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  • The Mafia Teacher
    1.6M 49.4K 42

    "Maybe, in some parallel universe...we are still together...and so very happy." - Anonymous

  • Genius of Geniuses
    191K 7.5K 24

    Sawada Hikaru and Sawada Tsunayoshi are twins, Even though they are twins, they are opposites Hikaru is one of the school idol, he is athletic, smart, handsome and perfect to the students while Tsunayoshi, his younger twin is Dame and is no good he is always beaten and insulted by some students, Hikaru being one of th...

  • Mistake
    48.4K 1.8K 17

    Just with one mistake made everything change. (( SLOW UPDATE ))

  • The Mafia Teacher
    197K 6.2K 19

    When you have a color changing octopus nicknamed Korosensei, government agent Karasuma, and a assassin named Irina Jelavich, all teaching E class, who else could you add? An Italian Mafia boss, anyone? Enter Tsunayoshi Sawada, Vongola Decimo. No slash.

  • KHR: Soulless Sky
    221K 6.2K 41

    Sawada Tsunayoshi is not known as 'Dame Tsuna' like usually known but 'Soulless Tsuna' or 'Speechless Tsuna'. He acts different more than anyone, never talk, never show emotions. He stays as blank. Who can help him from his lone situation? Story of Twin brothers. I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn Note: This story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kizuna [ KHR Fanfiction ]
    48.6K 1.9K 18

    The day when a twin of Miyoshi and Tsunayoshi being born, was a day which everyone on Vongola famiglia waited for. Vongola mansion is no longer silent since they come to.. everyone love them. But one day, Tsunayoshi and Nagi being kidnapped by Vongola enemy, Byakuran. Tsunayoshi keeps on resisting from obeying Byaku...

  • To Italy!
    166K 5.1K 25

    Our young Decimo and his friends are going to visit Italy for some unfortunate plans that Reborn has set up. But of course, they have some guests that are invited together with them, to make things more interesting. Reborn, being the sadist tortu-tutor he is, organized the trip for his own entertainment and amusement...

  • The Twin's Curse 『Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fanfic』
    51.1K 1.8K 64

    『Curse- A solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.』 Tsuna's twin sister, [Name], is cursed and he can't do anything about it but to watch how his sweet sister changed into a cold person. And now he has more problems to deal with which is the Mafia...

  • My Lover is a Killer (Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fanfiction)
    47.8K 2.1K 13

    Well, it all started when I walked alone and he kidnapped me. He hesitated to kill me and unexpected things happen. He called me 'cute'. This starts my adventure with a serial killer as my lover... R27!

  • We are close yet so far (KHR)
    37.9K 1.7K 25

    Sequel of 'A second chance of meeting you'

  • Taken From Home. Khr fanfic
    3.9K 261 3

    At age 4, Tsuna is kidnapped and his mother is killed. He and another boy that was taken, Natsu, plan to bring down their kidnappers. They escape and are homeless until they're found by a kind ex-mafioso, Giotto. On the outside, they seem like normal teens but secretly, they're both an extremely powerful hacker/assass...

  • The Truth Behind the Mask
    108K 4.5K 25

    This is my second KHR fanfiction. A twinfic. Sawada Tsunayoshi, has a younger twin named Sawada Hiroshi. Tsunayoshi is a dame while Hiroshi is the perfect child....or so everyone thought. Hiroshi bullies his brother secretly and is manipulative. Tsuna has a secret and...I'm not going to tell you. Read the story to fin...

  • An Unexpected Outcome
    115K 3.3K 13

    Tsuna is hit by Lambo's bazooka after Giannini upgraded it. But he is sent to Primo's time instead of the future. But things does not just end there.... Read to find out more :p Disclaimer: I don't own any pictures/videos I used here. I also don't own khr . The plot might be similar to the stories I have read , their...

  • Skipping Paperwork
    4.2K 206 2

    Paperwork; probably the bane of a Boss' existence. Considered as a curse and punishment. Who wouldn't? It doesn't die, and it multiplies. At first you'll only see one; one piece, one stack; but next, you'll see it in tenths, hundreds and thousands. You'll have this whether you a Boss of a small famiglia. But much more...

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Royal Cielo
    26.4K 885 10

    Vongola is a royal and Mafia family. Nono steps down and crowns Tsuna as the Royal Vongola Decimo. Some families don't like this but there is only one family that takes action. In a fight with another Famiglia Tsuna loses his memories of his past and can only remember three things. His somewhat name. Italian. And Japa...

