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  • Black Blood
    36.3K 6.2K 191

    Celeste's life is far from the enchanting fairy tale one might expect from a princess. Her father, a ruthless and self-absorbed king, leaves a trail of death and destruction in his wake. To seal alliances and maintain his power, he arranges for Celeste's marriage to Chief General Christiaan Franders. The marriage that...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    111K 1.5K 11

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own and did not write this story. It is a copy of Original Book by Robert Louis Stevenson that I have uploaded here because it was way better to read than the PDF I was given in school. But I decided to let it stay here to help spread the book to wider audiences. Hope you enjoy. ----- Author: Robe...

  • Psychaotic Love
    254 87 5

    R18. On going. Genre:Thriller/Mistery Mike meets Ann in a bar last summer and the two became a thing. He loves her dearly and he can feel that Ann loves him too. Despite their love, those secrets and little white lies have become very common to the couple, especially Mike. But that is not for long as his biggest secre...

    21.4K 1.8K 42

    In this world where people have crystal powers, fate chose Kai to once again reunite the seven clans, who are in a constant civil war with each other for centuries. Although Kai were chosen, his path is full of despair and pain, but a voice keeps telling him; "one world, one people, one law"

  • Hall Of Fame 2023 Awards [CLOSED]
    3.7K 293 21

    An awards for giving an opportunity to young writers to get recognition they deserve. We all are amazing in our own voice and deserve to get a chance to win, so head on now and join these awards. CLOSED

  • Renegade [L.S]
    315 75 4

    [ On Hold ] برای احساساتی که مرده و دفن شده اند...

  • i Won't Mind
    362 90 4

    نگامو به اسکله میدوزم نگام به پسری میوفته که موهاشو باد به بازی گرفته و به دریا خیره شده سرشو برمیگردنه و نگام میکنه نگاهی پر از دلتنگی... نگاش آشناس ....بازم سرم درد میگیره ...عه این فراموشی لعنتی...

  • Love ?
    406 44 3

    عشق ... ميخوايد با يه مثال براتون تعريفش كنم ؟؟؟ ليمو شيرين .! درسته عشق مثل ليموشيرينه . كافيه يكم بهش هوا بخوره تا بشه تلخ ترين مايع دنيا !