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  • The Shell; MCU³
    448 26 5

    THE SHELL. In which Elena Reyes goes on multiversal adventure OR Elena Reyes with freshly bleached (fried) hair ends up involved in another battle to save the universe.

  • Where You Left Me; M. Lopez (REVAMP)
    13.4K 261 17

    WHERE YOU LEFT ME. ❝Pages turn and stick to each other, wages earned and lessons learned. But I'm right where you left me.❞ - Right Where You Left Me; Taylor Swift MCU MAYA LOPEZ x FEM! OC KATE BISHOP X FEM!OC HAWKEYE

  • Hayloft II; MCU (on hold)
    12.4K 487 22

    HAYLOFT II In which Noah Romanova-Barnes navigates being a 'normal' teenager, finding love and family. or Noah does her best to keep everything she has gained.

  • Paper Rings; M. Hill (on hold)
    22.9K 1.2K 21

    PAPER RINGS. ❝I like shiny things, but I'd Marry You in Paper Rings.❞-Paper Rings; Taylor Swift MCU MARIA HILL X FEM!OC TBD

  • Emily I'm Sorry; Yellowjackets
    75.3K 3K 32

    EMILY IM SORRY. ❝Emily, I'm Sorry, I just make it up as I go along.❞ - Emily, I'm Sorry; Boygenuis YELLOWJACKETS Natalie Scatorrcio x fem oc