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  • Mix Stories on Wattpad
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    This book contained stories that i have read.People who have difficulty looking for books to read you can try it here. These stories are really good!!!!:)P

  • Awesome Books On Wattpad
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    These are most of my favorite books on Wattpad! I love them all the same! They are not in order, they are simply all amazing in their own way

  • Best Stories on Wattpad!
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    Looking for something new to read on Wattpad? Well you've come to right place! These are some of my personal favorite stories that I've stumbled upon and I hope you take the time to read them! Make sure to comment on your favorites and vote as well! Update: I have not touched/updated this book in ages, so some of the...

  • Best Wattpad Stories
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    тнeѕe αre αll ѕтorιeѕ тнαт ι нαve reαd αɴd loved every ѕιɴɢle word oғ, αɴd αre deғιɴιтely worтн reαdιɴɢ. ~VOTE IF YOU READ THE BOOK AND LOVED IT ALSO~

  • For The Wattpad Readers
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    "love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind." - william shakespeare, a midsummer night's dream a list of my favorite heartwarming, heartbreaking, and swoon-worthy stories on wattpad. i comment and express my adoration about these stories and writers. this includes stor...

  • Recommended Books On Wattpad
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    These are all the stories that I personally love on Wattpad and recommend all of you to read :) Each of the stories will be dedicated to the authors and the descriptions that the actual authors have posted will be given with each recommendation. My review of the story will be written too. Have fun reading...