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  • Life in a puppy pack (Sterek) (Boyxboy) (completed)
    455K 12.5K 27

    It's summer break, and Stiles is pack mom. The plan was to simply spend the summer in Dereks lake house, to relax and do some pack bonding. But things really don't go as planned when amnesia, kidnapping, proposals and a certain annoying uncle (not neccesarely in that order) decide to make this summer a little bit mor...

  • A very puppy senior year (Sterek) (Boyxboy) (completed)
    444K 10.9K 41

    Sequel to Life in a Puppy Pack. Summer's over, Deucalion is gone and the pack is positive about their senior year. But of course with a pack mom like Stiles, a bunch of childish werewolves that get a little too childish for comfort, an annoying uncle, some strange murders and secrets, nothing can possibly go as planne...