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  • In His Taste | MxM
    10.3K 777 25

    His lips hovered over mine, feeling his fingers latch onto my roots possessively. My hands were tight to my side as I knew somewhere...he was watching - Lucifer. I refuse to die because of their sick games. Aleksandr toying with me, but it's become much more than that. I let myself look in his eyes, seeing the way h...

  • Desperation (18+) ✔️
    9K 220 8

    Like many college students, Reid needs money. Desperately. He's desperate enough that when his best friend offers a solution involving lingerie and a camera, he's got nothing to lose. Vic and Reid's relationship has always been strictly platonic. Vic has a certain type in the bedroom and Reid has never given off thos...

    Completed   Mature
  • Regret
    11.9K 254 6

    Jaekyung spoils Dan. A lot. Kim dan feels incredibly grateful and couldn't ask for anything more, he was appreciated it lots.. although it wasn't particularly what he craved. Every time they argued or Jaekyung went harsh on Dan, it was always cash rather than apologies and affection, all Kim Dan wanted..was Jaekyun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Failed Threesome
    69K 816 7

    "Babe, where are you this is awkward" Dawson muttered into the phone before throwing a semi-smile at the man just basking himself on the bed. This was so stereotypical of his girlfriend, make a plan, quite literally force him into it and just bail. Giving another shy smile he sent numerous texts in a row, his face st...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Day the Music Died | Jegulus, Wolfstar
    24.4K 776 34

    "You look like a painting, Reg," whispered James, genuine adoration plastered in every inch of his face. "Is that a good thing?" Regulus knitted his eyebrows together, a subtle smile curling his lips. "Definitely." A romance hidden under the horrors of the war, where kids fought with more pride than adults, where they...

    72.7K 4K 13

    [COMPLETED] Two boys, a fresh new start. Each beginning their Senior year in a new school. Zeke is a motorcycle-loving, leather jacket-wearing, smooth talker. Sunny is a quiet, reserved boy who lives in jean jackets and sweatpants. One holds nothing back, while the other is rattled with social anxiety. No two boys...

    Completed   Mature
  • Butterflies
    5.9K 281 24

    Beck is cold and distant and mysterious. The typical badboy type. Joey is outgoing and sociable. Bright and happy. Beck's complete opposite. So how did they get involved in each other? And where does the loner Zac fit in? ----- I do not own the artwork for the cover of this book, it was found on Google and I couldn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Professor (jegulus)
    27.1K 471 7

    James and Regulus are both teachers as Hogwarts. Will James cheat on Lily and loose respect from his friends for the true love of his life? massive smut warning cause you asked me

    Completed   Mature
  • His Revenge
    1.3K 59 5

    What do you do when you've pissed the Chinese mafia off? Run like hell because theres no other way your getting out of it alive. What do you do when you've pissed the chinese mafia off, aaannndd they caught you? You better fucking hope they dont want to make your death miserable.

  • His Angel Mate (BxB) Book 2
    24.4K 884 18

    Book 2 Of Angelic series Pip and Rome have just moved to the Heavens with their new born baby for a life of peace and happiness. But what happens when the Shadow wings return for a much more dangerous fight. ANd for Pip to only find out he is not what he thought he was.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Deaf Mate (bxb)
    164K 5.6K 21

    Will Hughes a 21 years boy made deaf purposely by his older sister Bethan he has had to adjust to living with no sound. One night his father takes him out to his work for 'Punishment' taking him to a prison hidden by the government. Hoping to finally kill off his son he throws Will into an Alphas Wolf's prison cell...

  • Pleasure doing Bussiness (Whip 3) ✔️
    200K 9.6K 25

    PUBLISHED on Amazon! If you are interested in purchasing your own copy, you can find the links for Amazon (US, CA, MX, DE, FR, IT, ESP, JP, BR, AU, IN) on my profile page, or just stop by and leave a review and I'll love you forever! Plagued by the dreams of his traumatic childhood that he can't remember, Michael Jon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bearwolf
    60.8K 2.5K 17

    Scrubbing dirty floors, mending ripped clothes, dusting all belongings, cooking every meal, to every task in the house... That is my life, being a slave to the alpha family. I am Yuki, a 16-year-old omega wolf shifter, traded to this pack when I was so young I can not even remember my parents. I am 5ft9in, which is qu...

  • No Homo
    262K 7.8K 19

    Jackson Dyer is a normal teenage boy, with a life others dream about. He's popular, hot, athletic, and can get any girl he wishes. He's the star baseball player and is sworn to be undeniably straight. Liam Winters is an outcast. He's unknown by the entire school and considered an absolute loser. He runs the concessio...

  • Pictures of Boys
    4K 159 23

    Imagine tutoring the bad boy...... Christian aster is a nerdy 16 year old boy. When( football team Captain),lucas Dusan starts flunking school chris is force to tutor him

  • Delicate (mxm)
    208K 7.3K 36

    Caleb Miller is a twenty-three years old fucked up boy. He's troubled, he's pained, he's scarred. He thinks he's better all on his own. He thinks he won't be able to hurt anybody, or get hurt if he just keeps his walls shuts down. If he doesn't let anybody see the mess he is. But when Eddie walks into his life, there'...

