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  • The Science Of Sunlight (A Sciset Fanfic)
    13.8K 400 12

    Wonderful cover by my friend @SparklyMagix! (Who is deactivated now) Artwork itself is by @sunsetslight on tumblr [Update schedule: Whenever I can make the time for it Last update: October 30, 2022] Ever since they met, Sunset has had a crush on Twilight. Twilight has a boyfriend, Timber Spruce. When an unfortunate ac...

  • Game Over
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    After dying at the hands of the DJD in a mining facility on a distant planet, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Chromedome, Whirl, and Swerve find that the Lost Light's quest had all been a dream... or, more specifically, that they had been playing a total immersion video game and that their time was up. Now, the five mechs must...

    Completed   Mature