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  • His Color (You talk, I listen)
    551K 19.5K 61

    She saw colors, He saw darkness. One day her colors disappeared, And his returned.

  • His yellow obsession (You do, I don't)
    782K 20.7K 43

    Pablo Romero, Bella Lyon. One I do, One I don't. One obesession, And one arranged marriage.

    Completed   Mature
  • His doll (You play, I play)
    1.7M 40.2K 54

    He's back, Two years after disappearing he came back again. Dangerously empty and stronger. He's taken his role as the mafia leader, and he's ready to make everyone see it and feel it. By his side is his remaining family, Pablo and Luca. What's going to happen when they all have one thing in their way though? They...

    Completed   Mature
  • His purpose (you die, I die)
    4.1M 107K 67

    UNDER EDITING Her life is dedicated to saving lives His life is dedicated to taking lives She believes everyone deserves a second chance, He believes that only idiots give more than one chance. She believes life has a purpose, He doesnt believe in purpose. "You're crazy" I answered "You don't know half of it, ánge...

    Completed   Mature