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  • Moon Born
    3.3M 107K 43

    Elanor belongs to the Moon Mist pack and is happy going to school, anxiously waiting for her 18th birthday when she'll be able to finally turn into her wolf. A being that she has been able to feel deep inside her soul since a small child. She's also anxious to be mated with her boyfriend, Alex, the future Alpha of the...

  • INTERTWINE (Sex With A Beast Series #3)
    1.3M 39.1K 31

    Many had come to help. Some had gone to take to the trees and town in search of her. I, powerless and in pain, stayed on the stoop of my steps, my mind left to wander. I could hear little footsteps before a warm present sat next to me. "Why would they take her?" I looked away from Jess. I had no real answers to give...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha's Dirty Little Secret (ADLS Series #1)✔
    30.1M 454K 63

    FOR MATURE AUDIENCE. 18+ ***PUBLISHED MAY 26TH ON AMAZON FOR PAPERBACK AND E-BOOK**** ********* "Damn, you're sexy." The intense silence was broken by a deep virile voice. I inhaled a breath as I listened to the light breathing of another. Strangely, I was not freighted but more curious then any. "Spread your legs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Queen of Kings
    2.3M 86.4K 36

    Blood. Blood everywhere. It was all I could see as bodies laid everywhere. The stench of rotten flesh and blood filtered through my nose, making me cringe. It wasn't just werewolves, but many other beings. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that this was all because of me. Because of who I am. Why did it h...

  • UNDRESSED BY THE KING (Fantasy-Royalty Romance +18)
    4.3M 149K 70

    "It is a waste of hardness if I'm not going to push it inside you," the King said. Using his deft hands, he traced my waist, found the zipper of my jeans and unzipped it. I was delirious after that. ~ 0 ~ They say mirrors are the door to another realm. For Nicollete, after bringing home an antique mirror from an expe...

    Completed   Mature
    13.7M 451K 51

    When you live in a world where your financial status determines the outcome for your life, fear is all one knows. Scarlett Madison, a young werewolf, faces life in the sectors because of her family's poverty. With no hope at advancing into a high-status pack, Scarlett makes one mistake that takes her down an unc...

  • My Hunted Luna (sequel to My Broken Luna)
    97.2K 4.1K 7

    ➳sequel to My Broken Luna "Alpha and Luna, we're in this together." he says, wrapping his arms around my battered body and pulling me close. "No matter what happens, I'm here." ******************** Their baby boy is healthy, the pack is running smoothly, and everything is peaceful. Life is just perfect for Charlotte a...

  • Royal Meets Rogue
    1.3M 55.3K 38

    What happens when Royal blood and normal blood collide? With her new witch friend and the Moon Goddess giving her a second chance, what does she do when she finds out her new mate is the King of all werewolves? *Cover by @averysummers*

  • His Heir
    1.3M 26.7K 8

    Meet Ruby Wentworth. She's wild, confident and crazy. Let's not forget that she's the daughter of the town's ex gang member, Jake Melvin. When her parents are kidnapped, Ruby Wentworth has no other choice but to build forces with her dysfunctional family to try and rescue them. After all, it is a matter of life and...

  • Rejecting the Alpha
    28.7M 880K 58

    I glared up at him my eyes narrowed, "Excuse me?" I was beyond livid by the words that just came out of his mouth. My glare didn't falter when Parker towered over me, clenching his jaw while trapping me against his desk. "You heard me." Parker's voice was low and intimidating that it made me feel so small. But I wasn...

  • His Dead Mate
    797K 36.2K 27

    Drunk driving is a big problem in the world. One wrong decision can possibly end someone's life. That's what happened to Kasey Walker. She and her two younger siblings were heading home from a movie when their lives changed forever. Because of one drunk driver, Kasey lost her life and her siblings lost their old siste...

  • The Lycan's Mark
    568K 19.6K 63

    Leanne (Leah) Rose Ashford loves life. She's young, free and has everything she has ever wanted. What could possibly go wrong? When her best friend, Nina, finally gives in and agrees to one night of full on clubbing and partying Leah could barely contain her excitement. That night was going to be a night to remember...

  • Moon Cursed (Book 2 in The Star and Her Moon Series)
    30.4K 3.5K 54

    [COMPLETE] Much has changed for Meribella and Raff since their worlds collided. Meribella has abandoned her search for Kai's skin, content to live on land as long as the cocky, Orion pack Alpha is by her side. And while the curse that plagues his kind still exists, Raff now knows that loving the selkie princess is wo...

    Completed   Mature
  • His to Claim (Published)
    19.4M 683K 72

    Sample Manuscript- 70% Published : Decemeber 11th 2016 Scarlett has faced the rejection of her mate and come out the other side a little less naive and a lot more bitter. The only problem is her ex-mate doesn't want to let her go even though he's moved on with someone else. The only thing she can do is go on the run...

  • The Alphas Baby (undergoing major editing)
    1.1M 25.6K 47

    Penelope Rivera is a nice quiet girl who has respect for everyone and everything but what happens when she finds her mate and new alpha River Vermont who is engaged to Jennifer his lovely high school sweet heart.So river rejects Penelope on her birthday and on Penelope's birthday she ends up pregnant and he rejects...

