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  • Forget Me Not | ONC 2024
    19 4 2

    Severn: A kingdom where humans were just the facade. The real power stayed hidden in the shadows - strong, dangerous, and silent. In such a kingdom, lived a young and naive girl, Xolani. Unaware of the evil around her, she falls in love with a man, not realizing he's the literal Devil. Her naivete and innocence knew...

  • Petals Fall Once, Never Twice | ONC24
    107 37 19

    Round1✔ Round2✔ ---------------- This is based on/inspired by a true story. On a very beautiful and warm day, Tara found herself hitting rock bottom. Five monsters shattered her life, stole her dreams, and tainted her inside out. Alone in her despair, she was consumed by disappointment and betrayal, and then left a sp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scorched Earth [ONC 2024]
    91 9 11

    Marek has worked for the Society of Powereds in Service of Community (SOPISOC) for as long as he can remember. He's got a great superhero team, his best friends, fighting supervillains by his side. But there is one supervillain he just can't bring himself to fight anymore-the love of his life, Varen. Unable to handle...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Web So Dark and Deadly
    654 173 17

    Attend opera concerts. Run a few errands. Enjoy a luxury apartment, wardrobe, and car, all expenses paid. Sounds like a dream job, right? There's only one catch. After nights of haunting musical messages and retrieving strange, pulsing items for her eccentric employer, Cleo unravels a conspiracy she definitely isn't g...

  • Damn Your Lies | ONC 2024 ✔
    599 169 13

    Regina Patrissia, the hundredth consort of King Rex III enters his harem at the age of eighteen. Widely known as the "Quiet Mouse" whose existence is ignored by all, in two years the "Quite Mouse" has become a ferocious predator who could put anyone's intelligence, beauty and skills to shame. But the only opponent in...

  • Of What Was Left Behind (ONC 2024)
    213 26 20

    In a ruined world, what traces of humans remain? In an overgrown corner of a once-intact room, nestled in the roots of a young tree, a barely functional camera watches over the decay. Maintenance calls go unanswered, leaving it to conserve power, turning on its lens only when things get within its proximity range. Its...

  • Getaway (ONC 2024 Entry)
    360 49 7

    "All I wanted was a peaceful getaway and now all I want is to get away from you!" "The feeling is mutual," he snapped. "So, stop running into me!" - - - Bethany Summers has been dreaming of this tropical vacation ever since she was little. The summer she turns twenty-six, she has finally managed to save up enough mon...

  • The Cat's Grimoire || 2024 ONC
    377 25 34

    Felicette, a charming and curious black cat, serves as a familiar to a young and kind-hearted witch named Lilith. Together, they embark on countless adventures that have never been too much for them to handle. But when something magical goes awry, Felicette is forced to make a difficult decision - one that will test h...

  • Because the Sky is Blue | ONC 2024
    133 25 6

    Haunted by an unseen presence, a woman living with colorblindness must confront her painful past to uncover family secrets and rediscover the hues of life. - - - When solitary and colorblind 20-year-old Eira moves to a new home to live on her own, seeking a...

  • In Our Time of War
    280 96 27

    🏆 ROUND 2 QUALIFIER - OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST 2024 🏆 A young journalist must navigate a war-torn country and the intricacy of first love in order to save herself and her family. ⋯⋯⋯ In 2042, invaders crossed Philippine waters and marked the star...

  • Murder Among the Roses| ONC 2024
    287 65 5

    Every rose has its thorns. Evangeline Rose owns her own florist shop that blooms with magic and mysteries of her own. Rumors of a wicked serial killer sweep across the seaside, but when another murder victim is uncovered right in the middle of her flower shop, it puts Evangeline in the detectives' sights. Unfortunate...

  • The Pieces We Kept - ON HIATUS
    63 11 2

    THIS BOOK IS ON HIATUS Amintyre week is approaching, a sacred festival to the Eldritchs. Mavishyanep, "Mavi," is a young Eldritch woman, part of the many young adults who will "rise" into the next generation, and have their achievements etched in the book of Recollection. She wants to squeeze in one last accomplishme...

  • Cruel Snow
    37 0 5

    Scottish highlands, winter, 1691. A new king sits on the throne, and the clan chieftains have been given an ultimatum: swear their allegiance to the crown or face the dire consequences. The time remaining to take the oath is dwindling, but the MacDonalds of Glencoe are already pledged to the old king. As the snow star...

  • Through Blood | ONC 2024
    366 58 15

    Just one week before his marriage with a chief bloodshaman of the Kurat's army, young surgeon Genul sees his wife, Kenit, die under his care after a terrorist attack launched by the neighboring nation. As old wounds resurface and feed into his grief, Genul unburies his past training as a bloodshaman with an irrevocabl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prince of the Broken (ONC 2024)
    35 15 3

    ONC 2024 Prince Keith has run away. After accidentally exposing his abusive father's crimes to the country and starting unintended rebellions, he's been hunted ever since. Declared enemy number one, he reached the Seacrest Kingdom in an alarming state, and was been cured and granted temporary citizenship. This meant w...

