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  • After All This Time (A "The Cupid Complex" Novella)
    188 25 7

    || DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ "The Cupid Complex" AS THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!|| ||Novella 3|| Once just as cynical of love as his master Cupid, Taehyung has finally managed to find a loving relationship with Ruby. He hopes that it is one that lasts, but one accidental mishap from "Cupid 2.0" Eros causes Taeh...

  • The Cupid Complex (Original Version)
    1.1K 110 45

    Jeon Junho is the son of Cupid. Like his father, he believes that love is something that only desperate people need or want. During his yearly trip to Earth on Valentine's Day - on the year before he is set to take over as the official Cupid - his thoughts about love are put to the ultimate test. With the title of C...

  • Like Crazy (A "The Cupid Complex" Novella)
    321 39 10

    ||DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ The Cupid Complex AS THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!|| ||Novella 2|| - - - "You can't possibly love me. I'm insane...crazy..." As Freddi thought back on all the names she'd been called, she bent her head down to look at the ground so Jimin couldn't see the tears filling her eyes. She on...

  • Good Luck Charming (A "Cupid Complex" Novella)
    858 75 24

    ||DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED -The Cupid Complex - AS THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS||. ||Novella 1|| There came a time where the training wheels that were relied on for so long were no longer needed. The help they used to give seemed to get forgotten, and the training wheels were left to wonder what their next u...

  • The Cupid Complex
    35.3K 4.3K 70

    |WATTPAD FEATURED| Once a year on Valentine's Day, Jeon Jungkook is allowed to be among the humans to watch love in action. As the immortal son of Cupid, he is tasked with doing so until he comes of age on his twenty-fourth birthday, and can inherit his father's job of being Cupid. Jungkook never expects to fall in lo...

  • Lovestruck (The Cupid Complex One Shots)
    134 11 3

    This book will be a random assortment of misadventures with the characters of "The Cupid Complex" that don't fit within their novellas. Be prepared for randomness from the characters that you have come to love. |Cover designed by the wonderfully talented @EstelleKnightrise | © Sherly Holmes 2022 (All Rights Reserved)