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  • Daytona Baby [N.H]
    237K 5.6K 56

    "IT CAN BE SO LONELY IN THIS CITY, BUT IT FEELS DIFFERENT WHEN YOU'RE WITH ME" ••• Olivia Campbell grew up next to Liam Payne, the two relying on each other as they maneuvered through life together. No matter how far one strayed, they always stayed in touch and were there for one another, whether it be financial help...

  • KILLSHOT // [H.S]
    355K 11.4K 79

    [MATURE CONTENT] KILLER x THIEF Since the day she was born, RORY YOUNG has been told she's too smart for her own good. Getting by easily on her brains and beauty, she strides through life knowing she can outsmart any opponent - especially the idiot customers she see's every night. But her luck runs out one night whe...

  • favorite crime [h.s]
    150K 3.5K 80

    Alison Evans is thrilled to start her job as a journalist in the heart of Philadelphia. Her spirit of inquiry leads her to places she's been told not to visit and she finds herself entangled in a web of horror and fear as the truth starts to unravel itself. // "Harry," I manage to whisper. "Happy to see me?" He grins...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ardently |h.s|
    180K 6.9K 50

    In which Harry Styles is the son of a Duke, and Charlotte Pembroke is servant to the Payne family.

    Completed   Mature
  • sunflower - h.s.
    358K 9.3K 73

    Florence Taylor has never been out of London. She's never been in love. She's never made an album. She's never been world famous. Not until a beloved rock star walks into the bar she works at, tells her he's a huge fan of hers, and asks if she'll be the pianist for his band. Before she was just trying to survive, b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lavender [h.s]
    1.1M 25.2K 67

    Lacy Rayne stumbles into the world of rock 'n' roll when she is unexpectedly hired as Lavenders new lead guitarist. She meets the arrogant lead singer Harry Styles who despises her from the very start. As Lacy and Harry are forced to work together in the creation of Lavenders second album, she flips his dull world on...

  • Assault With a Deadly Weapon || N.H / 1D
    451K 13.3K 81

    The head and the heart, an exhausted rivalry of human psychology. When forced with a choice between logic and emotion, a person is sure to crumble beneath the weight of their own conscience. - Ophelia "Philly" Carter is in Manhattan and she's lost everything. She has no family, she has no money, and she has no friend...

  • Getaway Car [HS]
    290K 9.7K 54

    When Harry hijacks her car in the middle of the night, Harley is forced to become a getaway driver for one of New Orleans' most fearsome criminals. Try as they might, Harry and Harley cannot resist the temptation of each other as they continue to work as partners in crime. She knows it will only end in disaster, but t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deliverance [h.s.]
    640K 11.3K 82

    !!Story contains mature and explicit content!! ************* Deliverance- The action of being rescued or set free. Grey Monroe is given 60 days to pay back her debts. 60 days to free the only family she has. Desperately she turns to the quickest cash she knows; an underground gambling tournament. Harry Styles is cons...

  • Strictly Professional
    138K 4.5K 71

    "Mr. Horan. Our relationship is, and always will be strictly professional." "We'll see about that, sunshine." -- A story in which an arrogant, charming, slightly self-centered football player is determined to get his new, young accountant to sleep with him. But they both soon realise being involved with each other le...

    Completed   Mature
  • Exhilaration [l.t. one shots]
    14.7K 150 6

    Just a collection of smutty Louis Tomlinson one shots because it's a hate crime that theres barely any. The contents of this will contain descriptive, sexual content so reader discretion is advised.

    Completed   Mature
  • paper rings // harry styles
    2.3K 105 3

    in which sawyer and harry have to raise their daughter together, and try their best not to fall back in love. *** started: 6 march 2022 finished: tbd

  • 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐀𝐅𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐑! | harry styles
    426K 9K 27

    ━━ 𝗔 𝗛𝗔𝗥𝗥𝗬 𝗦𝗧𝗬𝗟𝗘𝗦 𝗙𝗔𝗡𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 After the death of her father, Alyssa Wilson moves to the East coast where she meets dentist Harry Styles. He's older, a father, and married. Sometimes, you can't tell your heart who to love. Not my story! ©johnnyboy7 faceclaim; bella hadid

    Completed   Mature
    57.3K 477 2

    A series of smutty Harry Styles short stories/one shots. This is your prewarning that these stories will include detailed sexual content, please keep that in mind before proceeding. Contents: 1 - CEO Mr Harry Styles. 2 - Birthday Sex.

