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  • THE LOST HEIR| Original Fantasy
    88 0 5

    Harriet Margery was an exotic bird trapped in a cage, forced through misery after misery. When a figure begins haunting the corner of her cell, she cannot help but find herself simply happy if the company. That is until he takes her to the land of backwards flowing waterfalls and pink skies where she learns that there...

  • FOUR OF SWORDS| An Original Romantic Fantasy
    82 2 23

    Arethenia Beauregard was born with one simple mission: to protect. Two decades later, she was buried with the same purpose ... The war between Valen and the Other Realms had waged since before Adriel Hart was born. A bastard prince born to the court of fire, finding the ethereal weapon is his only shot at doing someth...

  • GILDED IRON| original fantasy story
    217 12 11

    The Vye had taught them many things but most importantly; always burn the dead, never bury or else you may find yourself with deja vu. _____________ Evren knew her place in the fruit bowl of Halloran; obey, smile, fight. Gifted to the Immortal Court at aged five, she'd long since come to terms with the corruption of...

  • Collateral Damage || The Mafia.
    285 0 28

    It all began with a Fedora, a beaded green dress and a deal made in a cloud of cigarette smoke... But it was destined to be a whole lot more; once she learnt to stop running her mouth and started to listen to the man with the gun...