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  • Book of One Shots (Various x Male Reader)
    102K 688 39

    A book full of One Shots for various different fandoms. Including various male or female characters x male reader. I do not own any of these however and all characters, rights and themes belong to their respective owners. There won't be any Smut however. Also there may be some male x male in some one shots so you have...

  • Star Wars Avatar: the Fallen Order
    250 7 1

    You are a Jedi who survived the great Jedi Purge after your master was killed by the Clone troopers. Now you live on an unknown planet with a strong with force.

  • I Know What Comes With This Great Power
    163K 3.4K 14

    Y/N L/N. A boy born with an incredible quirk, but has suffered through so much pain and loss in his life. This is the story of how Y/N L/N became the greatest hero of all time. Disclaimer: I do not own Spider-Man or My Hero Academia. Feel free to point out any mistakes I've made and constructive criticism is welcome...

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order X RWBY: Ruby Rose X Male Jedi Reader
    128K 1.9K 74

    Y/N L/N was a Jedi Padawan he was training with his master Jaro Tapal Y/N was doing so good in his training, until one moment order 66 had begun. The clone troopers turned on the Jedi, Y/N and master Tapal manage to get to the escape pods.Y/N lost his lightsaber during the escape from the clones, he managed to meet up...

  • I'm only Vader (Darth Vader x RWBY) (Rewrite)
    36.5K 347 24

    I was sad when I heard that gh0st935 wasn't continuing his Vader story so I thought I would make my own version of it I do not own RWBY or Star Wars

  • The Iron Franxx (Iron Man Male Reader X Darling in the Franxx)
    12.8K 163 4

    Arts, Pictures, Musics, Sound Effects, and Videos used in this book belongs to their rightful owners. Iron Man is owned by Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby. Darling In The Franxx is owned by Trigger, Cloverworks, and A-1 Pictures. I Don't Own The Franchises & Characters. (Rated M For Mat...

  • Legacy of A Half-Breed
    2.3K 33 5

    xmalereader story i can't write a good summary various crossovers from different anime be prepared

  • Guardian (Wanda Maximoff x Male Reader)
    122K 2.7K 29

    "Time. Space. Reality. It's more than a linear path. It's a prism of endless possibilities. Where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities, creating alternate worlds from the ones you know. I am the Watcher. I am your guide do these strange new realities. Follow me and ponder the question... What if?" "I...

  • Night Raven (The Owl House X Male Reader)
    3.7K 48 10

    What if the witches aren't the only magic user on the Boiling Island as many expected. There are rumours about the northern part of the island where people living in the Everlasting Winter Land, practice a different from of magic, Spirit magic. Join Y/n L/n, a shaman, who is investigating his mentor disappearance a...

  • Eda x Reader Oneshots (The Owl House)
    61K 1.4K 16

    Contributing to the fandom because there's a serious lack of Eda x Reader going on

  • A crack in reality. (Rick Sanchez male reader x rwby)
    49.9K 834 11

    A/n: I told you I was doing this story next. so be ready anyways onto the plot. oh also I don't own rick and morty or rwby. please support the original releases. When the central finite curve shattered rick and morty were left with a wide open hole. into another dimension. so after making sure that the other Rick's a...

  • The Soul of An Angel (Male Reader X DXD X Soul Eater Harem!) (in Development!)
    5.2K 113 5

    Hi everyone! I'm known as (Y/N) (L/N), and while I certainly don't look the part, I'm actually an angel! Yes, can you believe it?! Well, I'm attending two schools, one known as DWMA and the other is known as Kuoh Academy! Both of them happen to be completely off, Kuoh Academy is full of demons and other various creatu...

  • Ntr hitman
    100K 1.8K 21

    Y/n l/n life was peaceful at first but then it got worst when his mom was seeing another man after Yn father died passed away a year ago the guy was being mean to Yn and Yn mother was neglecting him till one day he came back to the house and saw everything gone but he found a note that his mother wrote and it said tha...

  • Male Batman Reader x Harem
    3.1K 29 2

    The world is in a state of panic the current solution to crime just isn't working anymore but luckily an entity beyond time and space has heard humanity's cries for justice so it has sent a spirit to fix it the spirit of vengeance the batman Story set between Batman Arkham series and DCEU.

  • The Eternal Pureblood ( OP Male Reader x Rwby/Helluva boss/Hazbin Hotel Harem )
    2.5K 83 3

    What if there was another being in the mortal realm that was strong. Even stronger than all of Remnant and Hell combined. Meet Y/N the last Pureblood of a Kingdom that had been destroyed many years ago. He is eternal he can't ever die or be destroyed. He journeys through Hell and Remnant to mess with the timeline as...

