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  • Ever After High: Year 0
    759 30 3

    Before the Fall of Oz, before the Fairy Tales began, before the class that defied destiny, there was the Class of Classics. Oz was just a boy from a rough life that found himself magically transported to a world where Fairty Tales are real. He begins attending Ever After High to learn about his destiny, but this journ...

  • Ever After High (Male Reader)
    165K 5.3K 48

    Ever After High. The school where the sons and daughters of famous fairytale characters go. But this year big things are happening. The school becomes divided between the Royals, those who want to follow the natural path of their stories, and the Rebels, those who want to write their own destinies. And caught in the m...

  • Ever After High: A Wonderful Semester (Male Reader)
    45.1K 1.7K 35

    Y/N Ozymandias, son of the Wizard of Oz, and his friends at Ever After High return for more Royal Vs. Rebel shenanigans. But, things may not be as perfect as many may think. The Storybook of Legends is missing, Wonderland is still under Quarantine, and Y/N is acting odd. Ever After High will soon be rocked by shocking...

  • Monster High: A New Start (Male Reader)
    96.9K 3.3K 50

    Y/N Van Helsing is the adopted nephew to the world famous monster hunter Vincent Van Helsing. However, neither hate monsters. On the contrary, they long for a world where Monster and Man can coexist peacefully. Having regretted taking away the chance of a normal childhood from Y/N, his uncle decides to enroll him into...

  • Ever After High: A Spellctacular Summer (Male Reader)
    20.9K 975 39

    The entire Fairytale World is shaken by Oswalt's revelation and his curse. With all eyes on the Royal Families to see how they will react, the students at Ever After High begin their Chapter Break. Now desperate to defeat his brother, Y/N begins his hunt for the Legendary Treasures of Narnia. With his Fellowship, he e...