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  • JEWEL #ProjectNigeriaUC2017 [Completed✔]
    5.7K 589 3

    They say you only truly Love once. And that your First Love is never yours to Keep. Enjoy the short story of Jewel & her first love. [Because he was mine to Love but not to Keep] -Jewel

  • Her Ideal Husband
    6.4K 607 13

    Raya Ahmad was born with a silver spoon in her mouth into a loving,tight knit family, She was the apple of her Father's eyes and the joy of all around her. Until one fateful day when her whole world came crumbling down her feet,her mum had eloped with her father's chauffeur Leaving her alone,with her father to fend...

  • Chronique d'Emilia: Le choc des cultures
    13.2K 666 56

    Chronique d'Emilia : Le choc des culture Elle est joyeuse, sûre d'elle, un petit rayon de soleil de Madrid. Lui, c'est une autre chose, quand les remords ronge une personne cela peut l'amener à se créer sa propre prison. Deux cultures, deux mondes, un seul amour.

  • ¤ Poison ¤
    7.9K 522 32

    ~Tu es comme un tendre cauchemar , une douce et magnifique torture, un poison, tu en joues, tu me contamine, tes lèvres, ton sourire, tes yeux, ta voix, ton style, ton caractère, tout m'obséde chez toi... Je t'aime...~ Entre Amitié, Humour, Fou Rire, Amour Passionnel, Jalousie, Lemon et Catastrophe, venez découvrir "P...

  • My Last First Love #Wattys2016
    8.1K 694 39

    "The very thing that pulls them together could very well be the thing that destroys them." Kunbi and Kemi have always been two parts of the same heart but have been blinded by the friendship that has kept them together for years. As time goes on, the veil drops and they begin to realise their story goes beyond just fr...

  • ENCHANTED Book 1: Witch's Dawn
    649 139 23

    Fifty years ago, a mistake was made by Christaphilophis, the first witch of Polonia, when she failed to vanquish the dark lord Delterzard; a demon of the west with royal blood in his viens. Now, the circle has come about since the extinction of the demons of the west. A successor is to be born of a thousand year old m...

  • Dannie
    17 0 4

    dannie is a 15 year old chick, nice, cool, intelligent, generally great till her world strts to fall apart, slowly but surely.......will she make it the same girl that she is? A heart-filling book about lifes pros and cons, the good, bad and ugly will be revealed in this heart-rendering tale. enjoy!!!

  • Heart In Hand
    209 7 6

    "Kendra I've finally found you" "Well you're just about to lose me again" "Not this time, ever" Kendra a not so orphan child Jealous bestie Evil step mom Unnecessary boy troubles Unexpected life complications WTF is my life turning into moments "Not exactly sure what is happening right now but I guess that's just the...

  • Boy Trauma? (Tell me about it)
    110 3 6

    okay ladies time to get in formation... let me tell you a few things I've discovered about boys, maybe it'll just be a lot of help to you .

  • Overthrown #ProjectNigeriaUC2017
    17.4K 2.1K 18

    Oroma had always lived an ordinary quiet life.That was until her village was invaded.After being carried off as a slave, what more did the future hold for her? Never could she have imagined that was only the beginning.