  • Half-Broken Soul, Fixed by Love: Pyrrha Nikos x Abused and Neglected Male Reader
    44.4K 604 7

    I wanted to do this story for a while now and here it is which is another abused and neglected make reader story, but in this story it's Pyrrha Nikos who is gonna be in this. At a young age a boy who was disowned by his family is abused and neglected as it started when he turned six years old, then at the age of nine...

  • (RWBY Harem x Male Horse Faunus Reader) 18+
    134K 1.6K 11

    I think you all can tell where this is going ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Just to be clear, this will NOT be a 100% lemon story. It is a male reader story but with lots of lemon opportunities. OBVIOUSLY 18+ AT TIMES, THIS IS A FORMAL WARNING. IF UNDER 18, DO. NOT. READ. Or read the story and skip any 18+ stuff I don't care.

  • We love you master ( Male reader x Rwby girl slave harem)
    43.6K 722 7

    During the war peace was made. But at a cost. There is now two people. Slave and masters. As of Royal blood you were chosen to be a master. As a master will lose his or her right to be master when they lose to another master. And all slave will be the winners. But what happens when you a master actually cares for the...

  • The Pain he hides. ( Male suicidal "Jaune" Reader x Rwby Harem)
    322K 3.7K 33

    So what happens if your secret was revealed. After the events of Fall forest Cardin tells everyone your secret. It was bad enough to be bullied but now your very friends bullies you. Only your team truly cares for you. don't live anymore. The shock of you almost taking your life effect...

  • Shadow Betrayal ( Male OP Reader x Rwby/Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel Harem)
    2.7K 92 2

    Y/N L/N was loved by the people of Remnant. Even by the criminals. He keeps the world in perfect Balance of Chaos and Justice. Ozpin and Salem had enough of Y/N and decided to kill him to continue their war. 5 months after his death the war had went too far. Many people were dead and Ozpin and Salem finally realized t...

  • The Mandalorian Of Remnant [An RWBY Abused Male Reader Story]
    214K 3.5K 21

    Ever since he was young, (Y/n) Schnee was unlike any of his other family members. He wasn't born with a semblance and was often seen as the mistake of the family. A child that was abused daily and was never given proper care. He would often cry every night for someone to save him, but no one would. But thankfully one...

  • Soul Broken Beyond Repair ( Male Reader x RWBY/Hazbin Hotel etc Harem)
    761 38 1

    Y/N L/N Tortured and broken beyond repairs Had been kidnapped by atlas while he was attending Beacon. His girlfriend Frisk knew of what Atlas wants and tried to her help but no one believed her. Y/N own Soul was broken as his whole being collapsed due to the experiment. He was labeled dead. However Frisk travel to hel...

  • Black Clover Book Of Oneshots
    22.4K 167 11

    I haven't dear big book of one shots so i decide to do one after the first characters out please let me know what I should do for the next character

  • The Straw hats Kid [ONE PIECE X CHILD!READER]
    57.1K 1.9K 12

    "..(Y/N).." "Y-Yeah Luffy?" "Wanna join my crew?" 《Being kicked out of the only home you got all because you couldn't read a simple letter leads you into meeting the straw hat who is determined to become the pirate king!》 One Piece belongs to its owner, the cover goes to its creator, and you belong to you only!

  • Their Demon(JJBA x KNY reader
    14.3K 459 8

    Y/n was with her brother and his friends on a mission. They were attacked by demons, while your brother was fighting the other demons. One of the demons tackled you to the ground and send you into Jojo's bizarre adventure. Will you go back to Demon Slayer or will you stay in Jojo? Find out in this story Inspired by an...

  • Nanbaka Oneshots/Preferences (X Reader)
    196K 3.9K 83

    I recently got into this AWESOME anime(Yeah, the anime. So no characters exclusively from the manga yet, sorry! I've only read whats on Manga Rock ^^), so what better to do then write about it? ^^ I hope you like these! This might get mature... but that's a big 'might'. It will mostly just be fluff and comedy, I thin...

  • Male Reader x Himiko Toga
    57.9K 745 13

    Like I said, don't give a f*ck 'bout descriptions.

  • Tales from the Cult (Re:Zero x Male Reader)
    4.5K 152 1

    Y/N L/N died an early death and was gifted another chance at life. Sent to another world by a goddess to act as a hero the world desperately needed, he was destined to become the greatest hero to ever walk that world... right?

  • Raven Branwen x Male uchiha reader x Erza Scarelt
    224K 2.5K 33

    You were Revan's boyfriend at beacon until she cheated on you with Taiyang. You left vail for 17 years with your wife, but now you've returned what will happen next. And yes, this Is my Raven story with some added stuff and fixed grammar.

  • Various Females X Male Reader (Open Request)
    161K 710 17

    The very first in the series (Probably hehe)