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    "I am having trouble loving myself and that's only one person, how do you expect me to love seven more?" In which the Bangtan boys compromise to help a girl in need and it ends up becoming something much much more... Warning: I am new to the ARMY fandom, please forgive any mistakes I make. Also feel free to message t...

  • THE HEART| Sherlock Holmes
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    "Did somebody call for a medic?" She was Johns best friend, a bubbly energetic and slightly sarcastic combat medic who had a taste for adventure and Sherlock Holmes was absolutely in awe...

  • HIS GIRL| Sherlock Holmes
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    She thought she had it all sorted out, but when it all came crumbling down around her ears- she ran away to the place least like her countryside home- she headed to London. And it offered her much more than just a new home when she met The Baker Street Boys.

  • The Woods (Stefan Salvatore)
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    "Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet?..." Elena Gilbert thought she knew pain, she was not even close. Eudora- a powerful elemental witch- knew pain, she knew loss, mourning and grief better than any other. Her sisters were parts of herself, together a mirage of six puzzle pieces, in Mystic Falls toge...

  • MERLIN | Severus Snape
    13.9K 701 14

    "And what is wizarding royalty doing at Hogwarts?" -SS "Come now Severus... Princesses love castles" -AD Severus Snape was like an abandoned castle; cold and secluded. That was the way he liked it. He'd long since accepted the fact that he would be alone until his dying day. And then she came along, ancestor of Merlin...

  • INNOCENCE| Remus Lupin
    2.4K 88 17

    "Earth grows, fire glows, air blows, water flows and the spirit knows" Olwen Fitzwilliam had always been different from the other members of her rich muggle family, but it wasn't until she turned eleven that they found out why, with a letter on the doormat signed in cursive ink, that was when her perfect parents becam...

  • Tide | Remus Lupin
    1.6K 129 10

    Mermaid~ a mythical sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing hair. Aquannette knew no other life but the Carnival. Also known as the exhibition of biological rarities or the freak show. Even amongst the wizarding world, the creat...

  • DOE| James Potter Love Story| Marauders
    2.8K 154 5

    "Come to think of it...Have you ever seen Vance even kiss a boy?" Jessamine Vance was the girl all the boys loved to flirt with, but never to date. Jessamine was no Lily Evans, but she held the same fire within her. James Potter had overlooked her for years, eyes only for her muggle-born best friend. That was until on...

  • HOCUS| Fred Weasley
    2.3K 130 5

    Penelope Jace was Professor Dumbledores gravest mistake. A little girl, like so many others, dreaming of her Hogwarts letters. However, unlike other witches, hers never came. And her magic, buried deep through years of suppression, had nowhere to go but inwards, a swirling mass of darkness. Albus Dumbledore knew he'd...

  • OBSIDIAN HEART 2 (Draco Malfoy)
    6.7K 369 12

    Lavinia Hogwarts had slept a thousand years to be there with them, to join the Order of the Phoenix and now her time has come to make good on her prophecy, she will not waste it... From breaking into the highest security prison in the world to hunting down a mythical Cauldron, Lavinia has a determination to succeed...

  • HONEYBEE| Sam Uley
    12.7K 496 13

    "Honeybee, I can't imagine how my life would be if all your gravity did not hit me. Oh, don't you see, darling, my honeybee?" She was so beautifully broken and the moment he saw the pain in her eyes, he knew that he would do anything to make sure she never felt anything but happiness again... First, he just had to ha...

  • Harvest (Caius Volturi Love Story)
    18.3K 798 10

    Desideria Russo was the pet, a human pet owned by Victoria Nomad, she was a game and the ginger woman loved it, Desideria despised it, that was until Victoria made the colossal mistake of waging war against the Cullens, they led her to freedom and inevitably, to him, Caius Volturi. How will the fragile human survive i...

  • KINGS & QUEENS| Caius Volturi
    2.8K 129 6

    "I am a Queen, not only because I married a King but because I rule." Three Kingdoms, countless rulers, a harrowing war, an arranged marriage, a vengeful mistress, an epic betrayal and one incredibly powerful family in the making... OR In which Aro and Marcus finally tie down their perpetually angry brother with a wi...

  • Candy Shop ⚜️ Caius Volturi
    13.7K 525 12

    "Don't expect someone to stay sweet forever, even the sweetest candy has an expiration date" Daria Hernández was sweet like candy and the best friend of Edward Cullen. The beautiful dark haired vampire was nothing but charming when you were in her good books. That is where he began, Caius Volturi started on her good s...

  • ATYPICAL | Jasper Hale
    9.8K 522 10

    - They were servants of the darkness and for the longest time, Harlow Alden was reasonably content with being peculiar... Though that was until the day she met the boy who made her feel less peculiar... The Alden family was atypical, gifted with powers beyond what an average human would reasonably believe. They were...

  • Phoenix (Harry Potter X Twilight)
    16.6K 580 10

    Eliora Black, the adopted daughter of professor Albus Dumbledore, had always struggled in the wizarding community due to her friendly connection to Harry Potter and her unusual powers to control fire, inherited from her Maledictus mother, Sylvie Fawkes Black, along with the attention from her previously convicted fath...

  • Beautiful Essence (Twilight // Edward Cullen)
    35.7K 1.4K 21

    In which an abandoned female finally finds her home... After being the victim of abuse and abandonment due to the power she possesses, the Bulgarian beauty, Aaliyah Jones finally finds solace in the quaint town of Forks with her savior, Miss Cynthia Brandon. What the dark haired beauty did not expect to find was a gro...

  • Goldie (Carlisle Cullen)
    7.3K 258 7

    She had the voice of an angel and he knew the instant he heard it that he was completely and utterly in love with her. Goldie made Carlisle feel young and free... Carlisle Cullen X OC 1940s onwards For @dynaisuoh

  • Collateral Damage || The Mafia.
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    It all began with a Fedora, a beaded green dress and a deal made in a cloud of cigarette smoke... But it was destined to be a whole lot more; once she learnt to stop running her mouth and started to listen to the man with the gun...

  • GILDED IRON| original fantasy story
    217 12 11

    The Vye had taught them many things but most importantly; always burn the dead, never bury or else you may find yourself with deja vu. _____________ Evren knew her place in the fruit bowl of Halloran; obey, smile, fight. Gifted to the Immortal Court at aged five, she'd long since come to terms with the corruption of...

  • FOUR OF SWORDS| An Original Romantic Fantasy
    81 2 23

    Arethenia Beauregard was born with one simple mission: to protect. Two decades later, she was buried with the same purpose ... The war between Valen and the Other Realms had waged since before Adriel Hart was born. A bastard prince born to the court of fire, finding the ethereal weapon is his only shot at doing someth...

  • THE LOST HEIR| Original Fantasy
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    Harriet Margery was an exotic bird trapped in a cage, forced through misery after misery. When a figure begins haunting the corner of her cell, she cannot help but find herself simply happy if the company. That is until he takes her to the land of backwards flowing waterfalls and pink skies where she learns that there...