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  • Shinigami eyes (Death note)
    126K 4.3K 18

    She was born with the eyes of shinigami, and has been able to see everyone's life span and name over their heads. She cannot be killed by a death note or shinigami. V is a world renowned assassin, and L's younger half-sister. V is intelligent, cunning, beautiful, strong and secretive and if anyone has the power to sto...

  • [Armin x Reader] My Immortal
    1.1K 52 1

    Armin Arlert x Reader Attack on Titan This does talk about suicidal thoughts and cutting, so you have been pre-warned.

  • Thank You ~ Armin x Reader ~ Attack on Titan
    3.4K 110 2

    When you face the cute blond boy, you can't help but blush... When he sees the cute shy girl, he can't look away... Disclaimer: Attack on Titan {Shingeki no Kyojin} and cover picture not mine~~~ unfortunately :(

  • The Midnight Warrior (a Sword Art Online fanfic)
    3.8K 38 9

    Life was just settling down after the GGO incident. Kirito, Asuna and the rest of the group continue their task of clearing New Aincrad. Everything is perfect... Almost. Asuna has kept a secret from everyone, a secret that goes all the way back to their SAO days. When Kirito decides to explore the forest of a new floo...

  • It was an Accident, I swear! (Kirito X Reader)
    39K 769 12

    (Y/N). Her name was everywhere. He hadn't hit her, he had to have missed. Or so he thought. He had never meant to hit you, in fact, he wasn't even aiming towards you. It was all, as he says, a freak ACCIDENT. But you refuse to believe him, after everything you've heard from Asuna, both your best friend, an...

  • Homestuck X Reader
    668K 13.7K 117

    Homestuck ships, x readers and ocs x homestuck