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    NOW TRADITIONALLY PUBLISHED Ella Webb was never destined to be free. When she turned sixteen, Ella's only present was an arranged marriage to Dean, her ex-friend. Desperate for time, she bargained for a three-year reprieve to get an education and graduate before she was forced to marry. Falling in love with someone...

  • My Blossoming Redemption
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    2022 WATTYS SHORTLISTED | 2022 AMBYS WINNER for NA || Aspen Watkins grew up in a devout Christian family, despite not believing herself. When she falls pregnant at eighteen by her boyfriend, Joel, they are forced to wed by her family so they can atone for their sin. Two years later, Joel is taken ill. Aspen soon learn...

  • Orion's Constellation [Discontinued for Now]
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    Life for Ireland Reid was hard. After being fired from the job she'd spent years in, and being in love with her colleague, Grayson, from afar. She's looking to catch a break. In a last-ditch attempt to get Grayson's attention before she starts a new job, she plans to get a fake-date to an event to make him jealous. T...

  • Perfectly Unexpected
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    Tabitha had only known love twice in her life. She was abandoned by one of them and married the other. Now the lines between them have blurred. When Tabitha and Tyler Hunter attend a fertility appointment at the hospital, answers are not the only thing they find. Gray, Tabitha's childhood sweetheart and long-lost bes...

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  • Love Ladders
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    At two, he was her best friend, at sixteen he was her everything, and by eighteen, he betrayed and abandoned her when she needed him most. *** Skye Ellis' life was a mess. She planned to be a lawyer and be the best in the country, and with Scott by her side, she thought she could do everything. But when she turned eig...

  • Confession at the Altar
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    FEATURED by @dangerouslove @storiesundiscovered @NA @newadultreads and @newlywrittenbooks Brooke Jackson thought she had everything: a fulfilling job, the home she'd always wanted, and the perfect fiancé. But no one likes her fiancé, her best friend warns her from getting married, and she seems to have an attraction t...

  • Last Train Home
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    [ONC 2022 SHORTLISTER] She was running from something while he was running to something. When strange circumstances throw them together, they realise that home isn't just where you sleep at night. When Lily Gilmore visits her family home over Christmas, she didn't expect to be humiliated and broken by her old childho...

  • Veiled Vows
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    Faith Matthews had never found it hard to make friends, but she found it hard to keep them. Her two childhood best friends had grown up and moved on to be successful in their lives while she stayed behind with less successful ambitions. One night, Faith runs into her old best friend Austin while out drinking. He's ba...

  • The Royalty Games: The Crown Games [Coming Dec 1]
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    Book 2 | After being forced by the people in The Monarchian-Republic to host the Crown Games - a variation of the Royalty Games to find a husband - Princess Magda Hammond is torn. With two men competing already having her heart, she is desperate for one of them to win, so she can be marry one of them. But not is all...

  • The Royalty Games: Crown Princess
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    Book 1 | Princess Magda Hammond knew nothing from Before-a world of choice, freedom and romance that was just spoken of in tales. A world Before her grandparents took over what was called England after a global pandemic. All she knows is a life of luxury, jewels, wealth, and an upcoming ceremony to find her husband. ...