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  • Fun Facts!
    134K 3.9K 102

    Did you know that milk does not make your bones stronger? that Kids learn faster than adults? that sharks do not need sex anymore for reproduction? that sleep-deprived Teens are more likely to commit a crime? and eating chili can lead to longevity? Come and read more about it to know the real reason behind these...

  • 40's Watch The Future
    93.9K 2K 26

    The night before Steve gets the procedure to become the Super Soldier, characters get sent to a room to watch the future. Where Steve Rogers, his best friend, basically brother, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Dr. Abraham Erskine, Colonel Chester Phillips, and the soon-to-be Howling Command...

  • The Crossover (Star Wars, Marvel Universe){completed}
    15K 205 34

    Star Wars universe, meets the Marvel Universe, how do things go down? do they think of each other as Enemies? or allies? how will they cope with their different powers? Until there was a threat, and the Avengers are forced to work with the Jedi to defeat this threat Thanos, Sidious, and Darth Maul. A Jedi, falls in...

  • Marvel react
    1.7K 27 8

    I can't believe I'm actually writing this but what ever. English is not my first language so yea. This is my first story. I don't own marvel I'm not quite sure who does but I'm sure you can Google it. Cover by Rahafwabas

  • Collide (star wars x mcu crossover)
    812 28 4

    Everyone knows that Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi had a duel of fates on the planet Mustafar, where Kenobi triumphed and won, leaving Anakin for dead on the lava planet, whom he had cut off his arms and legs. Anakin was rescued by Darth Sidious, aka Chancellor Palpatine of the Galatic Senate. The republic beca...

  • Watching the Home Trilogy
    11.5K 209 4

    Having now watched WandaVision, Infinity War and Endgame the group must now watch Spider-Man's story

  • Watching Infinity War and Endgame
    13.2K 269 4

    After finishing WandaVision and swapping out a few friends, it's time for the next look into the future

  • Harry Potter characters react to the movies.
    68.2K 829 47

    What happens when Harry potter characters watch the Harry Potter movies? I don't own anything. By J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. Ships: Harry x Ginny (Hinny) Ron x Hermione (Romione) James x Lily (Jily) Molly x Arthur Vernon x Petunia Scorpius x Albus (Scorbus)

  • Peter 1, 2, and 3's worlds reacting
    139K 2.3K 27

    so this story was on my old account @fussrocks but i will be continuing it here so if you have not read the other one don't worry about Peter 1 2 and 3 cast along with the Avengers, Black widow fam, some villain's, T.V.A., Asguard, Wakanda, S.S.R., and guardians of the galaxy will be reacting to movies and clips. i...

  • Avengers react!
    265K 3.5K 31

    I brought all the avengers to a movie theater to let them react and watch their past, present and future.