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  • K/DA: The Manager (Male Reader)
    3K 226 2

    Years ago, two friends promised to take on the world. Now, one calls upon the other. Ahri has decided to take her career into her own hands after years of being the industry's golden child. With the help of the Diva Evelynn, she creates her own group of performers ready to take on the world. But first, they need a man...

  • Godwar: Sword and Axe
    466 25 5

    Long ago, the God waged war against each other. Centuries ago, Man waged war against the Giants. Now, the gods stir anew. Kaz is a boy who finds his life taken away by Giants. Now, his quest for vengeance fuels his very being. Taken in by the High King's former General, Kaz dedicates himself to become stronger to not...

  • Asylum
    517 40 5

    Alice remembers a tea party. A man with long ears and a charming smile. He took her hand and promised to take her to Wonderland. She took it. That was all she recalls before she was sent away to the Asylum. James was the first, the most important of the Lost Boys. He was promised that he wouldn't need to grow up. But...