  • Chi Sapeva(KHR fanfic)
    19.5K 657 5

    Title translation:Who knew(in italian) Tsunayoshi was a bookworm since young while his older brother(twin) was excell in sports.Ietsugu the older brother went to italy young when returned,"Kaichou?!".While Tsunayoshi is friends since young with unexpected people.

  • Salvation (KHR fanfic)
    17.3K 781 13

    Tsuna was a slave and haven't seen the sun for as long as he remembers. He has completely lost hope. However, one certain day changed everything. Mysterious 7 colourful people, New friends, A new family. Everything was going good, but you know, happiness don't last forever. Especially if your flame has a personality o...

  • World's most dangerous and most scariest class reunion (khr fanfic)
    4.4K 154 2

    Disclaimer: I don't own khr, but Amano Akira-san does Warning: wrong spellings and etc. ~~~~~ After 10 years Sawada Tsunayoshi is now the Vongola Decimo aka Neo Vongola Primo, After all those years Tsuna change but not his personality. And after all this years there will be a reunion of class 2-A. What will be there r...

  • Stranger since the beginning (KHR)
    28.1K 1.2K 10

    Tsunayoshi Sawada had been alone ever since he could remember, that is why he would never try to be friends with anyone, they would turn their backs on him just as his blood relatives did, he was certain of it because the first friend he made in elementary had cruelly betrayed and humiliated him. "Family ? I don't re...

  • The Collaboration of Vongola Craziness (Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fanfiction)
    22.4K 717 9

    So the 2-A class had a field trip to Italy, then the Vongola group had a trip to the past and future. They returned then what happened? They swapped bodies! What's next? "What the heck is happening in my life!"... All27

  • My Beloved Twin {Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Fanfiction}
    43.9K 1.6K 36

    A story of two Kids. Both have their differences but they would always be synchronized. Both mind and thought (but sometimes they don't). Meet them once you read it~~ [DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWE KHR and IT'S CHARACTERS! ONLY TSUNA'S OTHER TWIN]

  • The wrong twin. (Hitman reborn fic) R27
    58.7K 2K 7

    Adult Reborn is sent to train the tenth generation boss of the most influential mafia family there is, the Vongola. The boss's name? Sawada Hiroyoshi. The more athletic, smart, and overall better twin of Sawada Tsunayoshi. But what will Reborn find out when he arrives at the Sawada household? Did Iemitsu choose the r...

  • The Fallen Night Sky
    38.8K 1.5K 15

    The guardians betrayed their sky. They thought that it's his fault that their normal lives are gone and are replaced with non-stopped fighting. Little did they know that their sky is slowly falling. One day, they found out that their sky is gone. But, why are they filled with guilt and sorrow, instead of happiness an...

  • Vongola's Little Vacation
    1.7K 116 3

    There was something mysterious happening inside the Vongola Mansion. Vongola Nono asked Reborn to find some people to investigate this weird happenings but being merciless and sadistic as he is… he forced Tsuna and his co. to investigate. What will they find?

  • Parallel Sky
    4.5K 193 2

    After many denials, Sawada Tsunayoshi finally accepts his role as Vongola Decimo. Ten years later, Byakuran Gesso, the boss of the Gesso Famiglia visits Tsuna for a request. This particular request will decide the fate of a parallel world. What is the request? Will Tsuna accept? Disclaimer : I don't own KHR.

  • A wish granted
    7.9K 346 7

  • Parallel Life
    21.4K 1K 8

    Tsuna was died...sort off. He was supposed to be dead but fate had different plans for him. He was reborn in a parallel world, a new life and... a clone? Can he go on with his new life without arousing suspicion? Read and find out. Warning ~Slightly abusive clone ~marshmallow freak ~perverted pinapples

  • The Mafia?
    29.6K 1K 7

  • Burden [Katekyo Hitman Reborn]
    33.3K 1.2K 4

    : (Slight or not. I don't know) AU Fic. Ever since Giotto; Tsuna's eldest brother, was chosen as as the new CEDEF boss and Tsuna's youngest brother Tsubasa was chosen as the Vongola Decimo, their bonds started to disappear. Tsuna wanted to be close again with his brothers until one night, Tsuna learned something he do...