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  • Children of the Water (Yandere M. x F. Reader)
    541K 28.2K 95

    It is told that a monster lives in the abandoned ruins by the village of Watergrove. Children are warned not to look into the eyes of the monster, or they will be taken and will never return. Adults have even been rumored to have been killed by this very monster. At the age of six, (f/n) catches sight of the monster...

  • Youth
    935K 46.3K 92

    Twenty young women awaken in an unfamiliar environment with a new life objective: raising the six newborn vampire babies that are placed with them. [Y/n] is one of those twenty. She is put in charge of six young boys - Laion, Kori, Draka, Aytsa, Seishin and Mitzu. The young vampires age the equivalent of a year a d...

  • The Black Unicorn
    202K 10.5K 77

    You are just a poor peasant girl living in the countryside of your kingdom, Making what little money you can by selling Tonic's at the market to help feed your family. The Kingdom is invaded and taken over by a feared and powerful Warlock. You are forced to become a servant at the castle to keep your family safe and f...

  • Cursed || Yandere Reverse Harem X Reader
    178K 9.2K 21

    Cover by : NEVERMORE (In Quotev) You're a powerful Dragon cursed to turn into a human every night and that caused you to go into hiding. However suddenly a knight came to your cave claiming you return a princess you don't even know or have. He, with other men may have or may not have developed feelings to you at the...

  • Nightingale
    300K 14.2K 41

    [Yandere! Fathers x Mother! Reader] (Y/N) (L/N) is a songstress. Caught between the war of two powerful nations, her husband dies in battle as the emperor seizes power throughout the peninsula. Now widowed, she is a mother of a young baby girl who is now, unfortunately, fatherless. Planning to perform at a banquet hel...

    286K 11.9K 31

    ↳ ❝ [ 俺のものだ ] ❞ ━ yandere popular boy x fem! reader ┕ 𝐈𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡, Cage Winters, the one guy every girl wants to date and every boy wants to be, pays a little too much attention to the unnoticeable girl... almost to the point of 𝙤𝙗𝙨𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 𝐖𝐀𝐑�...

    Completed   Mature
  • Circus Freak
    88.6K 4.7K 38

    Y/N and her parents move to a new town. Her being the new girl she is outcasted and starts out with no friends. Even though she quickly hears about the taboo circus just outside of the town limits. Despite all the warnings she visits it anyway one evening. Meeting new people unlike anything she has ever seen before

  • Love is Evil
    194K 9.9K 36

    A villain takes with the desire of outsmarting the enemy by any means possible. Saros is no different. He fights the hero, commits evil deeds, and strikes fear into the hearts of all the citizens of Wallowdale, but what he thought to be his nemesis' weakness turned out to be his own. {Male Super Villain x Female Reade...

  • Captured
    194K 9.2K 20

    The ocean is full of mysterious creatures and things. Mermaids and mermen are among these wonders, but they are nothing but myths, or so one would think. The world is certainly full of wonderful surprises. One fateful day, Y/N's father finds himself drowning in the deep blue. He thought he'd die, but was thankfully re...

  • The Devil's Speakeasy
    138K 7.8K 31

    There's a place where all sorts of demons and humans go called The Devil's Speakeasy, a bar where the humans have no idea that they are among monsters. When Y/N becomes a waitress there, she feels so strange, like something was off about the place, but all wonders of that seem to push out of her mind upon becoming clo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stargazer
    62.1K 3.7K 16

    A night of stargazing proves to be a lot more interesting when something, or someone, crashes to Earth. Now, Y/N is left to take care of this extraterrestrial being and show him what it's like being a part of this crazy planet she calls home. {Alien Male x Female Reader}

  • Who Owns Her [ Yandere! Ashes X Fork ]
    1.8M 78.8K 104

    You don't even own a gun, but you still manage to shoot several men in their hearts? What in the world should you do now? It's now your entire responsibility to take care of them. Or else when left unattended, the bullet goes deep and becomes unremoveable. And well, THAT could end up badly, (Y/N). {{{ arc one - compl...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sweep (Tsundere Male x Reader)
    105K 4.2K 26

    Every 10 years, an island of Romoura is swept of all of its girls to compete in a variety of 'games' to win the hearts of five powerful men of the islands. The losers will not survive and the winners will be chosen as a bride. {Y/N} is forced to find herself during these trials and tries to save all the girls so they...

  • There's a STALKER in my attic! [Yandere! Boy X Reader]
    163K 5.7K 38

    [PART TWO OUT NOW!] [F/N] [L/N], a normal city girl living in Japan. It's your last year of High School and you've recently transferred schools in hopes of a fresh start, but unexpectedly, it all had went south as soon as you stepped foot into his territory... [Read your story and find out what thrilling events occur...

