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  • Under The Same Roof (LeviHan Fanfic)
    163K 6.7K 38

    The last thing that Hanji Zoe wants in her life is a man. What would she still find for if she is already contentedly living alone, with no relationship to think of. She has a job that pays good and friends that she bonds with. But when a broke and homeless man offered to keep her apartment in exchange for temporary h...

  • Mute (Levi Ackerman x Reader)
    572K 19.2K 70

    (F/n) (L/n) had only known silence. She's been mute her entire life... never spoke a word, never talked to anyone. Even if she could there was no way she could talk. She was speechless, lost for words some may say. A girl kept in the safety of her home learns and witnesses the world for what it actually is. "We...

  • 365 days ~ Levi X Reader fanfic [ Heavy editing]
    1.2M 49.5K 42

    He loved you,proposed to you and did whatever a loving husband could do for the past four years of your marriage. His name is Levi Ackerman and you loved him with all of your heart. But when fate decided to be cruel,Levi had an affair and wanted a divorce.Even when you were melancholic and rejected,you still obliged w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates//Levi x Reader [COMPLETED]
    1.8M 64.1K 55

    COMPLETED: 9/4/17 #1 levi x reader tag --- YN LN lives in Japan. Like any other teenage girl she goes to school. Except her school is a little different... The top 3. The top 3 boys are the main talk of the school. Every girl wants to date them and every boy wants to be them. There's the third boy, Armin Arlert. The...

  • Long Time, No See - Levi x Reader (Modern!AU)
    1M 4.8K 69

    // LONG TIME, NO SEE: Levi x Reader, Modern!AU // We met in the orphanage. You looked so unapproachable, so rude. But, as all stories go, it wasn't as it seemed. We became quick friends. Best friends, even, though you wouldn't ever admit it. But we both knew it. And even though you always looked angry and you hardly...

  • Arranged Love (Aot Levi x Reader)
    496K 12.7K 30

    [Modern AU] An arranged marriage, joy. just as you were adjusting into your new town, and your parents chasing their dreams of owning a buisness you were told you would be meeting a man. completley normal.right? Only this man is the only man that stands between your parents happiness and your pain. And you don't even...

  • It All Started Like This... (Eren X Mikasa)
    195K 4K 36

    Titans have gone extinct creating peace for humanity. Later on, Mikasa and Eren were born and lived normal lives. They had never met and they never became friends... Until that fateful night. The gorgeous and alluring girl he met, the one he had developed a crush on, was transferring to his high school and was in his...

  • captain | levi x reader
    4.7M 157K 71

    ❝Even if we're apart, I will always be with you.❞ // Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Attack on Titan Fanfiction reading list // [[ONGOING]] lowercase intended for title (a levi x reader romance)

  • Risk [Levi Ackerman]✔️
    440K 12.8K 80

    SEQUEL IS OUT Fourteen years ago, before the fall of Wall Maria, Levi Ackerman joined the Survey Corps. Possessing the strength equal to a single brigade he quickly became known as Humanity's Strongest. And he only had one goal; to hunt every Titan to extinction. He was good at it but even better at placing a good amo...

    Completed   Mature