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  • The Magic of Stories
    701 163 14

    Straight out of uni, Lynn is glad to have secured a job as a replacement in a library. But soon she finds out the place is haunted, and not only by a blue cat. Juggling the upcoming vernissage of a photo exhibition and the trouble with her coworker, she has to learn fast - to trust her instinct-and the magic of the s...

    207 66 6

    Finn and Fenna. Fenna and Finn. They were inseparable. Two peas in a pod. Soulmates. The envy of everyone. Until that night in July when everything broke apart. Fifteen years later, they live on opposite sides of the world. Finn is a talented photographer, and Fenna spends her days teaching high school English. Life h...

    91 27 3

    Flora Fisher, AKA famous YouTube manifestation coach "Florabundance," is capital "B" burnt out. Preaching the power of abundance is hard work, especially when you're flat-broke and can't even manifest a cup of damn coffee. On the screen, Flora has it all together. Offline, yeah, not so much. When her sister is admitt...

  • The Unorthodox Odyssey of Abby Oliver
    81 10 4

    Abby Oliver has perfected the art of blending into the background of her own life, thanks to her overbearing husband of 35 years, Gerald. But when Gerald kicks the bucket (literally, he was cleaning the gutters and slipped), Abby does not become the quintessential grieving widow. Instead, she's ecstatic. Suddenly libe...

  • Bright Knight: Goddess
    60.6K 1K 6

    If you're on the hunt for a romantic tale with a swoon-worthy male lead and a fiery lovable heroine to give you all the feels and thrills, Gigi Laurent's Bright Knight series is the story for you. There is just enough sweet, sexy and suspense within its exciting plot for all you true romantic hearts. Twenty-six-year...

  • Subversion
    639 111 23

    This is the sixth volume of my award-winning Wattpad Featured Story, 'Posted As Missing', an intense adventure/romance set in the turmoil of World War One Europe. I've grown tired of blood-and-guts war stories, so I've written this series to examine deeper issues. David left the battlefields in the first chapter of t...

  • THOR - ONC 2024
    1.4K 184 20

    When Marissa's poodle, Thor is snatched, the police can do nothing, so she goes to a private investigator. Their initial encounter leaves her shaken and wondering whether it's time to review her decision to avoid men. Graham gave up on women after a series of disastrous relationships, but something about Marissa stirs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Noble Duty
    402 53 21

    Having escaped the pirates and evaded them, Jarvis must now decide whether his damaged ship can safely cross the Atlantic to England. Is it too much for the limited rig and the small crew? Should he put into a port up the coast? Or will his haste to settle into a life ashore with Gillian distort his reasoning?

  • Zealand
    2.8K 612 47

    A bastard by birth and orphaned at twelve, Charles has learnt to fend for himself in 1660s London. Homeless, he seeks shelter for the night in some canvas aboard a barge on the Thames. In the morning, he tumbles awake when the sail is hoisted, and the captain presses him to work as they move away from the wharf. Trapp...

  • High C
    2.7K 412 27

    Song and dance man, Bob Dinsdale, is feeling like he is not long for his profession when he nabs a gig as a singing elf for a fundraising Christmas Train ride. Event organizer, Natasha Loy, knows underneath all his irreverent charm and talent lies the type of ham for attention she could never stand, making him perfec...

  • Paradise Cove
    103 26 5

    Cassandra Harris is a 24 year old detective helping her mother who's became homeless after picking up one too many sick and ugly homeless dogs. Chris Whitlock, a Surfer dude, lives with his father in a run down trailer in million dollar trailer park, Paradise Cove. He's trying to get back on his feet after his small...

  • Gemini
    271 48 18

    Micah Francis, first year med student, has his life turned upside down when he discovers that the twin brother he thought died years ago is still very much alive. Michael Francis, born with a unique genetic mutation, has been held at a containment facility for the past twelve years by a secret government faction. One...

  • My Friend Carl
    779 227 38

    Carl can be whatever he chooses to be. He can peddle a bicycle one hundred miles an hour. His wealth of knowledge is beyond human capability. He can enhance a particular human beings understanding exponentially. He has healing powers. He is caring and displays empathy. Does he interfere in the love life of his closes...

  • Silver Oak Welcomes You!
    314 45 8

    (incomplete novella) Welcome to Silver Oak: The Camelot of the Midwest! Meet Holly Anderson, the daughter of the three owners of "A Stitch in Time", a needlecraft shop in the shopping Mecca of Silver Oak. Everything is going swimmingly, until the mayor the village decides to open a Community College, and unwittingly s...

  • The Mirror Mage | ONC2022
    16.9K 3K 52

    LONGLISTED! Lucian Wentworth disappeared in 1819. Was he escaping a loveless marriage or was it something more sinister? No one believes the valet's story that his master vanished into a mirror. Until Ben Lucas visits Wentworth Manor and meets the same fate in 2022. Now stuck in a world full of magic and dangers, Ben...

  • A Cat-alytic Taxi Ride | ✓
    764 104 20

    "Excuse me, mister, but why did everything suddenly turn black and white?" A miserable adult who prefers to ignore everything, including their dying father. A concerned neighbor/friend/something more with curious connections. A taxi driver who doesn't bother to ask where the passenger wants to go. And a cat with unc...

