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  • funeral boy
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    He was so fragile, like the flowers his mother used to plant in his back garden, the ones cherry red that wilted too fast. Shawn was the cherry red flower, it was when he laid in my lap, our fingers intertwined and my arms around him, that I knew he would wilt too fast. © weepies. All rights reserved. [[TRIGGER WARNIN...

    Completed   Mature
  • all i want :: s.m
    46.6K 2.2K 20

    “missing you came in waves, and that night you left, i drowned.”

  • Aftertaste | S. Mendes
    608K 13.3K 31

    "You know what? Let's do something fun" she smiled at him not knowing what the whole night had plan for them that would change their perspective towards each other. Nova Brooks is an average sixteen year old working in a cafe with a normal life that is until Shawn Mendes came walking through the front doors of Dreame...

  • Jacob Whitesides Prefrences
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    your fantasies become a reality through fiction. all rights reserved ⓒjacobscookiee cover by @shawnscookiee

  • Texting Imagines// j.w.
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    creating texting goals through messaging the one and only! all rights reserved ⓒjacobscookiee cover by @shawnscookiee

  • storms // shawnmendes
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    "are you okay?" "yes, why?" "nothing, i just remember how you used to hate storms."

  • twisted ; shawn mendes
    84.1K 2K 19

    "You seem like the type of person to have a perfect life." "Oh it's far from perfect, sweetheart." . . a girl and boy bond over how twisted and screwed up their lives are. EDIT: this is badly written, read at your own risk (no seriously this was written in middle school)

  • shawn mendes imagines
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    head over heels for a 6'3 boy with chocolate brown hair and an incredible voice (some imagines may contain mature content; please read with your own limitations. all imagines are labeled with a warning beforehand. enjoy) #4 under shawn mendes imagines #12 under shawn mendes

  • THIEF [S.M.]
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    In which a boy was too much a nervous wreck to initiate a conversation with the girl of his dreams, so rather, he finds a loophole. [Completed.] © 2015-19 runninglow wattpad

    Completed   Mature
  • ALL I WANT [S.M]
    1.7M 39K 47

    "You're all I want." he said, and though his face proved seriousness, his eyes spoke of all the love in the world. [Completed.] © 2015 runninglow wattpad

  • Tally ; sm
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    "Each tally represents a day I've been in love with you," ✧ In which a boy marks a tally in a book for each day he has been in love with his best friend

  • 19 ☾s.m
    25.3K 1.3K 8

    in which a teenage boy goes through many life lessons and writes them down to tell his future children one day. ©kidsinIove // abb

  • fame ❁ s.m
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    ❝Shawn, I don't think I can do this...❞ ❝Just remember when your with me, anything and everything is possible.❞

  • my darling ➸ s.m
    589K 12.3K 72

    when a pessimistic hospital patient meets a cute, canadian boy, as her death wish, sparks are guaranteed to fly... (( warning: this was my first book, which i begun writing in 2013. it is highly similar to a cliché soap opera. so if you are into that, proceed. )) © all rights reserved // nat