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  • Worth Fighting For✔️
    676K 27.7K 40

    Cover Credit - the_clumsygirll #3 multiple times I sat on his bed wearing the bridal lehenga. My heartbeat was increasing. My palms were sweating. Waiting for him to arrive. Him. Somebody I donot know. My husband. My parents married me off to him to get rid of their burden. And now I am waiting for him to arrive. He...

  • Deceiving the Duke of Kerrington
    441K 24K 30

    Hope Hillburn was born to a life of servitude and never once questioned her role in society. As a lady's maid to Noelle Parrish, she had everything she wanted out of life; a secure and honorable post, a decent room to call her own, and ample time to write fantastical tales of winsome creatures while her mistress, Lady...

  • Alone in Marriage
    1.1M 31.8K 24

    There stood the most gorgeous man in Erica Ferguston's eyes, her groom, Arnold Binder. But, her world crushed when she found out her husband never love her like he claimed to before they got married. He just married her to please his grandmother. Since the revelation, she was devastated. She lived the hell by her own...

  • Arranged Love (Completed)
    2.8M 120K 58

    Ranked #1 in the category "Indian" on 19 May 2018 as well as on 1 Feb 2019! Ranked #1 in the category "Romcom" on 6 Feb 2019 and on 11 March 2019! Ranked #1 in the category "Fun" on 27 August 2019! Ranked #2 in the category "Mission Desi" on 8 August 2018! Ranked #2 in the category "Romcom" on 29 January 2019! Ranked...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Not Included (An Arrange Marriage Story)
    3.7M 110K 45

    You are cordially invited to the wedding of Theora Botsaris and Nicholas Markopoulos. The marriage marks the union of two elite Greek American families. It meets all the necessary requirements according to tradition. Greek, check. Rich, check. Status check. Love? Eh not so much. So please come to see how two st...

  • Bound by Law
    3M 121K 62

    Highest ranking: #9 Romance & #4 in General Fiction!!! WARNING: I wrote this book when I was 17 so there is a ton of grammatical errors so please read at your own risk! *** Marriage is a sacred union that ties two people that love each other, together. It brings happiness and blessings. Or that's what it should be. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Landon billionaires [EXCLUSIVELY on Dreame]
    341K 6.3K 5

    Famous for their acute business acumen and extremely good genes, the Landons have come from a long way. Initially poor, each of the six brothers was now a man of his own but still trying to prove something to the world. For years, the family have been broken and the children have lived apart hating each other. Chase...

  • The Brides
    501K 17.7K 33

    Highest Rank: #33 in Romance Three Best of Girl Friends, all set to marry their arranged husband. Nidhi a sweet simple girl all packed and ready for a ruthless businessman namely Avinash. Sneha, caring and compassionate set with an introvert guy, a big player in jewellery industry, namely Mayank. Lastly, mischievous...

  • His Bride
    2.5M 60.6K 14

    When negotiated marriage turned out to be more than that... Just a little tiny sneak peek: Declan seemed to have trouble expressing himself. I was glad he managed to show his real feelings to me. I pulled Declan to me and wrapped my arms around his waist. He returned the hug; his breath tickled the side of my cheek, "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. & Mrs. Impossible!
    5.9M 96.3K 42

    Be careful who you sleep with... because sometimes your life can totally change when you wake up the next morning... Specially when you don't expect to find yourself in a strange room with a totally hot and charming stranger smirking at you and a strange cold thing around your finger... The Carlson family tradition i...

  • Just One Hello (Book 2 in the Just Series)
    2M 86.2K 45

    Book 2 in the Just Series. This is a standalone book. The series follows the life of the Anastasi siblings, with book 2 Eleanor "Ellie" Anastasi has had it with his father pressuring her to get married and settle down. She's only 24 for crying out loud. There is absolutely no reason for her to be thinking about set...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Newlywed Game
    188K 8K 24

    April was in need of money, if she wanted to finish University. Drew was in need of money, if he wanted his Dad to be able to complete the chemotherapy he so badly needed. When the two hear an ad for a new Australian TV show called ‘The Newlywed Game’ they could hardly resist. There would be 10 newlywed couples living...

  • I Was Never Yours
    40.6M 1.1M 42

    When Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. An unexpected turn of events brings the couple closer together, but can a marriage based on lies and deceit ever survive? ...

  • If I Take That Chance
    1M 25.9K 31

    On her wedding day, Sam Sheppard would have bolted out of the door if she hadn't remembered why she agrees to marry Luke Russo on the first place. She is standing there on the altar now and she knows that there is no turning back. She must kiss him, her best friend as her new husband. Sam has her own reason to marry L...

