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  • Akame Ga Kill! x Male Reader
    688K 13.1K 41

    The Empire was getting from bad to worst, and the Revolutionary Army is rising to fight for the freedom of it's people. One day, a child was born. That child, was destined for great, but his life changed when the Empire soldiers arrived on his village. This child, this boy will suffer, will love, and will fight on his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Akame ga Creed! ✅
    83.9K 1.1K 32

    {COMPLETED} [Warning: Intense Violence and coarse language. I recommend watching Akame ga Kill if you haven't seen it yet, its a good show.] The Hooded Assassin returns to the Empire. To bring back the people he loves, and to avenge someone who was dearest in his heart. His blade will not touch innocent flesh but will...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Never Die's (Akame x Tatsumi fanfiction)
    29.3K 313 31

    Tatsumi has been waiting for the day he could join the empire's army along side his friend's but that just might change when he meet's someone from his bloodline that changed him to the side of good.

  • The Elemental Prince (Akame Ga Kill x OP Male Reader)
    105K 1.6K 20

    Rankings #1 Akame- April 16 2020 #9 Akamegakill #239 Male Reader (Y/n) (L/n) is a prince from another country he is an only child of his countries emperor,Though he is an only child and is also a prince you would expect him to be a spoiled brat,But no,(Y/n) usually spends his time reading books or training himself,As...

  • Ninjas Revived
    8.9K 203 15

    Madara and Obito both died by the end of the 4th great ninja war. Yet they both are alive in this new world their in. A world where ninjas don't exist, in their place assassins exist. They both are caught in the crosshairs of an empire and a group of skilled killers with superhuman weapons. Madara and Obito strive to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Devastation and Redemption (OP Male Reader x Crossover Harem)
    162K 2.4K 35

    [Not Neglected or Abused or Bullied or any of that bullshit] What happens when multiple worlds collide into a single union. What happens when a boy who loses everything gets power beyond that of what the world has seen? Will he become a savior or a destroyer?

  • You're all mine (Yandere!Akame x Tatsumi)
    89.7K 1.1K 30

    What happen's when the most feared woman of night raid become's obsessed with someone? absalute hell for her rival's.

  • The Dragon Spirit (Tatsumi x Akame)
    39.7K 507 40

    After Tatsumi barely survived his fight with the emperor's Teigu known as Shikoutazer he began the merging of Incursio to keep the promess he made, Tatsumi and Akame traveled to Akame's old village where Tatsumi met Akame's parents of whom he isn't a fan of, Bandit's Danger beast and War criminal's aren't enough to pr...

  • Kiss me forever (Akame x Tatsumi Fanfic)
    16.8K 230 31

    Tatsumi and Akame had been married for a while and had lived a happy life but someone doesn't want that to continue who could it be? This is a sequal to my previous story titled "Love never die's" hope y'all enjoy this story.

  • I'm no Hero [Yandere!Harem x O.P!Ronin!Tatsumi]
    148K 2.5K 141

    Tatsumi has lost everything. His parents his village his friend's and much much more. after joining a clan of samurai he is eventually disgraced and take's the path of an assassin. He first tries go distance himself emotionally from his new allie's but with a heart of gold like his it was impossible. Story requested b...

  • Disposable Hero [Succubus!Akame x Tatsumi]
    15.3K 267 32

    After over a year of trying to be a hero Tatsumi give's up and resume's his life as a civilian, but being a "Normal Highschooler" goes out the window once more when a certant demoness come's to him late one night. [I don't own Akame ga Kill!] [I don't own any art]

  • the Empress' Dragon [Empress!Akame x Hybrid Tatsumi]
    34.8K 687 40

    Akame was a beloved Empress who ruled her kingdom alone, intern she became lonely so she sent her men out to find a sutible husband which lead them to the Hybrid young man named Tatsumi. How will he adapt to his new life? [i don't own Akame ga Kill!] [i don't own any art]

  • Akame ga Kill! - Devilborn [Mine x Tatsumi x Akame]
    73.2K 810 58

    As the only child of the legendary devil hunter Dante, Tatsumi was taught how to slay the demon's that Dante had slan so long ago. Once Tatsumi and his closest friend's left for the capital they learned of the corruption and the minister's plan's so as a devil, Tatsumi used his demonic power's to kill the minister and...

  • My Precious Vampiress (Vampire!Akame x Tatsumi fanfiction)
    26.9K 430 30

    Tatsumi was an normal teenage guy in school at least until he was woken up late at night to a sharp pain in his neck. Love can't begin with a bite. Can it? [I don't own Akame ga kill]

  • Tatsumi ga Kill (Tatsumi x Harem)
    131K 1.4K 31

    Life had really sucked for Tatsumi but that may change when he come's to the empire

  • [Prototype] ga Kill (Akame ga Kill x male prototype reader)
    77.7K 763 12

    A ancient virus has infected (Y/N) (L/N) when he was a child. It was the Inperial Arms Blacklight. He couldn't control his powers and killed his mother. His father immediately hired a trainer for him. That was 12 years ago. Now he was alone as his father has died from an illness. It was him against the world. Who will...

    Completed   Mature
  • Akame ga Love
    41.8K 409 6

    Tatsumi x Akame FanFiction This story is not for kids! Tatsumi finally admits his feelings for Akame. And it leads to something deeper Tell me what you think about the story. But no rude comments please. And also don't forget to vote and share. More to parts to come! Thanks Note: I do not own Akame ga Kill or its cha...