  • Wendigo Island (ONC2024)
    194 10 39

    Your greatest fear is monsters in the dark. The last thing you expect is to become the monster in the dark. This story is not about heroes. This story is about ripping away any pretense you have about what it means to be human. At the end of the day you will find that Humanity is nothing but another species of animal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Of Gold & Sins | ONC 2024
    130 85 10

    [ONC RD2 AmbassadorsPick] ** A fairy with a desire for revenge. A fallen angel with the burden of guilt. Two lives unexpectedly intertwined by sin, magic and fate - well, and bloody murders. ** "A righteous God displays his wrath every day; if someone does not repent, he will sharpen his sword." (Psalm 7:12) In the...

  • Fairy Crosses
    476 85 11

    Entry for the Open Novella Contest, 2024 Prompt #36: "Fairy tales are real," and there couldn't be anything worse. After the death of her husband, Charlotte seeks a fresh start in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. She wants to do two things: work her mundane job and spend the evenings at her cabin talking to her hu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scorned [ONC 2024]
    355 97 21

    Nineteen-year-old Lily Rhodes thought she knew all there was to know about Jacob Turner. The son of a Lord, he's always been known for his rakish ways and outlandish behaviour that makes him the topic of gossip amongst the servants. When Jacob suddenly returns home from London, Lily quickly realises that the stories s...

  • The Bounty
    787 75 11

    [#ONC2024] ❝I hate you so much, I can't bring myself to kill you.❞ Self-proclaimed master of thievery, Vincent Costa has nothing to lose. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor: a modern day Robin Hood, if you will. Vincent and his friends develop well-thought-out schemes to earn a lot of cash and fast. They su...

  • Witchcraft and Wolfsbane
    305 32 17

    When witch Bella's visions of blood and horror reveal a dark secret in her coven's past, she is torn between saving those who have scorned her and sacrificing the enticing werewolf who accepts her. *** As a descendent of the cursed Black family, Belladonna is the scourge of her coven. And after jilting the Elder's so...

  • Unfamiliar Love (ONC 2024)
    75 10 4

    After robbing each other of their innocence, the two girls part ways with a heavy heart and a mournful notion of never being able to meet each other again. Fate, however, has other ideas, after eleven months, they reunite. However, their reunion doesn't go as well as they had hoped.

  • Unboxing- An ONC 2024 Novella
    108 33 10

    Join Katie on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery and friendship as she unlocks the secrets of a mysterious box filled with unexpected treasures. From rediscovering childhood joys to embracing newfound confidence, each item in the box leads Katie on a path of self-care, creativity, and connection. With the suppor...

  • Sun Kissed- An ONC 2024 Novella
    91 41 8

    Embark on a captivating journey with Lucy as she escapes the whirlwind of celebrity life to find solace in the tranquil paradise of Hawaii. Amidst breathtaking landscapes and unexpected encounters, Lucy's world turns upside down when she crosses paths with the enigmatic Dean Perry. From exhilarating moments of passion...

  • The Quimby Hotel
    683 77 19

    𝐅𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐘𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐒 𝐀𝐆𝐎, Cairo Quimby disappeared without a trace. His family has neglected to speak of him since, running the slightly strange but unassuming hotel he grew up in as if nothing ever happened. Until Cairo, a lone wanderer roaming a lost and dangerous world, has a run-in at a diner with mysterious str...

  • Chaotic Love
    14 3 2

    Tired of having the worst year of her life, Harper Dawson went on a relaxing holiday away from the mess she left behind. Her goal was to enjoy peace and quiet, but Zeth Blakestone is the complete opposite. And the rockstar was intent on making Harper's life as chaotic as him. Three months, two complete opposite people...

  • The Keeper: What lingers between the Living and the Dead?
    36 5 3

    | O N G O I N G | Have you ever wondered what awaits you after death? Is there even an afterlife like how we were told? How would we even know? Maybe the only way to see what lingers between the LIVING and the DEAD is to experience DEATH itself. Or we could be the BARKEEPER, the owner and operator of the resting point...

  • Tied to My Fate
    49 9 10

    Alora was supposed to die, so when she ended up in a place in the middle of heaven and hell with an old classmate who should have lived, the universe knew something had gone wrong. Due to the glitch, she is given a chance at life again as long as she stays bound to the man who futilely gave his life for her. My ONC 20...

  • The Loudest Quiet | #ONC2024
    229 46 4

    The shattering of a heart when being broken is the loudest quiet ever. - Carroll Bryant Cordelia Marsden thought she had it all until she met Dimitri. Only then did she realize he was the piece of the puzzle she didn't know had been missing. There was something different about him though... something off. Like he poss...

  • Trapped In A Mystifying Fictional World (ONC 2024)
    1.1K 360 23

    [ROUND ONE & TWO QUALIFIED] Emily Walton is a 25-year-old young woman who has had a difficult life ever since she was a child. She never received love from her mother or her boyfriend, which made her feel miserable. As she nears the end of her life, Emily desperately begs for another chance. She yearns for a life fil...

    Completed   Mature