    11K 113 2

    A collection of Harry Styles short stories and imagines. Contains mature content so reader discretion is adviced. Do not report stories without thinking twice. I hope you all enjoy x

  • Paris In The Rain [h.s]
    322K 9.7K 58

    [completed] "I'm Harry Styles. The artist." ~~ Two heartbroken individuals happen to stumble into each others lives and completely change everything. Read to follow Aurora and Harry's journey through these ups and downs as they fall in love but can't seem to escape their past lives. ~~ Aurora Honeycutt, the florist. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rockstar Next Door (h.s)
    106K 2.5K 35

    "I'm not a fucking groupie for god's sake, I have a signed contract proving that I'm your damn neighbor," I hissed, keeping my arms firmly onto my chest as if his intimating eyes weren't already enough to make me feel little. Harry arched his brow, a sly - but playful grin lingering on his face. "Bullshit, you're ei...

  • Dream On [HS.AU]
    142K 3.3K 67

    A story set in the 70's rock scene that follows two rockstars destined for greatness. What could go wrong?

    Completed   Mature
    287K 7.7K 62

    Best selling author Harry Styles is kind, sweet and charming. He's all someone would ever want and more. Journalist and workaholic Nina Garcia is smart, caring and most importantly stubborn. They formed a relationship. Had a kid. 5 years later they got engaged. But after numerous arguments and troubles in their rel...

  • Moonlight [H.S]
    147K 3.7K 68

    "Why are you such a fucking douche bag?" "The same reason you're such a bitch." // Thea Knight is a 20 year old trying to live through summer after college and hide from her problems like a normal person. However, in her words, her annoying ass neighbor is making that impossible. [HARRY STYLES A.U.]

  • Songbird |h.s|
    85.9K 2.2K 48

    "Why the word Songbird?" "Um, let's see," I nervously chuckle as I think through my answer, "Someone I love deeply used to call me that. They told me that 'I am like a songbird. A beautiful creature who makes the most beautiful music,'" I sigh, as his words echoed in my head, "This person brought out the best in me...

  • Girls/Girls/Boys // H.S
    118K 1.1K 6

    Harry spots her in the audience at every single one of his U.S. shows and is almost immediately hooked. She's all he can think about, even in his dirtiest moments. But what he does when he realizes she has a girlfriend is what seals the deal for her. After all, girls love girls and boys.

  • Daydreams | Harry Styles One Shots
    463K 4.8K 12

    He lives in daydreams with me. Harry Styles daydreams that I turned into one shots & short stories. -coarse language, sexual content. 18+. I DO NOT CONDONE TRANSLATIONS OR PDF PRINTING OF MY WORK.

  • Love, Sex, Dreams | H.S Short Story
    222K 3.3K 7

    In which our golden girl of Le Rêveur strip club meets with a mysterious new client. C.W: contains coarse language and VERY NSFW sexual content. 18+. Started: April 2021 Completed: September 2021 I DO NOT CONDONE TRANSLATIONS OR PDF PRINTING OF MY WORK.

    Completed   Mature
  • EDGE (H.S.)
    550K 12.7K 104

    "You have an edge on him." "Which is what?" "Her." Renny needed a job to makeup up for the loss of hers. Somehow a bartender job ended up as a waitress for an undercover, illegal casino. Harry Styles hated the attention she took away from the gamblers doing what they were supposed to do in his casino, gamble. But he...

  • Moonstruck ⟡ HS
    408K 14.4K 31

    ⟡ The year is 1989 when Harry moves into the house across the street from Josephine, who lets her intrigue and fascination grow about the handsome, yet mysterious man every day--that is, until her days left to live are compromised. ⟡ ⟡ THIS IS A DARK, TWISTED STORY ⟡ ⟡ Hateful and hurtful comments will be deleted if s...

  • Eucalyptus & Honey |H.S.|
    187K 6K 46

    "So, what possessed you to spend your evening at this shitty party?" I asked, releasing the taste of my cigarette with my words. His gaze decidedly landed on my lips that were wrapped around my burning cigarette as he finally spoke. "I guess I'm a bit of a masochist." He shrugged and a sharp laugh escaped my throat at...

  • Bucket List - [ H . S ]
    19.6K 1K 24

    Life has a cruel way of dishing out lemons sometimes. Quinn Parker, a quiet small town girl had her life completely turned upside when her best friend Charlotte suddenly passed away. Her brother, Elijah brings her along on tour with him and the band he works for, One Direction. A distraction of sorts. Her life change...