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  • Death is My Frenemy Rewritten (Book 3 of the Rewritten Death Chronicles)
    478K 45.2K 25

    (OPTIONED BY SONY PICTURES TV!) Hi!! This is Book THREE of the Rewritten Death Chronicles, a fantasy romance series! The two books you should read before this one are: Death is My BFF Rewritten (Book 1), and Death is My BFFLAD Rewritten (Book 2). Hope you enjoy!! ;)) *** BOOK BLURB: She jumped through the portal to s...

  • Off Track
    58.7K 2.7K 10

    Three strangers' lives intersect on a train ride from hell, when a dangerous dispute leaves most of their lives hanging in the balance. Inspired by the the thriller that shocked the world. The Girl on The Train, in theaters October 7.

  • When Miss Sweet Meets Mr. Sour
    160K 3.4K 1

    When Olivia, a senior in high school, is unexpectedly paired up for a presentation with her middle school bully, Danny Johnson, she is anything but pleased. She still sees him as the rude, cynical, and not to mention, unbelievably arrogant boy, he was four years ago. Danny doesn’t remember Olivia at first, but when he...

  • The Haunted Sweetie Maze: My Alternate Ending to the SPK Hallo-weird Story!
    3.9K 87 1

    In celebration of Halloween, I’ve worked with Sour Patch Kids to create an awesome short story! In the first chapter, a group of Kids’ night out on Halloween goes terribly wrong! One of the Sour Patch Kids has gone missing! Check out the SourPatchKids profile for the full story, and be sure to vote at the end of ever...

  • Naughty or Nice: Letters from Your Favorite Wattpad Characters
    214K 6.8K 10

    Ever wondered what your favorite characters would say in a letter to Santa? Wattpad and Coca-Cola have teamed up to bring you letters to Santa from some of the most popular characters on Wattpad. Find out who's been naughty, and who has been nice. This year, spread happiness and #ShareACoke with someone on your list.