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  • Deadly Affairs (Kellic)
    178K 6.9K 21

    Vic, a serial killer who likes to look at it as a hobby stumbles upon a loner, Kellin. He plans on killing him but soon finds himself in a compromising situation when Kellin wants to kill himself but Vic ends up saving him and they fall for each other.

  • The Institute (Frerard)
    599K 25.1K 31

    Frank Iero has just started work at Glenside Mental Institute, New Jersey. All seems easy enough, until he's assigned to the new patient, Gerard Way. [only read if you canstand chapters shorter than frank himself]

  • If I Called You Satan Would You Smile And Wave (Kellic)
    383K 17.1K 22

    Kellin Quinn is a new student in a boarding school ruled by reckless and rebelling Vic Fuentes. Note: Violent, trigger ending

  • Infected || PewdieCry
    87.1K 4.3K 48

    Cry is on his own in the zombie apocalypse. He doesn't easily trust others and is used to killing people as well as infected. He has never liked traveling in groups, but all of that changes when he's saved by Pewds and his group. They help Cry, even though some are very suspicous of the quiet, masked man. Will Cry sta...