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  • Hybrid⎮Kryptonian/Viltrumite Male Reader X Crossover
    2.4K 89 2

    Is there ever such a thing as too much power? At what level does a man cease to be a man and become a God? How does said man deal with the world's weight on his shoulders? Long ago during the reign of The Infinite Galactic Empire, The 2 Royal Families created one being. The perfect weapon... Y/N...

  • Super Saiyan Multipliers
    263 7 1

    My thoughts on SSJ multipliers

  • Adventures of The Dragon Balls⎮Male Reader x Dragon Ball
    4.2K 66 8

    Y/N is a Saiyan descending from The Super Saiyan God was sent to planet Earth as a young boy where he lived in the wild until he was found by a fellow Saiyan Son Gokai where she offered for him to stay with her. He gladly accepted and lived with her for 4 years until one day a woman named Bulma came looking for Dragon...

  • Saiyan Son of Destruction(Male Ultra Vegito Reader x Dragon Ball Super)
    8.2K 145 9

    Y/N... It was a name that should send fear through the hearts of beings all across the multiverse since he was The Son of Beerus The God of Destruction. But it didn't. You see he was abandoned by Beerus, before he was even born. He was abandoned along with his Mother Myra, who had sent him away in a stasis pod towards...

  • The Perfect Weapon(OP Male Reader x DC/Marvel/Invincible/Dragon Ball)
    8.4K 162 9

    So this is my first Male Reader story, so don't judge, tho I don't mind any criticism towards it. SUMMARY: Is there ever such a thing as too much power? At what level does a man cease to be a man and become a God? How does said man deal with the world's weight on his shoulders? Long ago during the reign of The Inf...

  • The Cursed Legacy
    37K 1.5K 40

    Peter Parker... The Son of Thragg... Last Son of Arcane, has lived a life shrouded in secrets and power. Peter's extraordinary heritage grants him unparalleled strength and abilities, but also burdens him with a destiny he struggles to accept. When tragedy strikes and Peter loses his beloved daughter Leah, his world s...

  • Darkness of Twin Suns
    10.2K 263 8

    Anakin Skywalker was abandoned by The Jedi on Tatooine. Eventually he was found by Darth Plagueis. He was trained to use The Dark Side of The Force and to fulfill his destiny as The Chosen One. He was made into the perfect Sith Lord, and became the most powerful being in The Galaxy being able to destroy planets. His...

  • The Comfort of Family Warmth
    4.5K 123 7

    Luke Skywalker's day began with death, terror, and sand people. Attacked and orphaned, he was taken by the Tusken Raiders to be raised as a slave. Emperor Anakin Skywalker, or Emperor Vader was meditating when he felt an unexplainable Force Bond snap into place, the other side filled with fear and rage. When he trace...

  • Anakin Skywalker: The Chosen One
    44.6K 1.1K 44

    Qui-Gon Jinn survives The Battle on Naboo, and trains The Chosen One of Anakin Skywalker, The Sith Grand Plan unfolds in a new direction. Where there is death, there will always be death, and the will of The Force cannot be denied. But the only question is: How will this play out? How much will change now that Qui-G...

  • The Spider Project
    27.8K 737 13

    Peter Benjamin Parker has been living in his own personal Hell for his whole life. He was born in a prison cell and experimented on by his own father like a lab rat until he was 3. After that, HYDRA gave him to The Red Room, to make the perfect Assassin, a better spy than even The Black Widow. At age 16 though, somet...

  • The True Superior Spider-Man
    298K 5K 35

    After the events of The Superior Spider-Man, Peter was betrayed by almost all of his allies. He was belittled by everyone he knew and loved except for a select few. So he decided to quit being Spider-Man and focused on running his company but when chaos ensues in New York, people die and The Avengers, X-Men and Fanta...

  • Just A Bunch of Shit Where I Write/Rant About Stuff
    589 17 2

    I rant about whatever I want here

  • "Spider-Man: Blood and Vengeance" DISCONTINUED
    7.6K 118 6

    What happens if Peter was sent to prison for Mysterio's crimes? Will he still be the same hero as he's always been or will he become something stronger something far more sinister? *This is my first story so there might be some errors*