  • Hope.
    104K 5.4K 45

    Hope. Such a misinterpreted word isn't it? The meaning of the word changes for each individual. For some, it's just a few letters stringed together. But for others, it's a matter of life and death. For these two boys 'hope' definitely means the latter. It's something both of them want, yet, are so far from getting...

  • The Loner and the Prep (bxb)
    884K 31.4K 38

    Watson Young has always been a bright kid, no one could deny that, but even the most intelligent people can make the dumbest mistakes. Keep the dumbest secrets hidden. Watson was rather good at that, considering that no one knows about the stuff he deals with at home. Elijah Andrews, one of the wealthiest kids in the...

  • Whisper Me Your Screams
    110K 3.7K 12

    ••Complete•• Growing up is already tough, but when you're gay and your dad isn't so accepting things can get a little complicated. Short story Cover by sun-raes © 2017, pastelmilks, All rights reserved

  • Scholar
    1M 39.9K 30

    [COMPLETED] [Warning: Strong language used throughout the book.] He put his hand over my notebook and the other over mine. I glared up at him, his golden brown eyes catching my attention. "I can't write like this," I pointed out. "Is this all you care about?" Ryan asked. I shrugged. "Not this specifically, but yeah...

  • Loud And Clear (boyxboy)
    429K 24.5K 26

    Highest rank: #1 LGBT! William is going deaf but somehow Lucas' voice is always Loud And Clear. A boyxboy romance about learning to be yourself and to make the best of every situation. ~ Lucas doesn't really have a filter. Or a clue. Or money for food. That's why, when he meets William Hunt, the moody lone...

  • Broken ✓ (BoyxBoy)
    610K 21.5K 30

    "Wait, you're gay?" I asked in confusion, scratching the back of my head. "Well duh. How oblivious are you?" "Well, I guess I'm pretty dumb, but my sexiness makes up for it." "Sure Hunter, whatever helps you sleep at night..." *** [Completed] Hunter just moved to a small city in Florida after his third suicide attem...

  • Punk Isn't Romantic
    267K 10K 17

    "His soft black hair spilled out around his face, framing his face perfectly. His jaw flexed and I could see his jawline was sharp as he sucked in more smoke- his cheeks going hollow as he did. When he breathed the smoke out I felt my mouth go dry once again, watching the smoke curl and dissipate into the air as it ca...

  • assigned emotion
    111K 4.4K 31

    Theo hates Tanner. Tanner hates Theo. That's how it's been since Tanner was assigned Theo to show around the school. That was a week ago, but today, tragedy strikes in Theo's life. He has no one to go to, that is- other than Tanner. What will happen when the two are forced to be with one another for far longer than pl...

  • The Art Project (BxB)
    32.5K 554 6

    Greyson Valentine is a broken boy. That's what he thinks at least. He's like the emo stereotype really, but he's abused by his alcoholic father, hated by all the others at school, suicidal, depressed, alone and most or least importantly, a closeted gay. It also doesn't help that his only friend doesn't know what's goi...

  • Love Song From The Devil (BoyXboy )
    153K 4.5K 25

    Ethan is a high school guy who is weak in studies and bullied by jocks. But he is a stubborn ass and is not willing to give up easily at anything.But after an encounter with a sexy football star who suprises him down and stole his first kiss, he is confused about his sexuality.Will he accept him and be happy for once...

  • Heart and Soul [bxb]
    2.3M 95.5K 66

    Carter Parrish lived a happy, simple life with his mom, and knowing she had found her way back to love was the best news he could have ever received. But love leads to marriage, and marriage brought him a new stepfather, a new house, six new stepbrothers and one especially obnoxious stepsister. When the place he is me...

  • King of Dust
    27.7K 1.5K 38

    Wattys 2022 Shortlist Nominee Darius Starbán, disgraced King of Starkovia, joins up with Demon-Spawn Inquisitor Urien, his ex-boyfriend and wealthy aristocrat Yra, and new friend Astrid as they tromp across the countryside fixing Darius' 400-year-old messes and finding a cure for Darius' vampirism. Based roughly off a...

  • Persevere (under serious construction)
    1.1M 47.4K 49

    Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. - Anthony J. D'Angelo Life has never been easy or simple for Ellie. She was born deformed, the outcast of her pack, abused and shunned. She spends her life running from the negativity and the darkness, trying to find her happiness. All s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hot Cappuccino Boy - BxB (COMPLETE)
    126K 6.5K 55

    What do you do when Mr. Tall Long drink of water, I-know-I'm-irresistible with my smirk and my bedroom eyes walks in the coffee shop you're working in and starts flirting? Ethan is not the kind of guy who's going to faint at the first dazzling smile directed his way. He likes to play it cool. Unfortunately for him, a...