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  • Silent Shadows
    275 52 10

    Within the silent shadows lies a city's buried truths. Follow the whispered echoes of Grayton's enigmatic streets, where secrets dance with the unknown. Unravel the veiled mystery lurking between light and darkness.

  • A Distant Fantasy Of His
    2.5K 158 23

    Heyyo Wattpad Fam! Miss Drapple here, (just tell me that name is SO cute) and I've been a Harry Potter fan for the longest time. I remember watching the series when I was small, and then I watched it again recently and I fell in LOVE all over again. I Love writing, coz it's my passion and I haven't really gotten any...

  • The Chronicles of Onyx: Book 1
    3.8K 772 73

    **Action/Adventure Second place winner for The Fabulous Writer Awards ** Book One of the Chronicles of Onyx series. (FIRST DRAFT) War. For lifetimes it has consumed the lands of Druzatria, coursing and destroying all freedom and peace. Claiming innocent lives as victims. As for Onyx, she has known only one thing her...

  • A Heart Of A Warrior Book 1: Revolution
    603 75 9

    In this book, You will be transported, to the Beautiful Lands of Altaria, where Humans don't exist. Wolves are the dominant sentient species that rule the lands, and they are the protectors of the other species that call Altaria home. There are eight Great Kingdoms and Empire, and four minor Kingdoms that call Altaria...

  • Controlled Burn (BxB) (Werewolf)
    5K 420 37

    In a hidden world where druids wield nature magic and werewolves battle for survival, Callum Thorne's ordinary life is shattered when he discovers his latent mystical powers. Guided by an enigmatic Archdruid, he's drawn into a realm of magic, conflict, and a desperate alliance with a beleaguered werewolf pack. But whe...