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  • SCP Insurgency
    493 45 6

    [Offical release in February 20, 2023] {The third and final book in the SCP Trilogy} Dimension Echo-11, the end of time and space for the SCP universe, and now the new home of Dr. Rocky Hagino and his family of SCPs. All other dimensions have either been merged into this one or destroyed. Can they save the last dimens...

  • Deadpool Vs. Mortal Kombat
    37 4 1

    The Merc with a mouth is back! This time, he has been dragged into a civil war, in Outworld, that threatens Earth-616. It is time for MORTAL KOMBAT!!! *More chapters are to be released Mid to Late 2023.*

  • Isekai #1 The Dragon Warrior.
    2.8K 186 36

    [Completed] Isekaied, by unknown means, Ryoto finds himself dropped into an adventure that threatens not only a kingdom but an entire world. Will he find his way home, or find a new purpose as a hero? This is just one of a planned run of "Isekai" titles soon to grace my profile. In order, these will be the three-book...

    Completed   Mature
  • SCP Copycat
    4.4K 240 16

    [The second book in my SCP Trilogy!] {COMPLETE} SCP-SR50 Resident of Dimension Delta-42 Subject file classified under level 3 clearance. Object class, Euclid. SCP-SR50 (Sophia Rose Hagino) is a normal caucasian female, age 15, 5' 3", with a slim figure, dark hair, and blue eyes. SCP-SR50 is the first normal child bo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deadpool VS. The SCP Universe
    23.6K 765 26

    *Completed* AT LONG LAST! Deadpool, the Rated R Superstar, has crossed over into the SCP Universe! Will the merc with a mouth find his way back home, or will the SCPs swallow him whole? Adult, offensive, gory content! You have been warned! Use of multiple SCP & MUC characters. This IS a fanfiction, I own nothing!

    Completed   Mature
  • Beyond Pokemon
    10.6K 530 72

    In the world of Pokemon, there are some adult situations the cartoon failed to touch on. Many fail to realize the severity of a Pokemon's attack, others did not touch on the relationships deeper than just trainer and servant. Many remain friends, others see their Pokemon as their children, coworkers, siblings, or jus...

  • SCP {The SCP That United Them All}
    149K 4K 55

    [The first book in my SCP Trilogy!] {COMPLETED} SCP-GU411 Subject file classified under level 5 clearance Object class, Euclid (under review) SCP-GU411 is a normal caucasian male, age 32, 5' 10", with a fairly average muscular build. Originally an officer of the SCP foundation. All records and actual term of service...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Criminal In Another World
    163 16 7

    [This is a one-shot original work of fantasy] {COMPLETED} Tired of the same old "other world" anime? This is my play on the subject, turning it on its freaking head. Our main character is an inmate on death row, convicted as a serial killer. What is her real story? Has our main character learned the error of her ways...

    Completed   Mature
  • Transported, from my shower, To Another World!
    232 13 6

    {Discontinued} Because I have other projects to take up my time. This is an original fantasy/ comedy (as always, based loosely on anime), NOT a XXX book. If you enjoy anime protagonists put in uncomfortable situations, you might enjoy this. This is in honor of all my female readers! ;-) Stay beautiful, ladies, and th...

  • DDLC & Monsters
    1.4K 27 21

    [COMPLETED] It is not a game, anymore. This is NOT a one-shot Fan-Fiction! When a monster lays dormant, it is usually for a reason. Join the Doki girls and Zero [with permission from the YouTuber, AfroZer0] as our story takes them on the wildest ride a highschool has to offer. Because in this highschool, monsters are...

  • The Little Spy Elephant
    21 2 1

    You may ask yourself, "How does Santa know I have been naughty or nice?" Everyone asks this at least once. Have you ever seen a small shadow moving, in the far corner of your vision? Have you heard odd noises that you can not locate a source? Do not be afraid, it is only the little spy elephant. I have met the little...

  • Death Wish
    135 20 7

    [COMPLETED] Welcome to an original work, birthed from my twisted mind, and based lightly on Dungeons and Dragons. Richard is a man ready to throw his life away, but does Fate have other plans for him? His thoughts take him on an adventure, all be it comical. RATED R/ Reader discretion is strongly advised, as this...

    Completed   Mature
    872 115 27

    [Completed] When the island nation of Egnor is attacked, the youngest Princess, Juliana Levante Fremur, is sent to hide from the threat. She soon finds herself lost, nearing a dungeon where seven people are locked in magical cages. But, is setting them free the best idea, or will it be the start of a new adventure? Th...

  • The Dragon King, Book 3
    669 16 16

    GLITCH WARNING: parts of this book are not showing as published on the moble app, I will see how this may be resolved, asap. If you love anime, you are going to enjoy this. When last we left Ronin, we attended the wedding between him and Indrim. News had come of a threat, a growing presence of necromancers, to the mid...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dragon King, Book 2
    883 25 23

    If you love anime, you are going to enjoy this. Our story continues as our hero, Ronin Hitama, seeks the holy grails of his new world. And just like Indiana Jones, he is bound to hit a few plot holes along the way. Join the group as they fight, claw, and fly their way through the world, meeting new and strange people...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dragon King, Book 1
    3.2K 64 21

    If you like anime, give this a try. You will soon be able to read Books 1-3 on this thread. In a land of magic, mysterious monsters, kings, and bandits a Hero has been called upon to undertake a great task. But can he keep a few secrets in the process? The adventure, fantasy, comedy of my collection. J...

    Completed   Mature
  • Get to know Nasukra Tsuki
    221 29 11

    ORIGINALLY!!! I got Zee Tagged by @Sonicwave_Prime, so now I am going to tell you 13 things about me. After which, I will tag 15 followers to do the same. (At least it isn't the ice bucket challenge...) Now, I will update this, with new things. All sneak peeks of cover art for future releases can be found here!!!

  • Poetry. By Nasukra Tsuki
    114 17 9

    inspirational poems/ self help works. If you have an idea for a story, write it. Even if you never benefit financially, your story will forever have been told. Any use of these works without the written and signed consent of Nasukra Tsuki is prohibited.