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  • My broken mate (On hold)
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    Lucas a soon to be alpha longs for his mate and future Luna . After years of waiting he finally finds her but she isn't what he imagined She was human ! A broken one at that. Will he put aside his hate for humans? Or reject the gift of the moon goddess?! __________________ When an abused girl meet a pre-dominant alp...

  • How to become a successful wattpader
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    As a newly employed motivational speaker, I advice that you check out this book and do the needful.🙂

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    How would you feel if your 3 MONTHS OLD baby yells at you? I mean, said the damn fucking words out, right to your face ? Broken? Shocked?; surprised? Hurt ? Jeanie wasn't sure how she felt either. After her marriage with Nelson, Jeanie Nancy finally had a baby boy. It was a painful moment since her husband died on the...

  • A Mermaid's Fake Love (Editing)
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    Is it possible to fall Heads over heels In love with two powerful women of at the same time? That too equally? James felt he was running mad or maybe suffering from emotional disorder since he couldn't fathom what he actually felt. One Part of him desires Merlin and the other looks out for Suzanne. He felt the same w...