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  • Darkness | Male oc X PJO
    847 15 2

    Life. The Great Game, they called it. The game that we all inevitably fail. A paradise that is ripped away from us before we even appreciate it. Before it appreciates us. For if it never had a player, the game wouldn't win. At least, that's what was taught. There is a way to win. You just have to find it. My mother a...

  • My story | PJO x male reader
    92.5K 2.6K 51

    Every demigod starts somewhere, everyone gets their time on the podium-be it in the god's council, or in front of the judges of the underworld. This is not a game, this is real life, and this...this is my story

  • Blizzard | Female OC X PJO
    97 8 2

    "Freeze! St. Louis Police!" I...I don't know what's going on. Everything moved so fast that-that...I don't know! All I remember was waking up at and then this man chased me through it. Sorry, sir, everything's a little fuzzy.

  • Rise | Male oc x Heroes of Olympus
    595 18 3

    "Make them remember you." Jax, a name that the people of Camp Jupiter came to respect. It took battle after battle to become what he is now, but his father had told him long ago, that he was destined for greatness...or the other alternative... Destruction.

  • Eclipse | Male oc x Heroes of Olympus
    20.2K 619 37

    "Everything's ten times louder in silence. Remember that." James is confused. He wakes up in the back of a school bus, with nobody he knows in sight, only a boy he vaguely recognizes. James tries to figure out where he was, who he was, but...nothing. Throw the fact that everyone at this new camp thinks he should be de...

  • Magic | Female OC x Heroes of Olympus
    72 6 2

    "I'm getting real tired of you." Aurora is wounded. Her dreams of friendly wolves and crows had now been trampled by the harsh reality. The rolling hills of San Francisco were intimidating. What made it even more intimidating were the bunches of terrors that ran after her. The only thing that she has on her is a phone...