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  • My Girl | Pietro Maximoff x Reader
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    Y/n Jones is just a random girl who accidentally joined the Avenger's gaming waiting room.

  • Race To My Heart 鈽烇笌 A Pietro Maximoff Fan Fic
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    "饾懌饾拪饾拝饾拸'饾挄 饾挃饾拞饾拞 饾挄饾拤饾拏饾挄 饾拕饾拹饾拵饾拪饾拸饾拡?" "饾懓'饾拲饾拲 饾拏饾拲饾挊饾拏饾挌饾挃 饾挃饾拞饾拞 饾挌饾拹饾挅 饾拕饾拹饾拵饾拪饾拸饾拡." ______________________________ 饾檵饾櫈饾櫄饾櫓饾櫑饾櫎 饾檲饾櫀饾櫘 饾樈饾櫄 饾檨饾櫀饾櫒饾櫓, 饾樈饾櫔饾櫓 饾樉饾櫀饾櫒饾櫄饾櫘'饾櫒 饾檲饾櫈饾櫍饾櫃 饾樉饾櫀饾櫍 饾樇饾櫋饾櫖饾櫀饾櫘饾櫒 饾檰饾櫄饾櫄饾櫏 饾檺饾櫏. ______________________________ Casey O' Conner is the figurative brain child of Tony Stark an...

  • Ice Pietro Maximoff / quicksilver
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    "You didn't see that coming?" Pietro smiled and kissed my lips "I'm ice cold Pietro, I would've never expected this." I blushed "You were never cold." "Pietro, I was ice cold, until you melted my heart, taking the coldness with it." He smiled and kissed my lips again. #17 out of 12k+ in Avengers, August 22, 2018 #1 ou...

  • The Assistant | Pietro Maximoff x Reader
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    Y/n L/n is just a normal girl. At least, that's what she tells the Avengers when she starts to work for Tony Stark as his assistant. Reached Number 1 in: #marvel #pietromaximoff #pietroxreader #pietromaximoffxreader #steverogers #vision Reached Number 3 in: #fanfiction

  • Age of Glory | Pietro Maximoff
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    AGE OF GLORY Book One 路 ~ 路 ~ 路 ~ 路 ~ 路 "Pietro," Wanda whispers to him in Sokovian, "Pietro, come back. Dear brother, I need you." His vitals come back on, only a moment passes before he flat lines again, but there's still brain activity. "Tony, more!" "I'm trying! Dr. Banner is way more suited to this than I am." To...

  • Bad Blood {*Pietro Maximoff*}
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    [Post Avengers: Age of Ultron - AU] For the last seven years, Aurora Taylor has only known loyalty to Hydra. She, among others, is part of their latest batch of successful experiments. They all share a mutual hatred for anyone who dares to get in their way of success. When the Avengers come knocking on the base's door...

  • How fast is love? (Pietro Maximoff X reader)
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    This is my first Quicksilver x reader so enjoy and I it's gonna happen after Pietro's death since I've only watched AOU 7 times

  • Light (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
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    Y/N is Tony Stark's Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always...

  • Perfect For Me (Pietro Maximoff X Reader)
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    "You are perfect for me and we'll just met about three months ago. Fate, no?" "Yeah maybe." Y/n Stark was kidnapped by HYDRA when she was four years old. After being moved around from base to base, she was permanatly placed in the Sokovia base. There she meets a handsome guy and his twin sister. What will happen whe...

  • Pietro Maximoff one shots and preferences
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    (DISCONTINUED) A collection of shitty oneshots/preferences

    Completed   Mature
  • Run To You | Pietro Maximoff [1] 鉁
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    蕗岽溕 岽涐磸 蕪岽忈礈 | "I never really enjoyed running, so forgive me if I role my eyes at your speed because Maximoff, you're not that impressive." LOST SOULS SERIES | BOOK 1 [MARVEL CINAMETIC UNIVERSE | AGE OF ULTRON] Plot by tinkertaydust Beautiful cover by @yuerise

  • Get Back Up 禄 Quicksilver
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    BOOK TWO OF THE GOLDSTREAK TRILOGY I smiled, shaking my head and finishing off the few pancakes I had left, plating them before turning the stove off and turning my full attention to the captain. "Terra and Spider-Man are super heroes, Cap. It doesn't really matter what 'level' crime they fight - the public loves a go...

  • Stand As Heroes 禄 Quicksilver
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    BOOK THREE OF THE GOLDSTREAK TRILOGY I knew more of our teammates would be there. I wasn't sure if I was ready to face them. Of course they knew what happened, it would be hard not to; neither Bruce nor Tony would keep that kind of thing from the team, especially not if they were worried about me. But I couldn't help...