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  • Revamped
    1.4K 57 45

    Fazbear entertainment is back.As Freddy Fazbear mega pizzaplex is a gigantic establishment, family friendly fun centre.Freddy and the gang are excited to see you. [TW warnings in some chapters] | An reboot & AU of mine of SB| (I don't own fnaf security breach it belongs to Scott Cawthon and steel wool studios.I don't...

  • BFF AU
    77 1 1

    Gregory makes new (best) friends. {My SB AU} [TW warnings in some chapters] (I don't own SB it belongs to Scott and steel wool studios.I don't own any of the images.Songs are from YouTube.)

  • Truth & secrets
    2.6K 47 18

    What if instead of Freddy being kidnapped on the atrium it is Gregory that got kidnapped things may change a lot.As Gregory might be more familiar, then originally seen for the first time for the playtime and naptime attendant, as well as his family. [TW warnings in some chapters] (Fnaf Security breach belongs to Scot...

  • Gregory the daycare assistant
    10.6K 257 51

    Things haven't been going so well in the pizzaplex.As nobody wants to be the assistant in the Superstar daycare.But then one of the employees finds a child in the prize corner.Management then gets a crazy idea. {TW warnings in some chapters.}  (Fnaf security breach belongs to Scott Cawthon, and Steel Wool studios. So...

  • Unhealthy obsession
    11.2K 290 46

    From the moment they met Gregory they knew that he is meant to be theirs as they loved being with him. As they will always protect, Gregory but they will hurt anyone that will hurt Gregory. {In other words Gregory get some very clingy parental caretakers} [TW warnings for some chapters] (Fnaf Security breach belongs t...

  • Their little shooting star
    8.3K 90 36

    This is a Fnaf Security breach AU were Gregory was left at the pizzaplex but as a baby and then the daycare. And things that they go a little crazy.As Sundrop and Moondrop try the best to take care of their Little shooting star.once infected with the virus by Vanny hoping that they'll be under her her masters control...

  • Nightstar
    5.2K 118 30

    This is a fnaf Security breach AU where Gregory is put into the daycare. (To put this simply the Glitchtrap Virus went haywire in the daycare attendant turning both Sundrop and Moondrop into parental yeanderes and will do anything to keep Gregory with them forever.) ̸͉͉͈̼͈̜̅̄͋̆̕͜͝s̷̯̥͛̋̂͑͌t̵̞̹͈͊̇͌̈́a̷̤͌̀̽̆̐̄͠y̶͔̏̾̈́̎̕...