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  • Deaf 1&2 | boyxman ✔️
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    Mein Tagesablauf war immer gleich: Ich wurde von meiner Familie geweckt, machte mich fertig, frühstückte und sah meinen Eltern zu, wie sie sich unterhielten, während ich stumm aß. Dann ging ich in meine Schule, lernte das, was man lernen musste. Ich war fast wie alle anderen, nur mit dem Unterschied das ich schwul und...

  • The Show Must Go On [boyxboy]
    549K 25.8K 22

    Alexander Sullivan has money, looks, charisma, a cunning mind, and constant boredom. When feisty Neo Bartosz catches his attention, he decides to make Neo his next source of amusement. But Alexander is unaware of just how complex, stubborn, and perceptive Neo is. And Neo, out to avenge a friend Alexander had hurt in t...

  • Curtain Call [boyxboy]
    327K 16K 22

    Alexander Sullivan had his heart shattered by Neo Bartosz for revenge. Still in love with Neo, Alexander has tried desperately to move on, starting a new relationship. When Neo comes back into his life after several months, both boys realize how much everything has changed. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the...

  • Volatile (sample) TCS #1
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    Full version of Second Edition available on Amazon and via Kindle Unlimited. Chris Sinclair fades under a dark cloud after losing his mother to cancer. On the cusp of adulthood, he doesn't know where he should go or how to get there. But watching life pass him by was never the plan, and when he is forced to attend a c...