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  • Love's Predestined Path : A twist in the Arranged Matrimony
    60 5 4

    What will happen when a cold, rude man gets arranged for a marriage with his father's bestfriend's daughter who's the exact opposite of him. Sweet, shy, polite are the words you can use to describe Shubhi Sharma. Whereas our Rudransh Pathak is known for his rude, cold, serious nature. What will happen when two opposit...

  • Trust me Not | 18+ ✎
    4.4K 1K 28

    Myra Chaudhary wore the perfect facade, fooling everyone, everyday and even herself at times until the man with the eyes of death recognised her from a mile away. • • • updates: • sat • tues

  • Ace of World
    3.2K 1.1K 27

    [Story status- Completed] "You have always been the joker of this gamble of lives my dear, and now is the time to use our Ace." ✴✴✴✴✴✴✴ To the world, she is an angel fallen from hell, but for him, she is a doll made of glass, and he is scared that his slightest move would break her. Her eyes are the most innocent thi...

    Completed   Mature
  • MY FORBIDDEN LOVE( A Tale Of Tragedy)
    273 83 6

    William , the chief of the international forces have the life anyone could dream of but his heart is filled with coldness inspite of all comforts Grace , daughter of the dictator of the hellish paradise north kroea ...whose heart is filled with kindness inspite of all the abuse she goes through Will grace becomes be...

  • What's Love??
    533 250 37

    She said nothing and just sat infront of me on the bed "now take of your top" I said She looked up at me "Raphael" "Take it off" I said She takes off her top and was only left in her bra she looked up at me very angry but didn't say a thing "now this is me using my power and you don't have any in this case" I said

  • I'M YOURS ||ongoing
    1.9K 1.1K 20

    Chloie Dylaze Aguirraz, a detective, takes on the case to save Denvierr Ace Monfortte, who is the potential target of a killer specifically targeting hotel CEOs. Chloie will conduct a thorough investigation, utilizing all available resources and techniques, to identify and apprehend the killer before they can harm Den...

  • Our Rough Love
    401 148 6

    Elana Grace is mute? atleast that's what everyone thinks until the devil knocks on her door saying that he knows her lil secret...

  • Sinful Desire Of Heavens |TAGLISH| [R18]
    2.2K 763 8

    [EROTIC-ROMANCE] 🔞 After the brutal endless pain she felt from a terrible heartbreak, drunk and driven by anger, she destroyed someone's car thinking it's his ex-boyfriend's car, turns out it wasn't and this careless act of her led to a sensual twist of fate. Stucked, s*x-enslaved and forced to live with the sky-high...

  • White Lies
    1.3K 530 32

    Our story is made up of lies. The Love, The Care, The Worries. Writer's note: I'm not good with mature themes so if u see anythin its all my cousin sis, A Big Shoutout to Her❤ .................................

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    "Who said I'll never need you?" He asks. "And why else would you need me if you learn English?" She asks looking down. "I want you to be my interpreter forever. But first, you need to interpret something else..." he says tightening his grip on her hand. She looked above, curious of what he will do next..... _________...

    422 170 7

    Aera is a young girl blessed with beauty,who wants to be happy in life and just found herself a new job. She had few encounters with a guy who is unknowingly her CEO and behaved rudely with him. What will happen when Aera finds out the guy is her boss? Will she still have her job? Haneul is a young, cold and rich bus...

  • Home Runs and Heart Beats
    924 205 22

    Ella Tucker's world has always been a whirlwind of academic challenges and the hustle and bustle of her Miami life. She never imagined she'd end up trading the beach for the heartland of Nebraska. But life has a funny way of taking unexpected turns. At Northview University, Ella's dreams of diving deep into her resear...