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  • For Whom The Bell Tolls || CLIFF BURTON ||
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    Blaire Hawke meets Cliff Burton at a liquor store in San Francisco, and he invites her to watch his band play their songs. After a bit of talking, they start dating and she meets the rest of the band. Blaire goes on tour with them in 1986, which is when Cliff tragically passes away. She starts going crazy, wishing it...

  • dc
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    waynefamilyaventures webtoon? dcamu? young justice? comics? a Frankensteined version of them? WHO FUCKING KNOWS (I certainly don't) most of, if not all of these will have Nightwing (he's my favourite character okay) also I'm going to add to the tags as it goes along BC I don't know where I'm going with this Trigger wa...

  • Trapped In My Own Mind
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    "you're bleeding on my carpet." she deadpans. I shift uncomfortably, gritting my teeth as I huff in pain. "would you mind lending me a hand?" I ask, breathing out harshly as my wounds throb. "you're bleeding on my carpet." She repeats, emphasising her words. ______________ Book cover is not my own, I got it off Pinter...

  • Moving Fast - WinterSpider AU
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    this is set in 2023 Peter wasn't dusted, so he's 21 Natasha is alive Steve didn't leave Tony is alive Also this moves fast. Trigger warnings (sorry, I haven't been putting these on my stories. I'm trying to do this beforehand Mentions of suicide Self harm Trauma PTSD Murder Torture Mentions of sexual assault and r@pe

  • The lost soul
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    Bucky escaped hydra about a year ago, and he still can't get the images out of his head. He's left screaming in bed alone, until he meets someone. Someone different.

  • objects
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    ꒰﹒⊹ ̟ ˚ ︶꒷ ✦ ꒷︶ ˚ ̟ ⊹﹒꒱ ͏͏͏ Enjoy this story :) (First story HAHBABHABH)

  • It was always you
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    This is a Stucky book. If you want to skip this one, that's okay. I'm just so mad about the end of endgame lol ik it's been years but still. Also you definitely have to watch the whole captain America trilogy for this to make sense, plus I'm leaving out some parts of the story as they'll happen exactly as the movies s...