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  • shiver (FEATURED) | ✓
    360K 19.9K 64

    **CURRENTLY A FEATURED STORY** highest ranking: #11 in Science fiction ❝true happiness is only achieved without freedom. There is a girl who wakes to a world that she was supposed to protect. Instead, she fights it. There is a man who is cursed with the ability to dream. A glass city is their cage, a city filled to t...

  • Extraordinary Mistakes
    643 68 40

    Two opposite sides come face to face, forcing each other to reconsider their version of the truth. *** A minority of the world's population carries a genetic modification. They are called deviants and some develop an ability by the age of seven. In the United States of America, deviants and humans fought each other i...

    Completed   Mature
  • CRYPT 12
    8.9K 485 12

    As a Porter, Bishop's primary job profile is decrypting synergists used in the development of Matrix for the brain. A support mechanism which allows the brain to thrive in a new world the human race find themselves, one which has suffered major depletion as a result of man's zest for development, hence, the exodus to...

  • The Numbered
    6.9M 300K 76

    Imagine the second you're born, a consultant removes you from your mother's grasp and runs a battery of genetic and physiological tests on you. Thirty minutes later they give you a score out of one hundred which denotes your level of perfection. If your score is above eighty and you work hard to maintain that score yo...

  • The Circle Of Ten
    7.1K 615 21

    The Miorpeans have returned to Earth and a research team has been sent to the planet's surface to investigate something that should not be, flourishing human settlements. As expected, the team discovered a primitive, pre-industrial civilization. However, they also encountered unique beings that offered contradicto...

  • Decaying Hearts
    13.1K 1K 26

    When Josh Reynolds stumbles upon a stranger, he is introduced to new hope. Welcomed in to a small compound safe from the Teeth and surrounded by people, he learns he is not alone. Being on the road for so long, he was convinced he was the last of the human race; the sole survivor. With this unlikely group, he must con...

  • The Face in the House
    85.8K 7.7K 60

    A twisted tale of death, love, and magic. Enter the mouth of the face in the house... Featured on: "Stranger Summer Reads" (Wattpad Pick)- Summer 2019 Wattpad Homepage - Fall 2019 "Wattpad Classics" - Spring 2020 Rose White's little old house is filled floor-to-ceiling with books, newspapers, and other fragments of a...

  • The Red Defenders - Completed
    5K 578 33

    • This is the second book of The Collected series • "Those who bring pain are here to save, and those who bring hope will bring death. A great evil rests on the horizon, eating away at each setting sun. Nothing is as it seems while you beg for salvation." A different prophecy has found its way to the light. Fear eats...

  • As They Slip Away
    179K 1.7K 10

    Selene is a "non-essential" crew member on a generational spaceship that classifies artists as insane. She and her fellow non-essential artists are given a rather unique assignment: create art they find beautiful, with no angle of making it essential for life on board the ship. As they hone their art skills, Selene te...

  • Testing Pandora
    8.4K 499 21

    In the far future, genetic engineering is used to strip all sapient species of disability. But when humans have a brief fad of natural birth, disabled children start reappearing. They're quickly termed "Pandoras," the value of their very lives brought into question, and laws are put into place to prevent their births...

  • Cloud Piercer
    412K 26.4K 44

    Shifters never mingle with humans. They reside high in the mountains venturing below only once a year for the night of the Red Moon. They invade the human villages below, take and kill who they want, but they never leave any witnesses. Not before Freya. Season 1 of Cloud Piercer ***** 18-year-old Freya Raune will do a...

  • Chronicles of the Unknowns: Genesis
    4.1K 195 37

    Daisy Lynn was as average as she could manage to be, despite her crazy abusive father. One day during one of his rampages she discovers that she has gifts far more powerful than she could ever imagine. Despite her newfound abilities she soon learns that she's not the only one with talents. With her talents she enters...

  • Plutonian
    2.9M 196K 82

    [THIS STORY IS FREE WITH EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT] A fake relationship, a diabolical plan and a threat to the human race. The only thing that ties them together is an eighteen year old girl's choice, that could change the course of everything. *** Every year five hundred children are abducted from planet Earth and ta...

  • Time Flux: Welcome to the New World
    16.1K 1K 31

    [This version of Time Flux is in progress and is without any proof reading or editing, professionally or otherwise. Read at your own risk! On completion it will be edited, rewrote and chopped to bits so enjoy the unabridged raw version of Time Flux here!] "Time Flux: Welcome to the New World" is a thrilling sci-fi ad...

  • Cipher Code {complete}
    27.5K 3.2K 73

    One day, Apocalypse came to pass. It started with a fog that engulfed the world. Thick and heavy in the atmosphere, nearly unbreathable to humans and able to corrupt a soul. It killed livestock, pulled buildings to the ground and deadened the soil. After a month, shields were erected over major cities to keep it...

