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  • miracle | tayley
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    three years after hayley williams disappears off the face of the earth, justin york makes a shocking discovery, one his brother better have a very good answer for. (a tayley baby au) highest rankings🏅 #1 in taylor york #4 in paramore #10 in hayley williams

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    𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐒 - ❝ Gave me lip gloss and a hair toss, and after school, a lesson in kissing ❞ - IN WHICH, Tatum Swift is dragged to a club by her best friend, Zendaya, for a girls night out with their cast mates from E...

  • Unbecoming
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    Addiction is everlasting. There's no end, there's no reprieve. There is no getting better. You fail and you fall and you remake mistakes. But you're stronger for it. Being an addict doesn't mean you're weak, you're only weak if you let it make you as much. All you can do is fight, learn, be stronger from it. Find new...

  • Watch Me Drown
    48K 1.8K 52

    Julien Baker and Abigail Brooks have been a happy couple for years now. They bought an apartment together, and adopted their dog, Dorothea (named after the Taylor Swift song, of course). They're that couple that the media obsesses over, given that Julien is a popular music artist, and the couple that's just always doi...

  • made you up // b.e
    6.2K 231 23

    Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) is a condition in which an individual experiences a second head injury before complete recovery from an initial head injury. Symptoms can include anything from headache, nausea, confusion, and blurry vision to memory loss and even brain death. Rose Gilmore, the best friend of Billie Eilish...

  • The Artist / Billie Eilish
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    I just, kinda... Wish you were gay. 2019 Watty's Award Winner achieved: #1 in billieeilish #1 in girlxgirl #3 in fanfiction #1 in imagines

  • True blue
    2.4K 105 7

    When Arabella's roomate and best friend since freshman year of high school, starts crushing on Phoebe Bridgers, she gets dragged along to meet the singer, and the band Phoebe is apart of. After that, her life changes for the better, as she makes new life time friends, and finds herself falling for an amazing, black...

  • the only exception
    10.7K 634 57

    growing up in foster care offered phoebe too many horror stories and proof that not only was the world a bad place, but people were bad, too. but what happens when she meets hayley williams? phoebe told herself she would never trust again, never get close to people who could hurt her or leave, but she thinks, maybe ha...

  • beabadoobee one shots ❁
    2.2K 50 4

    sapphic one shots of my wife! warnings: strong langauge, drinking, 🍃. she/her pronouns, fem reader, but i can do requests with different pronouns and specific scenarios :) i will put specific warnings at the start of each chapter if they need any. no smut disclaimer: i don't know bea irl, these are just for fun cos i...

  • sad, beautiful, tragic // j.r.b
    42.5K 927 33

    ~some things you just can't speak about.~ // hazel eloise finley's old english and frankly quite pretentious name was never released to public whenever she survived the shooting at her high school. not even after the paramedics took her away with a severe bullet wound to the calf or even whenever she drug and hopped h...

  • you can't help but become the sun / julien baker
    79.4K 2.2K 82

    After rebuilding her life, Magnolia Waters was still trying to grasp the concept of having someone love her. The actions of Tina Jong, her best friend, allowed her to have a chance. Tina knew that Julien Baker and her band, Boygenius were gonna play an acoustic set at the record shop the next day so she got the girl's...

  • her
    18.2K 515 16

    a cute, gay summer lover story in which you meet a girl called claire

  • Take All the Time You Need
    66.4K 1.6K 50

    Alex never would have thought working as an Audio Engineer for Paramore could turn her life upside, but here she is with feelings she can barely comprehend herself. Alex and Hayley are both a little broken, but sometimes it just takes the right person to help you mend the pieces. Will Alex and Hayley be able to forge...

  • Phoebe Bridgers Imagines (gxg)
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    requested 🌸 Female Reader Imagines with Phoebe Bridgers! Requests are open! No smuts or personal imagines will be allowed or accepted. Enjoy, my loves! Started: 11-11-21 Completed: Highest Rankings:

  • A Place To Call Home
    3.9K 163 30

    Rachel is a troubled kid. She has no one and keeps changing foster family after foster family. Nobody believes in her, not even herself. Little did she know that her getting in trouble again would lead to an encounter with someone able to change her whole life forever

  • imagines/oneshots
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    oneshots from my brain mainly featuring billie eilish and hayley williams✨ (lowercase intended) #1 in #hayleywilliams; 18/10/19

  • Her Song (Florence Pugh)
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    Y/N is twenty-something and living the simple life in NYC. She owns her own record store, where she sells music, coffee, and books; she even hosts live entertainment once in a while. It's every gay girl's dream. She nearly passes out when Florence Pugh strolls into her record shop one rainy afternoon. When the actress...

    Completed   Mature
  • Clairo Imagines (gxg)
    1.9K 110 2

    Requested 🤍 Female Reader Imagines with Clairo! {Have a request? Message me! I don't write smuts or personal imagines but I'll accept basically anything else!} Started: 12-23-22 Completed: Highest Rankings:

  • Hayley Williams: Imagine Me With You.
    75.5K 1.6K 87

    preferences/imagines; hayley williams of paramore 💫 - ON HOLD -