  • Alpha Kaden | ✔️ (Published)
    22.2M 586K 30

    *BOOK TWO* (Can he read as standalone) **THIS BOOK IS FULLY PUBLISHED NOW ON AMAZON. FIFTEEN CHAPTERS FROM THE END OF THIS BOOK HAVE BEEN REMOVED!! ** ••• Mara always assumed her mate would be a man from her own Pack. A good man. Not a sadistic, sinful Alpha named Kaden. Alpha Kaden. He's a man of riddles and crypti...

  • The Rogue's Fate (Book 1: The Raven Chronicles)
    3.9M 5.3K 4

    A blood-thirsty Alpha. A cursed beast. A slain pack. And the girl who's being hunted to pay for it all. Lucinda Raven's ex-lover, a controlling shifter Alpha, is determined to perform a sacred mating ritual that will bind them together forever. Knowing nothing will keep him from carrying out his ruthless plan, Lucinda...

  • The Alpha
    16.9M 489K 29

    Highest Rank: #1 in Werewolf When eighteen year old Josephine Evans is out in the woods with her pack, they didn't expect to stumble across the biggest, baddest pack terrorizing another pack. Just when they're about to assist the terrorized pack, the alpha of the infamous pack approaches them. Theo Lupine is not know...

  • The Alpha is My Mate
    1.7M 43.8K 29

    Paisley Darkwood has been dreaming about one thing her whole life...finding her mate. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, Paisley is a werewolf. But she's not just any female wolf, she's the daughter of Alarik Darkwood, one of the most powerful Alphas in the world who is very protective of his family and pack. Paisley is ho...

  • Shouldn't Have Rejected Me
    6.9M 190K 37

    You know how in every story, the girl gets rejected and tries to make her Alpha mate all jealous with another dude and in the end her and her Alpha mate end up together all Happily. Ever. And After?. Well of coarse, being the different person I am, I'm the girl who just had to fall for the wrong person. ***** ...

  • The Kings Luna Re-written
    18.8M 353K 28

    Highest rank: #1 in werewolf on 07/14/2016 lycans, soulless monsters born of divine wrath, Zeus created them for destruction. Born half-human, half-wolf, these creatures are cursed to live in torment. But Selena granted them a glimmer of hope in the form of mates. Bianca, exiled from her pack, confronts unspeakable h...

  • Rejected and Left Pregnant
    1.9M 51.8K 42

    Finding your mate is supposed to be the best thing ever for a werewolf. Emilie Moore thought so until she was rejected. After one night at a party, Emilie runs away from home. But she's not running alone. She's running pregnant

  • His Broken Mate
    2.5M 67.5K 40

    ***TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains an actual SERIOUS and ACCURATE picture of mental illness and many other things abusive parents, self harm, etc*** small disclaimer: this book is completely unedited and contains spelling/grammar errors. Highest Ranking: #1 ♡♡♡ "Did you're sister tell you anything about mates?"He...

  • The SnowFang Bride (SAMPLE)
    1.4M 7.1K 5

    Centuries of political games killed most of the female werewolves. Now only a few survive, and the Elders work to change the old ways of thinking. Winter, the only daughter of the SilverPaw Alpha, finally meets the soul Gaia has chosen for her: Sterling, the cold, demanding, and entirely-too-human Alpha of the tiny Sn...

  • The Alpha's Pregnant Mate
    3.9M 81.1K 29

    Skylar Rose Montgomery- 18 years old, sun kissed skin, chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, slim figure and long legs. You might think she's your everyday good-looking teen. How wrong can someone be? She's actually a werewolf! Her father is the beta of the Forest Pine Pack. Zachary Anthony Shaw- 19 years old, well built...

  • Iron Oracle (IronMoon #2, PUBLISHED/SAMPLE)
    3.1M 45K 10

    He was the Moon's Dark Comet, and served Her anger. For the accumulated sins of our kind, he had been unleashed. I was an Oracle, the Balance-Keeper, to see that the Comet did not sway from its intended trajectory. We had always been these things, and we were those things before we were anything else. Complete trust...

  • The Alpha's Oracle (SAMPLE, IronMoon #1)
    15.4M 246K 21

    "Talk of the Town" Watty winner! Gianna is a Seer : blessed with visions and dreams from the Moon Goddess. Alpha Gabel intends to be the first Alpha King in five hundred years, and his ruthless cruelty and ambition are without limit. Gianna and their Bond are his toy, nothing more. Taken against her will, Marked wi...

  • My Alpha King (#Wattys2015)
    2.3M 16.6K 8

    Emeraldine Crystal also known as Emma, is the supposed to be perfect Alpha's daughter. What happens when she meets the sexiest, possesive, hottest and masculine Alpha King, Damon? Oh her mate. Read on Dreame to find full book!

  • Her Cruel Mate
    13M 396K 33

    Annabel Hastings never paid any attention to the topic of mates. So imagine her surprise when the cruel Alpha of the Dark Moons pack, Alpha Thaddeus, turns out to be her other half. The problem? He doesn't want a mate. Highest Rank: #1(2015)