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  • Silver Lining
    25K 901 31

    When bad things happen there must come a silver lining because, without one, there is no moving forward, however, for Iris, it's not all so easy. On the night she got her eviction notice she meets a guy who will become a permanent part of her life moving forward, as well as an unplanned pregnancy. [Single dad, pregnan...

  • Serenity [Book 2]
    273K 5K 36

    A reverse button has been pressed - at what place are we now paused at in Francesca and Ethan's journey? Four months have passed, what happened since that evening in January? Did she get the help she so desperately needed? Did he keep up his end of the bargain? Only time will tell. Mature content throughout: PTSD...

  • Trepidation [Book 1]
    844K 15.3K 44

    Two people - broken in their own way - collide. Francesca's life was completely normal up to a couple months ago. Ethan's never known normality. Two people. Carrying a massive weight of secrets. Only time will take for their barriers to break and their walls to fall. Mature content throughout: PTSD, Language, sexual t...

    Completed   Mature