet's arms as an inanimate object... When Velvet accidentally somehow b...

  • Do Not Forget What Can't Be Forgiven (Bloody Bunny Story)
    279 7 1

    Hey guys! So this is a story I wrote during Easter of this year (I was kinda bored) and I forgot to share it with you guys! Now be warned, this is a Lime story (Rape story) between 2Spot Studio's Bloody Bunny and Dark Rabbit (with some of my old OCs involved) So if you're sensitive to this kind of stuff then please tu...

    Completed   Mature