  • Silent Eden
    36K 2.4K 31

    Born into slavery as nothing better than a Subhuman, unable to speak, unable to read or write and unallowed to learn such things, she works hard for her master, the Divine Magician. Then one day, as she's trying to continue her hard work, Silent Eden makes a discovery that could change the way she views the entire wo...

  • The Lone Guardian-Completed
    59.7K 6.3K 34

    Ridley is the last of a powerful alien race. He is assigned a cybernetic guardian to protect him. Earth has been gone for over six hundred years. The ship he has possession of is an old relic Terrian war ship.

  • Caveship
    57.8K 5K 26

    Nicholas Mason is a fairly average teenager from the small town of Aberdeen, Washington, in his final year of high school. When an earthquake awakens him at a senior party he attends with his two closest friends, they find themselves face-to-face with a powerful starship created by an ancient civilization - a Caveship...

  • Dawnhammer
    168K 16.4K 41

    Ancient human technology, lost since the Great war has been used to annihilate the distant Arian homeworld. Nothing but the end of the human race will quell the Arian lust for vengeance. Terris has found the legendary starship "Dawnhammer". Equipped with a radically advanced Artificial Intelligence, a propulsion sys...

  • Splicer
    244 5 3

    Darrell Edgar was an unlicensed splicer - a surgeon specializing in implants both organic and robotic. Operating out of a lab tucked under a dive bar, he had successfully carved a pretty comfortable life for himself, installing and maintaining various less-than-legal implants for customers he'd prefer to know as littl...

  • Soulseeker
    55.5K 6.7K 55

    Placed on the northern hemisphere the Sea of Ember is a world of ice and stone, a land of fire and storms. Uncanny tempests sweep across the rocky terrain, rising and spreading ashes from dozens of active volcanoes disseminated everywhere in the continent. However, during winter, sudden snowstorms, almost as lethal as...

  • Rumors of War (Cadicle Vol. 1-3: An Epic Space Opera)
    146K 8K 19

    A secret war. An empire in crisis. One final hope for victory. Wil Sietinen is torn between two worlds. As a High Dynasty heir and the Tararian Selective Service's most promising telekinetic Agent trainee, Wil is expected to be nothing short of exceptional in every way-even though the weight of responsibility is slowl...

  • Black Stars - The Mors Mortis Trilogy Book 1
    183K 13.6K 44

    *WATTPAD FEATURED FEB 2018* *2018 FICTION AWARD WINNER IN SCI FI CATEGORY* Leah Azemar's soul has been sent to the world of the dead. She just doesn't know it. ... Leah Azemar has spent her life trapped in a town that moves slower than she does, hiding her abnormalities from people who would fear and exploit her. But...

  • Walking the Ruins
    243K 19.9K 70

    [Featured Wattpad Story] A girl cast into the future, navigating a dystopian wilderness with her friends. Leona and some friends are hiking in the rain, on a school excursion. She would prefer to be elsewhere. Suddenly, nausea takes hold of her. Then everything turns dark, and a clapping noise rips her world apart. T...

  • Assassin's Secret
    2M 51.2K 65

    Annelise lives a normal, slightly hectic life like any other college student does. There's only one difference : she's an Assassin by night. (cliche, yes yes, but you gotta read it cause it's bit different.) The thing is, she doesn't kill the people she's assigned to get. She lives as peacefully as anyone with a doub...

  • Paradise
    32.4K 1.1K 21

    Book 1 of the Paradise Series. - 3019: The world was now advanced in all sorts of technology. They were stronger than any species known. And now, they began their exploration of other planets, searching for what humanity wanted to find even during the past millennium: planets capable of hosting life and paradise to a...

  • UNSEEN: Undone Realms Book 1
    1.2M 43.8K 47

    2014 WATTY WINNER!! (Collector's Dream Award for being one of the most want-to-read stories of 2014!). A Wattpad Featured story, and a Summer 2015 #WattpadBlockParty featured book! Undone Realms series: bk. 1 Out of countless realms in the multiverse, Clara is trapped in one that won't let her breathe. Her life con...

  • Overwritten
    155K 8.2K 65

    Population levels have reached critical, forcing the government to step in. A new system is built - an assigned mate for 16-year-olds, one child per family, all done with a computer algorithm. Careers are determined by what job is needed and best suited for. Any deviation and they face the risk of becoming a Lower--th...

  • Arlington (Book One)
    361K 20K 30

    Aviva Arlington has never seen the world the way everyone else does, but she's always been very content hiding behind half-inch thick frames. She was raised to ignore her abilities and channel her energy elsewhere, but one day she has to make a life-altering choice, she can continue to ignore her abilities, or she can...

  • The Water Witcher (Completed)
    36.4K 3.1K 26

    During a massive drought, a Water Witcher goes trekking across several states to visit a friend but finds himself in danger when a group called The Hounds begins hunting him down. 𝘽𝙤𝙤𝙠 1 ~ 🅦🅐🅣🅔🅡 𝙎𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨 Corbin has been witching water since he was a young boy. It's a skill his grandfather taught him to s...