  • Sun Kissed [ON HOLD]
    58.7K 1.6K 5

    Avery Goldberg had the perfect summer planned: parties in the Hamptons, a road trip with her friends... Until her parents decide that her summer would be better spent in some little town in Spain with her aunt, Jillian, away from all her friends and her lifelong crush, Tripp. Avery is prepared for what's bound to be...

  • High Heels & Pink Glitter (the heavily edited version)
    1.2K 233 41

    Kelly is celebrating her fortieth birthday and is on a one-woman mission to sort out her love life... But first and foremost, she must deal with an attraction to the world's worst man, another ferocious crush on a completely unavailable man, and a terrible proclivity to fall in love with bad boys... This IS the year...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mhari's Wedding - a laugh-out loud chick lit Highland Books 6
    107 11 2

    Mhari McFarlane is perfectly content. She has her undemanding job in Lochalshie's local pharmacy, her friends close by and an on-off (mostly off) relationship with the local bad boy gone good, Lachlan Forrester, to keep her entertained. When Lachlan proposes, out of the blue, she's thrown, particularly as she thought...

  • Everything's Super (On Temporary Hold)
    6.6K 880 12

    The Sequel to Nothing Super For the first time since discovering she could teleport, Taylor feels like she's finding a balance between watching over the city and being a normal teenage. With Dominic and Clint's help, she's managed to find stability, though working with them makes her feel like she's a referee at a box...

  • The Billionaire's Sweet Trouble
    2.5M 143K 91

    After a hot-headed playboy billionaire stands her up for a career-making interview, blogger Sweet vows to ruin his reputation. The only catch? It requires her to strike a fake-dating deal with the enemy. Standalone in The Billionaire's Sweet Trouble series *** When sensational blogger and small-town farmer's daughter...

    Completed   Mature
  • Starborne
    178K 7.8K 42

    *Re-read the newly updated Chapters 1-39!* When human Pilot Holly Reed crash lands in the middle of an alien jungle, it derails her entire mission. Luckily, the planet of Cynabar is much more welcoming than it seems... Holly intends to let nothing stop her from getting paid and setting out on another assignment for t...

  • Abbernathy and Magick's End
    1.3K 121 22

    **Sequel to Abbernathy and the Two Kings ** One girl. Two loved ones missing. And magick that needs saving. This is Abbernathy and Magick's End, the third, and final, leg of Abby's journey. Seventeen-year-old Abbernathy Tells is on a mission: save her beloved cat. And no one, not two overly protective kings, or her...

  • Her Crown Jewel (Hygge Royal Romance Series, Book 1)
    5.4K 636 20

    {PART 1 COMPLETE; PART 2 COMING SOON} It's hard to be a royal. It's not terrible, though, if you're a female middle child in a small liberal Nordic country with an agnatic seniority monarchy. Kajsa Larsson, a.k.a. Princess Catherine Ulrika Isabella Sophia Gunilla of Ensammaberg, Duchess of Dvärgstad, leads a peaceful...

  • A Woman About Town (Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries Book IV)
    10.4K 1.3K 27

    Imogen Fox, the personal assistant and wife-to-be of John Oakby, the Mayor of Fleckney Woulds, a small and peaceful county town, arrives at her office one rainy morning, only to find a corpse there - and her fiancé standing over it, his hands covered in blood. The victim turns out to be the husband of the woman every...

  • Cursed, Charmed, and Uninsured
    58.6K 2.3K 21

    Kay lands a job at Fantasy Land INC, where she's looking after mythical creatures. The most magical of all? Serena, a Princess Kay accidentally falls in love with. ***** Kay Oritz has lost her job, her boyfriend and her apartment. Looking for work...

  • A Touch of Chaos
    285 53 2

    The loss of her companion Yosepf has left Lady Agatha bereft, reeling even while she must help repair the fractures left by Jacob Henderson's meddling to her world. But in the aftermath of the Edgewise's near destruction, an empty mask sits, waiting in the rubble. Amid the dead husks of stars and pockets of nothing, t...

  • Atlantis
    9.9K 178 4

    Overall an exhilarating action-packed adventure complete with air battles, sky islands, a double agent, a bold pilot, a sassy robot and more! WHOLE BOOK CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION The first three chapters are up and revised! Co author: @Jeejeeshel Highest rating: #1 in Airships and #26 in Adventure Thank you so mu...

  • Suma and the Five Scrolls
    80 9 2

    "I became a Scholar of New Alexandria in order to avoid the sandy wastes, not get lost in them. That plan hadn't worked out so well." Join Suma, Jabari, and team as they race across the Wastes to find a hidden artifact that could unlock a dormant species of "metal men". It won't be easy -- along the way they'll have...

  • Katie and the Deelans
    33 7 2

    Katie And The Deelans is the story of Katie Harper and her friends, ordinary teenagers who go to the worst school in the country. Life, however, takes a turn for the extraordinary when Katie and her friends take up magic lessons. Taught by the fabulous Miss D'Azzler and the enigmatic Jazz, Katie and her friends find o...