  • King's Wife
    13.8M 341K 36

    #THIS IS A SAMPLE 4 CHAPTERS ONLY!!! An unfortunate circumstance brought them together, but a long-harbored secret kept them apart for three years. Damian never wanted to stay away for so long, but the situation kept him away. However, he is back now, so is his guilt. And the biggest of them has already caught up to h...

  • Love Theory
    3.2M 140K 39

    Nick doesn't believe that a marriage needs love to survive, and he's out to prove it by marrying a stranger. But after proposing to headstrong waitress Annabelle, his theory begins to fall apart... ***** Nick Brady has only ever seen marriage as an...

    10.3M 61.4K 6

    Sabrina Reed is Nathan Alden's wife, but not by his choice... THIS BOOK IS A SAMPLE AND HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE ANYSTORIES APP

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me Again: Business Marriage?
    274K 6.5K 13

    Matt and Veronica shared a love story. A love story that failed to have a happy ever after. Both of them thought it would end that way… Until they learned they have been engaged a long, long time ago. Veronica’s heart secretly celebrated when she learned of the deal between her father and Matt’s. She never loved anyon...

  • Best Enemies [COMPLETED]
    1.3M 33.7K 18

    THEY SAID NO WAY..................... Ashton Cooper and Selena McKenzie hated each other ever since the first day they've met. Selena knew his type of guys only too well, the player type who would woo any kinda girl as long as she was willing. Not that she was a prude but there was a limit to being loose, right? She w...

  • The Transient Wife
    12.9M 305K 34

    One drunken day, Cassandra gets the proposal she can never refuse from the arrogant Philip Strindberg. Thrown into a marriage she never wanted in the first place, Cassandra will struggle on how to maintain her carefree attitude while trying to keep her cool whenever she is around her husband. Pranks, adventure, chores...

  • You Again
    361K 10.1K 27

    Picture that one girl. No not the cheerleader, The one with a book lost in her own world under a tree. Now, picture that one guy. Yes…The hottie. That one guy who every girl, including Aurora fantasizes about. Austin, the drool-worthy hottie gave Aurora an indescribable feeling of joy…that is until he crushed her hear...

  • The Startled Princess
    3.2M 65.6K 31

    [PRINCESS HOURS FAN FICTION] "So you're saying that my grandfather and Prince Seth's grandfather arranged our marriage? Are you crazy? I'm just 19 years old!" Rose Humprey yelled. That's the moment where her life changed forever. She's been forced to marry the handsome and heir to the throne, Prince Seth Larston to he...

  • Bound
    3.1M 81.9K 37

    Two very different people who shares one common thing: They're afraid of falling in love. Eleanor Edeson, a mother of two, is an independent woman who has to work hard for the things she has in life. Parker Jenkins, the most-sought out bachelor in the country of England, has things served for him on a silver platter a...

  • His Appointed Wife
    7.7M 192K 54

    "What if the right person is also your Mr. So Wrong?" *** Her lips touched and teased and coaxed him and he felt her touch in every cell and every bone. Soft and supple, her body was around him. Everywhere. She was everywhere. He was hungry for more, but he couldn't break this sweetness. Shy and timid, she kissed lik...

  • Business Deal
    363K 11.5K 15

    Melissa Wharton needs help. She's made a terrible decision and put her business and future in jeopardy. Whilst she knows she's ruined, her main concern is not dragging anyone else with her. The only man who can help is ruthless and angry magnate Liam Hart. But he's got his own agenda and feeling attracted to the woman...

  • Strictly Business
    473K 17.5K 28

    Arranged marriage? In this day and age? Seriously? That's the proposition Elizabeth Westville, a young beautiful heiress, has to face in order to bring the biggest project of her life to fruition. Joining the two richest families in the country in matrimony was the best way to combine their vast resources and fulfill...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Arranged Marriage
    4.1M 136K 36

    What happens when a very ordinary girl suddenly learns that she is the firstborn and direct descendant of a very powerful family? What happens when she is forced to marry her 'family's enemy, the McMillan's only son? This is the story of Demetria Dimple McGregor, and her life as she embarks on a marital journey with a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bride of Convenience
    4.9M 14.8K 5

    When Harrison Bendleman - Business tycoon, self-made millionaire and one of the most sort after bachelors - offers Julia the chance to turn her luck around by pretending to marry him. Julia thinks this is an offer to good to refuse, but will Julia fall into the same trap as her tragic mother and fall in love with a ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving Blackmail
    38.3M 73.1K 4

    !!!!STORY MOVED TO AMAZON EBOOKS!!!! NOT FULL STORY! What Ruxin Novak wants he gets by any means necessary. When he finds himself wanting sweet innocent Eva Thorpe, he resorts to blackmailing her. With every second he spends with her he feels more drawn to her. With a new possessive fake boyfriend Eva finds herself ge...

    Completed   Mature