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  • Raven
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    BANG... BANG..... BANG I jumped up out my sleep to three gun shots. I creep up to my door, opening it up just a little, seeing my father go to my brothers room. BANG! I jumped as I seen he coming from my brother room towards me. I close my door slowly walking towards my window. I opened it looking down to see ho...

  • Falling Roses
    38.1K 1.3K 74

    Roses are Red. Violet is Blue. You said you love me. But you love them too ❤️🥺 Quincy a well-known drug dealer comes stuck between his baby momma who pops up 8 years later and Melody who cheated on him in his own house. But he finds love in Lola. A realtor who was just about her money and who was just dealing wit...

  • The right guy & The Right Guy 2 (Together)
    23.2K 1.1K 65

    Maya owned a hair salon in New York. She recently wanted to go for law and had an interview with the boss. Walking in she didn't know this would be her future husband. Things in her life start falling apart when she finds out one of the enemies from back home was working with her man and was her long-lost sister...

  • ANGEL (Unedited)
    5.8K 612 39

    After being abused and left for dead. Angel wanted to escape the pass she was still living in. She moved away starting her career in Nursing, meeting the love of her life and finding her long lost best friend after 10 years. Life took it turn when her abuser got out.

  • My secret
    4.7K 261 15

    "You've got me wrapped around your finger"