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  • Dead Lights
    143 58 22

    In this moment Everyone knows Monsters are lurking In the shadows All fuel runs dry And so the humans shout For the last time "The Dead Lights went out." Poetry Book by Kaitlynn Diana Snow Start: 12/21/2020 End:

  • Falling Sparrows
    138 37 20

    Titles aren't everything They are useless summations Giving away the story Or creating false assumptions.... POETRY!! *throws this book at you* READ IT!!!!! This poetry belongs to me. I wrote it. It is mine. Read it. Now.

  • Smile For Us || BTSxReader 21+
    2.9K 127 10

    "What do you call a fake noodle?" "Your dic-" "An impasta!" BTSxReader Feat. EXO, Got7, etc. « S L O W U P D A T E S » Highest rankings: #3 in jinxreader #4 in jhopexreader Started: 04/16/20 Ended:

  • Friends With A Killer
    27 4 2

    Alan Norris' mortuary was beginning to go under before Kayden Howe came to town.

  • message for readers
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    this is something I have been working and I just wanted to see what the readers thought about my message to them

  • Chain Me Up
    120 11 7

    This is some random shit about me. It's just me, myself, my horrible brain, and maybe even you. I'm crazy and if you read this, you might find out why. Get to know a monster without the fear of being ripped to shreds. Good luck and see you soon.

  • Dark Eyes (Eyeless Jack Romance)
    149K 5.8K 36

    Sarah was always felt like an outcast constantly being looked down upon. She always thought that her ability to see thoughts was a curse, until Jack came. Jack came fully prepared to kill Sarah, but her abilities sparked his curiosity. meeting sarah will be Jack's greatest decision or his downfall.