  • Sickness [A Yandere Report]
    291K 15.6K 23

    [Yandere!Mutant x F!Reader] He forgot how to be human. His only hope on this apocaliptic word is to end his life. But they won't let him. They need to keep him alive to create a new hope no matter how much it hurts him. Until she arrived. Artwork by: mati.

  • One Desire (Yandere Twins x Fem Reader)
    1.2M 38K 45

    Your life changed the day you were requested to have an audience with the two reclusive princes of your kingdom. They want you...for many reasons. They're deceptive, intelligent, and willing to do anything to keep you with them. No one is off limits Best rank: #1 in Yandere!

  • House of Horrors (Yandere Smart House X Reader)
    289K 8.2K 27

    (Y/n) is tired of living with her parents. She is 21 years old and wants to move out. Saving up money from the job she works at, she starts her search for a place to stay. However, (y/n) didn't think that the house she got would come alive and want to keep her. Now she wished she stayed with her parents after all.

  • Business Proposal (Yandere Male Bully x Female Reader Insert)
    995K 32.2K 40

    Shota Nishida doesn't ask for what he wants, he takes it by whatever means necessary and what he wants more then anything else, is you. WARNING Mature Content **I do not own the images used - sourced from Pinterest/Google*** All Characters & Plot belong to me, please do not copy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Without Remorse (Male!Yandere! X Reader!)
    1.2M 48.1K 37

    F/n lived in a small village in the military empire of Roan. Since her village couldn't pay taxes, the men were murdered and children and women were sold into the slave trade. F/n and several others were bought out by the Emperor himself. Having caught his attention, F/n uses it to her advantage so she can find a way...

  • Demon x reader
    471K 19K 56

    One of your dreams takes a step into your reality and you meet a creature which surely... shouldn't exist.

  • Trapped (X F Reader)
    302K 15.2K 59

    Not all rumors are true.. Sometimes bad things happen to good people

  • Another life (Obsessive bf x reader 3!!!)
    105K 4.8K 22

    He said he would find you in another life. You were soulmates after all, but will an innocent love without death really go as planned? *3rd book in the obsessive boyfriend series*

  • Twisted love (Obsessive boyfriend x reader 2!!)
    910K 28.9K 51

    He was obsessed with you til the point he almost killed you.. Sequel to "anything for you (obsessive bf x reader)"

  • Anything for you (Obsessive bf x F reader)
    2.4M 67.9K 51

    He's obsessed with you, that's what you want right? ⚠️ All these characters are mine and therefore not a fan fiction! These are my original work and copy right will not be tolerated ⚠️ Buy the story in my bio!

    Completed   Mature
  • Fantasy Forest (Yandere boys x reader)
    748K 34.5K 33

    A yandere story featuring a merman, a werewolf, and an elf. Every year a human is chosen from a local village to deliver messages to the forest king. The forest is full of monsters and mysteries and not all humans who enter return. This year you were chosen.

  • Fantasy Forest 2 (Yandere boys x reader)
    339K 17.4K 34

    Its been one year since you agreed to Seally's proposition that fateful day in the woods. Life has been good but what will happen when you are asked to go back into the forest alone. Book includes new character (new yanderes) as well as the old characters. I hope you all enjoy and if you haven't read the first book th...

  • Fantasy Forest 3: Ressurection
    88.9K 4.9K 20

    200 years later, the forest has regrown and a city has been built up around it but people still hold onto their old fear of the forest and the monsters living in it. At sixteen years old you have never been afraid and when given the chance to enter the forest you jump at the oppurtunity, completely unaware of the cons...

  • NIGHTMARES are DREAMS too(Yandere male x reader)
    76.6K 3K 16

    (Y/N), a girl who enjoys her dream land but it turns into something horrible called nightmares. A certain boy constantly appears in every nightmare. Why is that? What happens when (Y/N) sees a shooting star and wishes for her dreams to come true? Will her nightmare come to life? Or will it not? After all..... Nightmar...

  • Shattered Inside (Yandere!Cheater x Reader)
    152K 5.4K 53

    On the outside, the famed Arcanum family seemed perfect and lovely; so much, that one could hardly believe they were real, in fact. But as of late - with her husband staying out all night - (Y/n) Arcanum is left to care for their beloved son all alone. Helpless and hopeless with nowhere to turn, her life suddenly cha...

  • For Your Attention. (Yandere x reader)
    306K 9.2K 40

    You know the worn out story of boy bullys a girl but he actually just has feelings for her, right? Well Brandon takes that to a whole new level when (Y/n), his crush since he was just a kid, refuses to acknowledge him. He believes she has secret feelings for him, though once he discovers the truth, he develops a plan...