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  • Blue Archive: The Truth Untold
    2.6K 113 10

    You find yourself waking up in an unfamiliar setting, completely different from your usual surroundings, all thanks to a peculiar encounter with a girl in your dreams who feels strangely familiar. In the vast academic city of Kivotos, the Vice President of the General Student Council appoints you the task of finding t...

  • Our Stories
    63.4K 1.2K 38

    Sweet and fluffy stories about you and your students. Moving toward the happy ending everyone so rightly deserves. Together. ---------- I own none of the pictures used. Blue Archive belongs to its respective creator. Not connected to my other work. This is just a series of sweet one-shots I've wanted to do while gathe...

  • Blue Archive: The Prisoner of Fate
    6.4K 185 13

    "Everything in life is decided by fate." This was a common belief held by many, but for Aikawa Yuuki, it was quite different. He felt as though he was a slave to fate from the very beginning of his life. Aikawa Yuuki, a normal human, arrived at Kivotos after being sent by his father and recommended by his brother. Dur...