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  • Ash Ketchum: Bug Type Master
    1.8K 30 12

    In this universe, Ash decides to become a Bug Type Master.

  • Pokemon Zinnia X Reader
    714 10 4

    The republish from my old account

  • Ask and Dare Stevinel 2! (Yeah, whachha gone do about it??)
    5.6K 165 23

    And the madness begins again! Sequel to the first one. Now, get your popcorn and your bleach, cause this is gonna be a LONG ride!

  • Ask and Dare Steven, Spinel, and their Children!
    5.9K 178 34

    Sequel to Stevinel Ask and Dare Here you can ask and dare their children as well. Read Stevinel ask and dare or you won't understand shit lmao. Some things you need to know in there are Spinel and Steven's personality, how many kids the Sapphire said they'll have (5), What the hell Katlady is doing there, if they're...

  • Reader (Male) X Zoroark (Female) A Dark Bond
    240K 3.6K 56

    Ever had an idea where you wanted to be with one of your favorite Pokémon? Well, this is the beginning of that idea. Come and read the story of how you first met up with your Zoroark named Zora. Come and see the story of how you came through, despite the not so different pasts you've been through (Maybe, I don't know...

  • [Bloody Love] Vampire Female Sylveon x Male Trainer
    87.2K 1.2K 20

    Your name is Y/N, and you walk into a forest. Soon you find a certain sylveon.. read to find out more!