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  • The Girl Who Wanted to Wear Diapers
    59.5K 606 23

    The one thing Madelyn desires most in the world is to wear diapers again, and she is prepared to do anything to make that wish come true. As inexplicable as that desire is for a twelve-year-old girl, it is one she has obsessed over for the past three years. Ever since Madelyn tried on a pull-up that a distant cousin h...

  • ✅ My Sister's Problem
    220K 2.8K 139

    This uses a basic plot idea that's been done by a couple of different authors, in different ways. And I thought I'd like to try putting my spin on it. Sally has a dream where her family starts treating her like a baby, and afterwards she can't stop wondering how it would feel. Could it be nice to try wearing diapers a...